Japanese nail art 2018: stylish trends and ideas of Japanese nail designs

Japanese nails mean Sakura, anime, black and white colors, gentle shades of flowers, large flowers, which are the main part of Japanese nail designs. Let’s find out Japanese nail art 2018 trends.

japanese nail art 2018, trendy nail designs and ideas

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First of all, the professional will assess hands’ state at the moment. We have selected photos of Japanese nail art 2018 with Sakura flowers, Japanese anime, black and white colors, nail design in soft pastel colors.  The Japanese style isn’t only very pleasant procedure, but also very useful.

japanese nail art 2018, tips and tricks of japanese nails

Often, experts advise conducting a similar procedure after the shellac, because they seriously harm the nails.  The effectiveness of the Japanese manicure is obvious immediately after the first procedure. And the secret of such a result is very simple: this procedure uses tools and materials from natural components, such as pearl powder, beeswax, seaweed, etc.

japanese nailart 2018, trends and tendencies of japanese nails 2018

In conclusion, the professional conduct hand massage using aromatic sea salts and essential oils to saturate the skin with minerals and vitamins and improve blood circulation. Hand massage can improve not only the nail plate but also the hands’ skin, preventing the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Japanese nails: stages of the procedure

Japanese nails became famous about four centuries ago and the technology during this time has practically not changed. This shows the uniqueness and quality of this method. japanese nail designs, stylish japanese nails 2018

In order to soften the hands’ skin, use herbal bath and treat the skin around the nails. Use whey and only natural oil to soften the cuticle. The main components are seaweed of the Sea of Japan and beeswax. Rub on the nails the mineral paste, which includes keratin, seaweed extract and various natural ingredients that promote the growth and strengthening of the nails.

japanese nail designs, fashionable japanese nails 2018

You can make a finishing layer on the basis of natural polishing powder and beeswax. This layer forms a kind of protective shell. If the nails have defects and irregularities, you can fill them with natural paste and don’t grind the healthy part of the nail plate.

Japanese nail designs: trendy ideas

Japanese nail art 2018 suggest a lot of new trends and ideas. We’ll get introduced to trends of Japanese nail designs 2018.

  • Beautiful painting of nails with flowers in Japanese style
  • Black and white design of nails with Japanese hieroglyphs

japanese nail designs,trendy japanese nails 2018

  • A white jacket  with a flower list in the Japanese style
  • Stylish marigolds with hieroglyphs, and a cherry branch

japanese nails, nails in japanese style

  • Classic manicure with red and white colors of the Japanese flag is the theme of the setting sun
  • White-pink nail polish combined with a geisha pattern
  • Beautiful painting of nails with flowers and a butterfly

japanese nails, japanese style with hieroglyphs

  • Japanese nail designs with a picture of carp and lotus flowers
  • Short nails with a picture of a woman in national Japanese clothes
  • Delicate pink and white nail design: probably this is their favorite color.

japanese nails, nails in japanese style

Hope our «Japanese nail art 2018: stylish trends and ideas of Japanese nail designs» gave a lot of fashionable ideas for creating Japanese nails 2018.

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