Latest nail trends: latest designs for nail art

In this season there are unusual fashionable chips. Manicure with different effects, such as cat’s eye, neon, velvet. From latest nail trends are effect of cracking and magnetic lacquer, they allow you to formalize hands without participation of specialists, creating unique image.

So let’s discuss latest nail designs.

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latest-nail-trends-latest-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-Latest nail trends

Latest nail trends: Beads, Glitter, Gradient

Beads are one of latest nail trends. It has become fashionable to use small beads for decoration. In order not to overdo it, it’s recommended to cover only one nail.

latest-nail-trends-latest-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-beads-Latest nail trends

Glitter is again in vogue. Now it’s combined with different techniques, including gradient. Styling rings are worn at top of finger, especially models for silver and gold.

latest-nail-trends-latest-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-glitter-Latest nail trends

latest-nail-trends-latest-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-gradient-and-ring-finger-Latest nail trends

Not so long ago, shellac was created. This remedy lasts more than 2 weeks, doesn’t scratch, and looks fascinating. Today, this varnish is extremely popular for latest nail art.

latest-nail-trends-latest-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-shellac-latest nail art

Latest nail designs: Geometric lines, Stickers, Drawings, Rhinestones and Adhesive tape

What is popular today for latest nail designs? Geometric lines, various stickers, such as butterflies, snowflakes, flowers, patterns in style of Feng shui, holograms and mosaics, leopard prints, oriental motifs, lace. Often, drawings are made not on every nail, but only on anonymous finger, or other simplified versions are envisaged. Volumetric drawings look good only if they don’t load image, so complex ornaments should be used with care, instead of manicure on whole hand is better to do manicure only on individual fingers.

latest-nail-trends-latest-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-drawings-latest nail art

latest-nail-trends-latest-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-geometric-latest nail art

latest-nail-trends-latest-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-stickers-latest nail art

Latest nail art and fashion ideas of season you can see in photos. This year, these technologies are relevant. Such as rhinestones, which is suitable for special occasions, weddings or evening receptions. Adhesive tape, used for decoration even at home, allows you to create new image. Another latest nail art is gradient. You should apply horizontal and vertical application, which can also be supplemented with drawings.

latest-nail-trends-latest-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-rhinestones-latest nail designs

latest-nail-trends-latest-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-tapes-latest nail designs

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