Latest nail trends 2019: Tips for the stylish current nail trends 2019

Nail trends change as quickly as the whole fashion industry. It’s a very difficult task for fashion bloggers to predict what the dominant trends of the year will be. So, let’s discover the latest nail trends 2019 together.

Latest nail trends 2019: Nail design with bright and dark colors

You want to stay in fashion? You are locked in indecision what latest nail art trends 2019 to choose?

Just follow fashion weeks and you will get hundreds of current nail trends 2019.

As Bazaar fashion journal states, among the latest nail art trends 2019 you will find gold or silver metallic or shiny deep red nails. They are considered to be the nude shades of the year. Hence, it’s obvious that mostly bright colors will be more influential.

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Latest nail trends 2019: Bright nail design ideas

We usually apply nail polish in 2 or 3 layers in order to get the color we want. However, lately sheer nail design became popular. It is one of the most inspiring nail design trends.

Latest nail trends 2019: Sheer nail design

The first models who introduced sheer nail design were Mary Katrantzou’s models. Her fashion weeks always combine the old and the contemporary styles, reserved and expressive styles. The same refers to nail designs.

Sheer nail design serves as a highlighter of human’s inquisitive nature. So, you can see a natural nail color surrounded by ornaments, gold stripes. Sheer black lace nail designs are one of the newest nail trends 2019. They look really elegant, as lace dresses and blouses still stay a dominant style.

Latest nail trends 2019: Sheer nail design with black lace effect

Ryan Lo, a distinguished and a well-known fashion designer, always puts accentuation on nails of his models. In one of his fashion shows models appeared in hyper glossy, hot red nails. What about Lo’s Spring-Summer 2019 London fashion week, it debuted in punk bridal exploration.

Latest nail trends 2019: Red nail design

Frilly white color formed juxtaposition with black lace. Thus he created bridal nail designs that make brides think “outside the box”.

Bridal nail designs were presented with flower-lined nails. You may get this look with acrylic nail colors or nail stickers, which is the easiest way of creating the nail art you want.

Latest nail trends 2019: Bridal nail design

Lavender pastel, white on nude colors and smoky hues are the trending nail colors 2019.

Latest nail trends 2019: Lavander pastel nail design

One of the odd and strange nail arts that you may come across is jelly nail design. Therefore, to get this crazy nail design effect, use mainly bright colors, as they have nearly the same look as sheer nails.

Latest nail trends 2019: Jelly nail design in different colors

Apply glitters or rhinestones if you want to avoid having common jelly nails. Moreover, you can match it with your bright-colored evening dresses. They look best with summer, colorful dresses and blouses as well.

Glitter, glitter, glitter nails who has the power to slay?

Like the witch from the tale of “Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs” you may ask this question. The answer is that glitter nails are still rocking.`

Latest nail trends 2019: Glitter nail design idea

Which one will be the surprising nail design of 2019? Glitter French nails! Have you ever thought of having glitter french? Then why not?

Latest nail trends 2019: Glitter french nail design

So, hurry up to your nail master and get splendid and sparkling nails.

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