French nails 2019: Tips and tricks to get awesome and stylish nails

Nowdays French Nail style is very popular among women. Everybody knows this simple and at the same time nice and gentle nail design. One of the reasons of French Nails is so popular, is  that it gives everyday look to your nails. And it suits perfectly for every event: starting from these who work ending with evening parties. French Nails 2019 offers you different and unique French nail style. So, let’s find out the style that will perfectly suit your nails.

French Nails 2019: White French Style: Gentle nails Style

French Nail Style History: Who was the inventor?

The twentieth century was full of discoveries and inventions. Very few people know anything about the inventor of well-known French Nail Style, but everyone knows how to do it. So, in 20th century the founder of ORLY cooperation presented an inovation- French Nail Style. His name was Jeff Pink.

French Nail Style 2019: Lunar Nail Style

Before opening his company, he worked as a makeup artist of movies stars in California. Later he opened his own business.

French Nails 2019: French Nail Style: Beverley Hills Nails Style

So, how he invented French Nail Style. One day, when one of the producers asked him to think of a nail style that wouldn’t make actresses to change their nails color every time they change their dresses, Jeff offered to use white nail polish and cover only edges of nails and then cover the whole nail with a colorless lacquer.

Do you know that French Nail style first was called «Natural Look»?

French Nails 2019: French Nail Style with rhinestones

Later Jeff changed it into «French» as French models were first who started to use that nail design. Secondly, he changed the name as when people hear that this or that style comes from France they think it’s worth trying. And he was not mistaken.

French Nails 2019: Colorful French Nail Style: Colorful Lunar French

You can’t imagine, but French nails style has been popular since 1967. Why did American name his invention «French» ? Jeff came up with the idea of so called Beverly Hills. How do these nail styles differ from each other? The answer is that there isn’t much difference between them.

French Nails 2019: Matte French Style

Only in case of «Beverly Hills» nails are covered with light pink lacquer or with a different pastel color.

French Nails 2019: Milky color: Gentle Lunar French Style

Renaissance of French Nails in 21st century: French Nails 2019

Nowdays many nail masters do experiments with French Nail style, creating works of art and making nails look elegant and out of standards. So, new variants of French became popular. One of them is Lunar Nail Style. The difference between common French and Lunar French is that Lunar French has stripe on the base of nail.

French Nails 2019: Pink base and white French: Lunar French Style

How to get perfect French Nail Style

Generally, one of the advantages of simple French nail style is that everyone can do it at home. There are ways that will help you to get perfect French Nail Style. Secondly, it looks beautiful both on short and long nails. Thirdly, your nails look gentle, well-groomed and neat. Hence, this style is very flexible. It suits different shapes of nails.

French Nails 2019: French on long nails: French with ornaments and rhinestones

White French Style may seem too banal. So French Nails 2019 offers you a great solution: change design by adding glisters, rhinestones and draw pictures. Even one stripe will totally change look of your nails. You may change color of your ring finger or add some rhinestones.

French Nails 2019: Black French Nails : Nails with rhinestones and ornaments

Therefore, French Nails 2019 will differ with its exquisite and unique solutions. So be aware of tendencies of next year and stay in fashion!

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