Fall nails 2019: Several tips to get coolest and impressive nail design

Season changes color shades of fashion industry. It’s very important for every lady to follow fashion trends. It somehow gives them self-confidence. To stay fashionable and voguish, be aware of latest fall trends. You can just look through fashion journals, watch TV programs devoted to fashion and attend fashion shows that happen before the beginning of each season. So, nail art is of great importance. What refers to fall nails 2019, there are various and interesting options for unique nail design. So, let’s uncover and find out what nail design you would like to have.

Fall nails 2019: Nail design with glitters and different nail design: Matte nail polish


Fall nails 2019: Best fall nail polish color hues

Fall is typically the season of warm and rich color hues. As for fall nails 2019, you can apply various hues and tinges. The palette of fall nails 2019 is really rich and multilayer. At first sight, you can think that makeup and your appearance are more important than nail design. If you think so, then you are wrong. In order to get totally modish and trendy, «à la mode» look (as French designers would say), each detail is essential and significant. So, let’s see what colors will beautify your nails.

Fall nails 2019: Nail design with rhinestones

Fall nails 2019: Trendy color shades

Do you want to find out the most fashionable nail color tinges of this season?

Therefore, first of all fashion journals will come to assist you. We have tried to find out the most influential hues of fall nails 2019. One of them is burnt orange.

It is the best choice for fall nail design, as this color echoes the changing foliage. This shade will perfectly match with fall mood and outfit colors that are going to be trendy throughout this season. Fashion bloggers also state that burnt orange is one of the most dominant and exciting hues of the season.

Fall nails 2019: Rich red

Rich red or bloody red is also one of the impressive fall nails 2019 shades that stems from this season. It will provide charming and amazing look of your nails. As red varnished nails bring an undeniable richness.

Fall nails 2019: Red nail design with special effects

Trendy nail shade: Dark olive green

Have you ever thought that dark olive green color would grab pedestal of fall nails 2019?

Then don’t get surprised if you see nearly all shades of green during this season. If you search in miniblogs and fashion blogs of many nail masters, you will discover plenty of ideas for fall nails 2019. And there are handful of peculiar shades that are also very modish, starting from forest green hue ending with Nickelodeaon-level slime green.

Fall nails 2019: Different shades of green nail polish

So, question may arise. Why dark olive is so popular? For this you can thank designers, such as Valentino, Tom Ford, Sonia Rykiel. This shade you may find in nail polish collection of O.P.I, Chanel, Zoya, Essie. They are considered to be one of the best professional nail lacquers.

Fall nails 2019: Green nail design with ornaments, acrylic nail polishes and rhinestones

Paired with gold accents, for instance rhinestones or ornaments, olive green creates attractive and catchy nail design look. Moreover, it is also very practical color and you don’t have to change your nail color too often.

Vibrant purple

This shade you may find not only as outfit color, but also as one of the dominant and influential shades of fall. It may sound surprising for you «purple as trendy shade of fall». But don’t forget that fashion  industry is always full of surprises and drastically changes. But if you don’t like this shade and your wardrobe has no solution to match it with one of your clothes, then you may apply colder hues of purple.

Metallic Jewel Shades

This shade is going to impress you this season. First it seems that metallic jewel shade will suit only with evening looks, but you can combine it with pastel shades as well. So, you can match this kind of nail design with you casual looks. They give your nails gorgeous and perfect look.

Fall nails 2019: Nail design with metalolic jewel shade and ornaments: Beige nail color

Heavy glitters: Sparkling nail design idea

Glitters will give you the opportunity to get festive look for your nails. Consequently, in this case you don’t have to draw ornament or glue rhinestones on your nails. Besides, they provide both casual and evening looks of your nails. If you don’t want to apply glitters on all nails, then you may apply glitter nail polish only on ring finger and color other nails with different or with the same color tinge. In this case you break the stereotype that glitter nails look too vulgar.

Fall nails 2019: Heavy glitter nail design: Trendy nail look

Holographic silver hue: Trending shade of fall 2019

One of the trenidest looks for your nails is holographic nail art.

You think that you should have special nail art tools in order to create this effect?

You are mistaken, as you only need special holographic nail polish. Fall nails 2019 comes up with silver holographic nail polish which changes its color and get several shades under light. Fashion designers, such as Alberta Ferretti and Paco Rabanne were one of the first that used this shimmering and shiny silver nail polish in their fall collection. Balmain’s Fall 2019 fashion show also served as a source of inspiration for nail masters to apply this shade too frequently.

If this shades aren’t the hues that you prefer, then you may choose among other colors, such as blue chrome, opaque neutral, smoky teal, black and white, etc.

Fall nails 2019: Black and white nail design

Fall nails 2019: Nail design with drawings and ornaments

Ornaments and drawings on nails generally serve as highlighters. They make your nails look catchy and attractive. Usage of ornaments, rhinestones and various stickers is preferable if you are fond of nail style that lacks simplicity. To do this, you may need special nail art brushes and acrylic nail polishes, acrylic powder. You may apply rhinestones and ornaments on one nail and color other nails with same nail polish.

Fall nails 2019: Nail design with leaves: Bright-colored fall nail design

In fall mainly you can use the theme of leaves and use colors that are typical of this season, particularly red, green and yellow.

Fall nails 2019: Nail design with leaves

So, if you don’t find nail shade that you wish, never mind! There is overwhelming amount of nail color options. Moreover, palette of nail shades keeps growing, when nail polish brands mix several colors and throw new seasonal hues.

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