Nail art 2018: original techniques and nail art design 2018

What is the difference between nail art 2018 from the previous ones? So, let’s get introduced to fashion nail art design 2018.

nail-art-2018-nail-art-design-2018-easy-nail-art-Nail art 2018

Nail art 2018: Flower design

Flower design doesn’t give up its leading position and still remains in popular motifs of nail art 2018. There are different options for making nails in this way. It can be realized on nails of any length. In creation of such easy nail art, main thing is to combine colors correctly.

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nail-art-2018-nail-art-design-2018-easy-nail-art-flowers-Nail art 2018

nail-art-2018-nail-art-design-2018-easy-nail-art-flower-design-Nail art 2018

Besides eternally living classics, there will be eye-catching shades in trend. Golden shining polish is symbol of autumn. Red also will not lose its former popularity, like its whole palette, including pink, coral. Trendy will be burgundy-brown color (marsala), crimson, plum and wine. Natural shades are always appropriate and elegant. Coral color and shades of orange are also in fashion. Avoid bright orange, your nails will really be fashionable, without hint of vulgarity.

nail-art-2018-nail-art-design-2018-easy-nail-art-wine-pink-gold-Nail art 2018

Nail art design 2018: Kiss and lipsticks

Original drawing on nails will help girls to look stylish and effective. You will be the brightest and irresistible by decorating your nails with black rhinestones, drawing lipsticks and kisses.

nail-art-2018-nail-art-design-2018-easy-nail-art-lips-Nail art design 2018

nail-art-2018-nail-art-design-2018-easy-nail-art-kiss-and-lipstick-Nail art design 2018

Ombre is an easy nail art, It’s transition of polish color from one shade to the other. You can choose any color, on any nail. This nail art design 2018 allows playing with different ideas and options.

nail-art-2018-nail-art-design-2018-easy-nail-art-ombre-Nail art design 2018

A very interesting and easy nail art, which came to us from 2018 is “balls” on nails. To do this, buy special balls for nails and several colored polishes. Apply polishes of various colors to processed nails covered with uncross-molded base, and sprinkle these balls of similar shades on top, on still dried lacquer. It looks amazing, especially in black color!

nail-art-2018-nail-art-design-2018-easy-nail-art-balls-Nail art design 2018-easy nail art

Design of nails “liquid stones” is at the peak of popularity, Liquid stones are an imitation of precious stones. If you wish to decorate nails with emeralds, sapphires, rubies or turquoise, use a set of liquid stones. Bright, elegant and luxurious design is suitable for nails of any length. To make a stone use casting made on gel-paint with help of transfer foil.

nail-art-2018-nail-art-design-2018-easy-nail-art-stones-Nail art design 2018-easy nail artOther trend is nail aerography, which is application of liquid material by spraying, with the most contrasting colors. Combination of clear forms and mono colors with smooth overflow creates real masterpieces of abstract art.

nail-art-2018-nail-art-design-2018-easy-nail-art-airbrush-Nail art design 2018-easy nail art

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