Black nail designs 2018: stylish ideas and trends of black nail art

Black nail polish is the perfect choice for any nail design. Black nails, like a small black dress, will never lose its relevance. Masters of nail art have offered unusual varieties of black nail designs 2018.

Let’s get introduced to trends of black nail art.

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black nail designs 2018, trends and ideas of black nail art

Black nail designs 2018: fresh ideas

Black and white nails are trendy. You will need white and black lacquers. As a basis, take a thick white lacquer, it’s best to apply it in two layers, so it’ll lie flat and without strips. Cover them with the entire nail plate and dry in a UV lamp. Use a thin brush, draw a thin band around the nail with a black lacquer. Operate carefully so that the polish doesn’t spread. Beginners can use special stencils.

black nail designs 2018, black and white nail designs

Glitter is festive nail design for those who are bored with monocoating. Apply a black gel-polish in two layers and dry each in a UV lamp. Then take the gold glitter and apply it only to the top of the nail. Secure it with a topcoat and dry it in a UV lamp. It’ll be one of the trendiest black nail designs 2018.

black nail art, black nails with glitter

The classical monophonic coating is an ideal option for any occasion. Black gel-lacquer is well suited to the owners of a short nail plate with a “round square” shape. Supplement it with gold or silver jewelry.

black nail art, stylish black nails with peas, black classic nails

Nails with peas will look particularly stylish in black nail designs 2018. Combine black gel-polish with gold and white polishes. Use special stencils for perfectly smooth peas.

Black nail art: stylish designs

Black French is also in the trend of black nail art. As a basis, take a white or beige coating,  you can also use a translucent coating.

black nail art, stylish french black nails

Add a simple black background of romanticism with contrasting labels with a floral pattern. You can use them on the tip of your nails or make a moon nail design. Combine these two designs.

black nail art, black floral nails, black moon nail design

Black nail designs 2018 with chess pattern is also in fashion. Use contrasting types of coatings instead of contrasting colors. Apply an ordinary black lacquer. Then cut out the same squares from the scotch and paste them on the nails diagonally from each other. You can think of other variants of geometric patterns.

black nail polish, black nails with chess pattern

Black nail polish: trendy nails

Black nail art with bit glass is created with the help of a special foil. Use not glossy, but matte black as the background. Paint the foil unevenly to create a shabby glass effect.

black nail polish, black nails shatered glass

Mosaic nail designs with black nail polish will be at the peak of popularity. First, create the boundaries of your mosaic using a special pen for the design of black nails. Then paint each segment in different shades, such as black, dark gray and light gray. The mosaic can be large or shallow.

black nail polish, black cosmic nails, black mosaic nails

Cosmic nail art with black nail polish is in the trend. A large number of films about space have appeared on the screens in recent years. Interest in this topic was reflected in nail design and laid the foundation for a new trend, such as the cosmic nails. Draw a galaxy on a black glossy background using blue, purple, white and green colors. You will need sponge and dots and a special tool for painting nails.

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