Dark Nails 2022: Fashionable Trends and Ideas for Dark Nail Designs

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Dark nail colors are always in fashion. Not only red and burgundy color of nails but also blue, green, gray, purple is in the dark nails 2022 trends.

They look equally good on short and long nails, on nails of almond and square shape, giving the image a noble and rich appearance.

Let’s know about trends of dark nail designs 2022.

dark nails 2022, trends and ideas for dark nail designs

Dark nails 2022: trendy designs

Matte dark nails 2022 will enjoy constant popularity among women of fashion.

Matte coating emphasizes everything, even the smallest flaws of the nail plate, so it must be carefully prepared and aligned before applying the lacquer.

French in dark colors don’t lose its relevance from season to season.

dark nails 2022 stylish matte dark nails 2022

dark nails 2022, stylish french dark nails 2022

Crystals reminiscent of dewdrops are extremely popular among women of fashion.

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Stylists agree in a single opinion that moderate decor is quite appropriate for everyday options.

dark nail designs, dark nails with rhinestones

Dark nails 2022 with rhinestones looks exquisite and luxurious.

The rhinestones are able to perfectly complement both monochrome, French, ombre, and various ornaments and drawings.

Dark nail designs: stylish ideas

Dark nail designs with lace have different options. It can be a simple mesh of thin strips decorating the accentuated marigolds, a lacy ribbon that crosses the nail plate diagonally, and sometimes even a real lace fastened with gel-lacquer or topcoat.

dark nail designs, fashionable dark nails with lace

Dark nails 2022 with ombre effect will look perfect.

You can use a concise combination of black and dark blue. Ombre looks original, and it can be supplemented with images of stars, creating the effect of the night sky on the nails.

A smooth transition from a deep dark shade to a lighter shade will create a 3D volume and will look very stylish and incredibly feminine.

dark nail designs, stylish ombre dark nails 2022

Dark nail colors: stylish shades

Although dark wine tones can’t be called universal, it has a stable popularity.

It looks great both on long and short nails. Combine it with other shades, rhinestones, gold, complemented by drawings.

dark nail colors, trendy dark wine tones

Dark blue tones firmly stay in dark nail colors trend.

A huge variety of shades and tones of this color allows you to choose a cover for every taste and perform the most unusual dark blue nail designs.

dark nail colors, trendy dark blue shades

Shades of brown are suitable for a classic business nail art. These are moderate and neutral colors that don’t contradict the strictest dress code.

dark nail colors, stylish dark brown tones

One of the fashionable colors in the dark nail designs is a rich and deep burgundy color. The color palette was not limited to one shade it is extended from tomato-red to dark, bordering on black, burgundy.

Red manicure almost never goes out of fashion, however, give preference to its dark shades.

dark nails 2022, stylish burgundy and black nail colors

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