Long nails 2018: stylish ideas and trends of nail art for long nails

Nail art for long nails is one of the main trends of this season. How did the long nail designs trend develop and what varieties of long nails 2018 to choose?

long nails 2018, trends and ideas of long nail designs

Long nails 2018: stylish designs

Geometric long nails 2018 are in fashion. It’s easy to decorate the nails with straight and broken lines, as well as geometric shapes and color blocks. The design will look original if the “prints” correspond to the shape of the nails.

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long nails 2018, geometric long nails 2018

Aquarium long nails 2018 are the practical technique for nail art. It seems as if the drawing is immersed in water. The design doesn’t require updating for a long time. Thanks to the transparent background, the nails can grow unnoticeably.

long nails 2018, acquarium long nails 2018

Decorate sharp tips with pieces of metal foil or glitter, gradually “dissipating” towards the hole. It’s another idea that will draw attention to the extravagant form.

long nail designs, glitter long nail designs

Long nail designs: trendy ideas

“Complicated” French is the hit of long nails 2018. The sharp form of long nails allows you to experiment with classic variants of French. Thicken the strip on the tips and decorate it with patterns, textural details.

long nail designs, trendy french long nails 2018

A smile can have a different shape, Chevron smile, or V-shaped techniques are especially popular. In addition, the double smile looks interesting, and its parts can have different proportions and be performed in both similar and contrasting colors, such a multi-colored version is often called an extra-French.

long nail designs, long nails with rhinestones and sequins

For lovers of long nail designs, patterns and rhinestones will be the real solution. You can create miniature masterpieces, deftly combining lacquer, pictures, and stickers with sequins, rhinestones and even lace! These long nail designs are a perfect solution for a party with friends or corporate.

Nail art for long nails: fashionable designs

You can do ombre nail art for long nails using a combination of two polishes or simply by one covering of two halftones. Pink and flesh-colors will look gentle.

nail art for long nails, trendy ombre long nails 2018

Cat’s nail art will look marvelous on long nails, so you can make it as an office nail art. Add velvet sand, decorative pebbles, and paint nails on nameless fingers, thus you’ll get chic nails.

nail art for long nails, long nails with cats eye technique

You can use black nail polish for a party or any other occasion since this tone looks quite interesting. Black matte nail polish has an indescribable charm, and if you add sparkles and stones, especially for such an unusual mold, you can create a stunning beauty effect.

nail art for long nails, black long nails 2018


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