Gel nails 2018: stylish trends, tendencies and tips for gel nails

Beautiful fashion nails is an integral part of the stylish and actual image of modern women. To be in the trend, be sure to get acquainted with the fashion trends of gel nails 2018.

Fashion trends in nail art are also changing rapidly, like fashion for clothes and shoes. In the trend, an unusually bright decor, bold combinations of colors, but the main direction in the nail design is the durability of the composition of beautiful well-groomed nails. Gel coverage allows the nails to look great for three weeks until they grow back.


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gel nails 2018, trends and tips for gel nails 2018

Gel nails 2018: stylish colors

New ideas and novelties of nail art 2018 surprise with their extravagance, the boldness of decor, drawings and refinement of patterns, as well as unusual combinations of bright colors. Also in the fashion naturalness, the classic French doesn’t lose its relevance.

gel nails 2018, bright colors of gel nails

Almond-shaped or with oval edges of medium length, or short gel nails of gentle pastel tones are in fashion, such as pink, blue, creamy.

gel nails 2018, pastel colors of gel nails

Saturated bright and juicy colors, such as sunny yellow, bright red, emerald, blue, crimson and violet are in gel nails 2018 trend. You can paint your nails in one color or use as many colors as you want, and also welcome combinations of pastel shades and bright, bi-chromic design is in trend.

Gel nails 2018: stylish styles

Gel nails in “metallic” will be relevant in the cold season, they can be combined with a matte finish of dark shade or pastel tones.

gel nails 2018, stylish metallic colors of gel nails

3D patterns are in gel nails 2018 trend. Stylists recommend decorating gel nails with a variety of stones, pearls, sharp spikes. This design looks bright, boldly, suitable for youth parties.

gel nails 2018, trendy 3d gel nails

The image of triangles, squares, stripes, zigzags, circles, different in shape, size, color, combined in a certain pattern, look fashionable and creative. Gel nails with this design will be relevant in the spring-summer season.

gel nails 2018, geometric design of gel nails

“Unconventional French” is in fashion. The shape can be straight, concave, round, double, triangular or double. And you can place it anywhere on the nail plate. This non-standard approach allows us to emphasize our individuality.

gel nails 2018, french gel nails


Gel nails 2018: fashion tips

You can repeat bold ideas and novelties of the fashion season at home. It is enough only to know some of the subtleties of working with gel polish.


gel nails 2018, stylish tips and tricks for gel nails

For a stable coating, you must prepare tools and materials. It is better to buy a special starter kit for beginners, which includes everything you need to work: gel polishes (base, top, color). And you will need a UV lamp, without which the polish will not be fixed. Also, to create fashionable nails at your home, you will need a variety of decorations for decor (crystals, stones, stickers), colors, if you can draw and want to draw a picture.

gel nails 2018, stylish juicy colors for gel nails

What to do with gel nails? To remove the gel coating, you need a special liquid or usual acetone. It is enough to soak a cotton disc in the liquid, apply it to the nail plate. Wrap each nail with foil and leave them for 8-10 minutes. Through the allotted time, remove the foil and remove the remaining polish with an orange stick. If the first time, you can’t remove the polish, repeat the procedure. Hope our «Gel nails 2018: stylish trends and tips for gel nails» article helped to know latest trends and tendencies.

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