French Nails 2023: Fashionable Trends and Ideas for French Nails Design

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If you conduct a survey among women about what kind of manicure they consider the most common and popular, most likely French nails 2023 will take the first place.

And by adding a pattern to it, this symbiosis will easily attract everyone around you.

The traditional French has already become a classic, which has a lot of advantages, including conciseness, accuracy and harmonious combination with any outfits.


In addition to the standard look, where only the tip of the nail is accentuated with white crescent-shaped polish, French manicure over the years has “acquired” new interpretations that have radically changed its original image.

A more extensive color palette of nail polishes appeared. The nail art technique and decoration with decorative elements began to be partially applied.

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The ideas designers have for French nails 2023 will be discussed in our review.

Short French Nails 2023

Photo novelties of the ideal French of the future on the eve of 2023 are presented by many interesting options for decorating women’s graceful nails in their natural form, with a short length:

  • classic wedding French manicure – a trend of any season; 2023 is no exception, because wedding celebrations are quite frequent phenomena; it is fashionable now to decorate a wedding French with an imitation of a lace: it looks gentle and, at the same time, unusual;
  • extravagant glossy French over the mat – an impeccable combination that is actively popular among women; it is very important to use black matte gel polish and apply glossy charcoal gel polish on top of it as a French manicure smile – the effect is amazing. It is not necessary to focus on this particular color, you can fantasize with shades;
  • mirror French – thin smiles of French manicure 2023 on short nails look very subtle, neat and aesthetically beautiful. Especially if it is a golden color over black or a silver rub on a dark base coat.

Short French Nails 2023

  • shimmer French nails 2023 – a French manicure from a transparent base and a smile lined with a shimmer is also considered quite popular. At the same time, it is not necessary to make a clear outline of a smile, but you can shade it from a denser filling to a more sparse one, fading away. This effect with a slight careless scattering at the same time looks quite elegant;
  • traditional plus reverse French – a progressive moon manicure in itself is quite relevant today. But many people really like to combine it with a regular French manicure, observing the general tone of painting over smiles and moon lines. For a short length, you can experiment with the depth of dark shades. This will not look defiant or vulgar, but, on the contrary, will emphasize the brightness and outrageousness of the manicure.

Long French Nails 2023

Due to the increase in the working surface, which is caused by the elongated part of the nail plate, with it you can come up with many more options for decorating a French than with short nails.

The best ideas of today are represented by the following variable ways of decorating long French nails 2023 :

  • permanent French nails 2023 – a long-used technique for creating a manicure smile using acrylates; a slightly matte surface adds a certain amount of naturalness and grooming to long French nails 2023;

Long French Nails 2023

  • French with a pattern – the addition of French manicure 2023 with artistic painting on elongated nail plates has long been in demand among many clients of the nail service. Chinese painting or abstraction, the usual floral decoration made of paints or a complex technical work of art – in any case, the addition of a pattern makes French manicure not so ordinary and dilutes its everyday life;
  • French nails 2023 with rhinestones – many girls, lovers of exclusive extraordinary experiments with manicure, fill the entire smile zone with stones of different sizes and become the personification of brilliance and radiance. In a more restrained version, rhinestones are laid out along the rim of the natural growth of the nail, shading its main part from the smile with different color stains.

French Gel Nails 2023

  • Gradient French manicure – the current ombre can be recreated not only along the entire length of the nail surface, but also to separate the French smile zone from the natural transparency of the nail; the effect is especially noticeable on the elongated square shape of artificially modeled nails with a vertical transition from a bright dark base color to a lighter one;
  • French nails 2023 with sculpting – often girls use voluminous decorations on the middle and ring fingers in the form of stucco to add zest to the usual snow-white French on long nails. In this case, something like a butterfly or a flower is often laid out from complementary halves of two nails;

In a word – the mass of possible options for framing nails in such a design as a French is available to absolutely every girl for different lengths and shapes of her nails.

French Gel Nails 2023

French Nails Design 2023: Four “French” And One Accent

A classic manicure with a white crescent on the tip of the nail will look much more fun if you paint using a different technique on the ring finger.

Nail trends 2023 do not welcome monochrome, so the nail should be highlighted with radical nail art.

For example, it can be flowers, fruits or leaves on a white background, decoration with small pearls, rhinestones or glitter staining. This technique draws attention not only to one nail, but also generally refreshes its classic look.

French Nails Design 2023

Black French Nails 2023

Replacing the white color of the polish with black has significantly changed the concept of manicure. It suddenly ceased to be universal and will no longer fit all outfits.

Black “French” is incredibly stylish and cool, especially for evening fashion.

The trend is both accentuating the smile line with black polish, and applying it to the entire nail plate with highlighting the smile line in a different color.

The use of decor and glitter looks especially good in gold hues, which give the black “French” a rich and luxurious look.

An interesting option was to accentuate one nail with an unusual pattern, which can look like a web or a chessboard.

Black French Nails 2023

Unfinished Look

Leaving a part of the nail without a color coating, whether it be a smile, middle or tip, will become quite relevant.


Floral Mood

The image of roses, daisies, lavender and cornflowers on the “French” gives the manicure a sophisticated and feminine look.

Not only external similarity with flowers is relevant, but also graphic images of buds in thin lines.


Nail Design 2023: Geometric Patterns

Lines, squares, zigzags, arcs, balls, rhombuses, triangles, cones and rectangles turned out to be quite acceptable for combination with a French.

Several geometric shapes were combined in one manicure in contrasting or pastel shades.

The triangle had its effect on the arc of the tip of the nail, which remained semicircular from the outside, and acquired a pointed corner in the middle from the inside.

Among the most creative patterns presented by nail masters were images of insects, cartoon characters, fruits, paintings by famous artists, as well as sunsets with neon polishes on one nail.

French manicure, which has features of elegance and sophistication, turned out to be quite compatible with clear geometric shapes.

The combination of two opposites in one manicure gave a completely extraordinary look, which has already become more pretentious in terms of the style of outfits. The creation of such nail art does not require special artistic skills, so its implementation is quite possible with your own efforts.

The appearance of geometry on the “French” gave the nail a touch of extravagance.

Nail designers offer several basic concepts for applying geometric shapes:

  • small rhombuses, arcs and triangles are drawn in contrasting shades, one of which is the color of the nail tip arc and fixed with transparent polish;
  • nails are covered with bright monochrome colored polish, and the figures are drawn in black;
  • the effect of imposing one figure on another with various shades of pastel colors;
  • drawing geometric patterns in the projection with thin black lines.

It is worth noting that the tip of the nail stood out either in white or in one of the shades used to depict the figures.

Nail Design 2023: Geometric Patterns

Color French with a Pattern 2023

The use of shades in the French tip nails 2023 in addition to white and pastel has made a real revolution for this type of manicure.

Although the traditional look of the French nail has remained loved by many women, its new transformations turned out to be very interesting and attractive.

In 2023, designers offer two fashionable color trends, one of which symbolizes the maximum proximity to the classic look of manicure, and the second is distinguished by a contrasting range of shades.

Depending on the chosen shades, the “mood” of the French manicure 2023 changes.

For the traditional French nails 2023, diluted pink, beige and peach tones are used, which can be either translucent and applied after accentuating the tip of the nail, or dense and applied between the smile and the tip.

The palette of color shades covers almost all known tones. Since the presence of patterns implies the presence of not only contrasting lines, but also transitions between them.

In addition to the traditional white color to indicate a smile and an arc of the tip of a French manicure, nail masters suggest using black and scarlet, and any other if its shade was used in nail art.

Also, the use of the double-color technique of the arc involves drawing its two halves in different shades, one of which should be white.

Color French with a Pattern 2023

French with a Pattern on Short Nails 2023

The length of the nails plays a huge role when choosing patterns. After all, an unsuccessfully chosen nail art can significantly shorten the nail plate, which is already becoming critical if the nails are already short.

The classic “French” is ideal for short nails, but options with patterns can also be found.

Several variations of patterns for the “French”, which will not only be relevant to fashion trends 2023, but also decorate the fingers, the nail masters nevertheless came up with:

  • monochrome nail with the selection of “negative spaces” in the form of arcs duplicating the tip of the nail, the number of which may differ for each;
  • colored nail using two or three pastel shades that accentuate the smile, the arc and the zone between them on each;
  • classic “French” with accentuation of one nail with nail art;
  • elongated graphic objects.

French with a Pattern on Short Nails 2023

Foil French Nails 2023

The skill of decorating a manicure is improved from season to season. The use of all improvised materials as decoration of French nails 2023 is replenished with new specimens with enviable constancy.

In addition to rhinestones, beads and sparkles, foil, dried flowers and much more began to appear.

New ideas for using non-standard materials in nail art gave a lot of variations of French manicure.

Emphasizing one nail with floral nail, in which only the lines of a rosebud are highlighted with voluminous modeling, will make the classic manicure even more feminine. And sophisticated features will be given to the color one.

Foil has become one of the main decor materials. As it was often used to create arcs and rhombuses that will be relevant in 2023.

Foil French Nails 2023

Wedding French with a Pattern 2023

Trends in wedding manicure were marked by an increase in femininity, sophistication and fragility of its owner.

Even if the bride’s dress is not made of snow-white fabric, a classic-looking French manicure will be the perfect decoration for fingers, one of which should soon receive a new ring.

Wedding French manicure has relied on the lightness and fragility of the image of the bride.

Among the innovations, one can single out the use of silver or gold glitter with a blurred stripe on the arc line.

Also, the image of luxurious patterns on the nail of the ring finger or covering the entire nail plate with a thin veil of lace will be more appropriate than ever.

Floral motifs will not be alien to the wedding “French”, which will appear in the form of huge buds, painted with polish or in the form of three-dimensional modeling.

Wedding French with a Pattern 2023

Romantic Red French

The red color made the French manicure more passionate and sexy.

The designers decided not to reveal all the aggressiveness of the color that is inherent in it, but to reduce it with the help of romantic patterns.

The use of this shade, even only on the arches of the edges of the French nails 2023, changes the entire image of its owner.

The sexy red color of the manicure has found a romantic touch thanks to the nail art technique.

Manicure artists decided not to stop at the standard pattern. In the new season they offer several ideas at once on how to make it even brighter:

  • the smile and the arc are accentuated in white, and the area between them is painted over in red;
  • decoration with a pattern of one or two nails in the form of lace patterns with white or red polish;
  • a modified arc line that has become wavy and oblique;
  • decorating smiles and lines under the arc with rhinestones;
  • arch nail art, which can have zigzag breaks and lacing.

Romantic Red French 2023

Patterned French Spring-Summer 2023

Fashion trends in the nail industry promote diversity everywhere and in everything.

This onslaught could not resist the French manicure, which is a classic of the image no less than a little black dress in the style of Coco Chanel.

Patterned French Spring-Summer 2023

After cold winter, many young ladies will want brightness not only in their outfits, but also to see rich colors on their nails.

Bright, stylish, daring, romantic, classic… Such different French nails 2023 will give a “mood” to any image.

The appearance of rich colors with French manicure designs 2023 will be one of the best decisions when choosing a manicure.

After all, many of their variations have been developed for the new season, each of which deserves to appear on the fingers of real fashionistas at least once a season.

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