Japanese nail art 2019: How to get unique and stunning nail designs

Japanese Nail Art 2019 has no limits. You can create anything that your mind dictates. Just use various techniques, different types of nail polishes, gels , rhinestones, beads and ornaments. But have you ever imagined or thought of Japanese Nail Art. It’s really something gentle, magnificent and unique. Let’s find out what Japanese Nail Art 2019 offers.

Japanese Nail Art 2019: pastel Colors with rhinestones

Japanese Nail Art 2019: Flash back

When we think of Japan, we imagine island of blosomming sakuras, where people wear koimonos and watch anime. What refers to art, particularly nail art, it is much more appreciated in Japan, than in any other country. Japanese Nail Art became widespread after competition of NailPro 2016, where Japanese nail artist Shiori Durham took the first place.

Japanese Nail Art 2019: gentle nail design with flowers and ornaments

If you search any information about nail art, you will get surprised. The fact that even men used nail polish very few people may know.

Japanese nail Art 2019: Minimalistic Nail Design

Nail Design became popular in Japan when many tourist women visited Japan. As Japanese are fond of art in general, nail art also attract their attention. Later, in 1970s nail academy was opened, where thousands of people learn nail art. So question arises: how Japanese Nail Art differs from others.

3D Nail Art

Main difference in Japanese nail Art 2019 is that they use several layers and create 3D effects. 3D nail art started in Japan and later became widespread all over the world. 3D objects are made of fimo or plastic. You should glue them on nails after covering nail with lacquer. The final layer they cover with glittering nail polish. 3D nail art became popular with help of so called gyaru.

Japanese Nail Art 2019: gentle and pastel nail design with flowers

It’s  type of Japanese street fashion. In ancient period, only those could cover nails who had high status in society, and gyaru caught attention all women of different social status. So people start covering nails with bright colors and use 3D effects. Gyaru fashion was in peak in 2000s. But even today there are followers of gyaru fashion, which includes also nail design.

Japanese Nail Art 2019: Rhinestones and 3D nail design effects

In the 7th century Japanese women used nail art simply to beautify themselves which was symbol of nobelty. Later, Western makeup became popular and nail art was available for everyone.

Japanese nail Art 2019: Nail design with drawings

Gentleness is also typical of Japanese Nail Art. gentle, pastel colors are often used to create casual nail design which  also will suit for evening occasions as well. Japanese Nail Art 2019 offers variety of ways that helps you to stay in fashion.

Japanese Nail Art 2019: Gentle Nail Style

If you are fond of rhinestones, ornaments and drawings , then Japanese nail art is specially for you. Japanese Nail Art 2019 presents nail art ideas with rhinestones and glitters, detailed drawings and glisters that will perfectly outline your taste.

Japanese Nail Art 2019: nail design with glisters and rhinestones

They like to do experimetns and match colors that doesn’t match at all. So here is hidden secret of Japanese Nail Style. Japanese Nail Art is very difficult to repeat. You may get nail form quite easily, as they are fond of mindal or oval shapes. But what refers to ornaments and special effects, it’s somehow difficult. Japanese also like to cover their nails with ornaments, symbols that are typical of Japan.

Japanese nail Art 2019: Japanese Nail style with typical symbols of Japan

Japanese Nail Art 2019: Minimalistic nails

In 2019 minimalistic nail design will stay in fashion. Very few know that Minimalistic Nail Design trend was spread from Japan. Drawings of gentle flowers, sakuras on nails became popular among women.

Japanese Nail Art 2019: Minimalistic Japanese design

Hence, if you want to get unique and gentle nail style, be aware that Japanese Nail Design is right choice!

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