Fingernail designs 2019: Top fantastic and elegant manicure designs 2019

Fingernail designs 2019 are back with vengeance. Nail styles with different hues and tinges are waiting for you in 2019. From Neon color shades to holographic manicure designs 2019, more effects, with crazier and more elegant ideas. So, let’s look through and find manicure designs 2019 that will fit your fingernails flawlessly.

FINGERNAIL DESIGNS 2019: French Nail Design

Fingernail designs 2019: Fashion dictates the nail trends 2019

Do you hesitate and have no idea what fingernail design to choose? It seems a rather difficult question for you?

So, before rushing to a nail master, read our article. Get helpful and beneficial recommendations for your fingernail design.

FINGERNAIL DESIGNS 2019: Matte nail Design

You may discover new, modish and voguish fingernail design ideas that will help you look lovely and pretty. On the whole, fingernail designs 2019 are inspired predominantly from Fashion Weeks.

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Whatever nail colors the fashion runway models wear, those undoubtedly will attack the whole Fashion Industry, particularly fingernail art.

FINGERNAIL DESIGNS 2019: Polka Dot Nail Design:Nail design with lines

Unique manicure designs 2019

The nail industry has its sources of motivation. Nail artists can always get what they imagine. In case you are interested in getting updates about the latest trends of fingernail design, just look at fashion magazines, watch programs. Or if you have an opportunity, then attend fashion shows.

Here you will get your source of inspiration and key looks of future trendy nail designs. So, we can state for sure, that fashion shows serve as indicators of future trends, nail designs, colors and shapes.

FINGERNAIL DESIGNS 2019: Nail Design in pastel shades

During Chanel’s latest Fashion Show which was held in Grand Palais on October 2, the models appeared on the runway with nude nail colors.

FINGERNAIL DESIGNS 2019: Nail design with glitters: Marble nails

Models of Emporio Armani attract with their glittering olive green nails, whereas Sophia Webster’s models differ with their chic and shiny nails. They have rich ornaments and colorful rhinestones. Therefore, it seemed as if the nails serve as the ultimate fashion accessory.

FINGERNAIL DESIGNS 2019: Nail design with ornaments

Ryan Lo’s models always stand out with their eccentric looks. The same refers to their nails. As a leading nail artist, Marian Newman states, “There is some Parisian and Bohemia with starry accents”.

Tip: In case you can’t match your fingernail design with your clothes, then try to match it with your accessories: earrings, shoes, bags, jewelry.

FINGERNAIL DESIGNS 2019: Nail design with drawings

Holographic manicure designs 2019

Holographic fingernail designs 2019 are colorful nail design trends, which reached the popularity at the beginning of 2016. It was the model Gigi Hadid who rocked a chrome nail polish at Met Gala.

FINGERNAIL DESIGNS 2019: Holographic Nail design

To get this effect, just apply a special holographic nail powder. It seems that everyone is rocking this stunning and dazzling fingernail look. The powder that you apply consists of special microscopic reflective particles that gives a shimmering effect.

FINGERNAIL DESIGNS 2019: Holographic nail design with French

Drawings and nail sticker ideas for fingernail designs 2019

In case you have a special talent for drawing, then nail art is for you. Flowery applications, geometrical lines and figures serve as basic trends of this year. Provided you lack special talents for drawing, then just apply nail design stickers, which are too easy to use.

FINGERNAIL DESIGNS 2019: Nail design with flowery applications

To sum up, nail design fashion changes as quickly as a woman’s mood may change. So, follow our articles, read about the latest updates in nail fashion industry and keep up with it.

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