Hot nail colors 2018: stylish trends and shades of nails

Any modern girl knows that fashionable nails are one of the main components of the finished image. Experts of nail art every year publish whole collections of tips and recommendations that serve as fashionable guides to the world of beauty trends. Let’s see what hot nail colors 2018 are in fashion.

hot nail colors 2018, trendy shades of nails 2018

Hot nail colors 2018: trendy shades

Lovers of sparkling can wear shimmer and metallic coatings. Girls who respect minimalism and versatility should learn that in hot nail colors 2018  trend there were numerous pastel colors and muted enamel polishes.

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hot nail colors 2018, metallic nail colors

As a novelty, you can’t fail to note the green color, which has conquered all segments in the world of fashion, including nail design. In addition, in each season of 2018 will be their favorites.

hot nail colors 2018, pastel nails 2018

In the winter months, the trend will be dark coverings. The color of chocolate, black, ink-blue and aged wine should settle on the shelf of any self-respecting fashionista. On the one hand, such gothic tones may seem gloomy. They are softened with soft cashmere sweaters, voluminous alpaca wool dresses and other fashionable novelties of the winter wardrobe.

hot nail colors 2018, chocolate nails, black nails

Novelty of 2018 is the darkest emerald color with soft flicker. Girls who like sparkling accents in the wardrobe should choose sharp-edged metal lacquers.

hot nail colors 2018, emerald nails, green nails

The spring and summer months offer a large number of colors. Favorites of this season are all shades of red and green, ranging from the cold scarlet and ending with a rich tone of young grass.

Hot nail colors 2018: fashionable hues

In autumn, the polish should emphasize the general mood of this multicolored season , at the height of the urgency there will be a lacquer of deep olive color. Dark shades of orange, muted red-orange, and brown-ocher colors are in trend.

hot nail colors 2018, live nails, dark orange nails

It is worth remembering that the hot nail colors 2018 trend should be emphasized by the fashionable form of marigolds. Still short nails of soft square and almond-shaped forms are still relevant. But long marigolds try to return to the number of fashion favorites. An elongated oval with a soft rounding in celebrities can be seen more often.

hot nail colors 2018, nude nail colors

Lucky shades of nude aren’t going to give up their positions. This news will please the girls who appreciate both stylish and versatile manicure. Pastel shades are perfect with any images and colors in clothes, emphasize well-groomed hands and don’t draw attention to themselves from trend accessories. Love the elongated marigolds? Excellent! Nude will soften their excessive aggressiveness and rapacious sexuality.

Hot nail colors 2018: other tones

Stylists insist that you should not rush and paint marigolds in the first caught color. A feature of the season is a shade that fits perfectly with the color of the skin. Swarthy girls should choose sand or soft peach tone polishes. And light-skinned beauties should give preference to tones with pink.

hot nail colors 2018, pink nails, peach nails

These hot nail colors 2018 trends suggest Chanel and Alexander Wang. They emphasized the graceful fingers of the models with the help of lacquer dairy, caramel and light pink tones. You can see nude polishes in the actual gloss, shimmer or dense enamel coating in the collections of China Glaze, OPI, Butter London, Anny and Dior.

hot nail colors 2018, gloss nails, enamel nails


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