Nail art ideas 2019: Top effective tips to get catchy and attractive nails

Nail art ideas 2019 are a creative way to enhance and embellish your nails. These types of artwork can be done both on fingernails and toenails. It became popular throughout the last 10 years. So, we looked through many journals and fashion shows to find out the best nail design options for you. So, let’s see what easy nail art ideas 2019 has to offer.

Nail art ideas 2019: Gold nail design

Nail art ideas 2019: New nail designs

Masters of nail design provide you with stunning and unique nail design solutions. Simple nail art hacks and tutorials will assist you to get the needed inspiration. Nail art ideas 2019 is back with more voguish and chicer ideas. Nail masters say that nails say more about you than you can imagine. As nail designs can tell a lot about your taste, color and preferences.

Nail art ideas 2019: Nail design with black nail polish: French and dotted nail design

So, let’s discover what type of easy nail art ideas 2019 will please your taste.

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Nude nail art ideas 2019

Nude nails are one of the trendiest looks of the year. The advantage of this nail style is that it gives the fashion-lovers a chance to fulfill their ideas easily, starting from the simple ones ending with the craziest nail art looks.

Nail art ideas 2019: Nude nail design with glitters

We can state for sure that nude nail colors go with any outfit or event. That’s why it has no time limit. We can’t predict for sure and say that they will leave the nail art fashion easily.

Nail art ideas 2019: Nail design with nude colors

Moreover, nude nail colors give you a chance to mix colors and get a stunning look everyone wishes to have. Apply different nude colors and add glitters on one nail. It is one of the latest trends of nail art ideas 2019.

Nail art ideas 2019: Nail design with nude colors and glitters

Nail art ideas 2019: Subtly dotted nails 2019

Add some metallic nail dots and creamy-colored details, if you wish to add some spark to a neutral nail color. They can be rhinestones or ornaments. In case you want to create unique nail designs with ornaments, then get prepared for it. As it requires extra patience to accomplish the task, but the results are really worth it.

Nail art ideas 2019: Dotted nail design

Generally gold is going to be one of the basic nail art trends of 2019. You can apply this color to create ornaments or use it as a basic color. The choice is on you. Glitter gold nails will also be modish this year. To get attractive gold nails, first apply a beige base coat and then add gold nail polish by drawing gold stripes.

Nail art ideas 2019: Sharp gold nail design

Easy nail art ideas 2019: Soft glitter nails

Starry glitter nails will impress everyone. All you need for this is simply a glitter nail polish. By the way, glided nail design 2019 will also be popular. All you need is a thin outline of gold glitter nail polish.

Nail art ideas 2019: Soft glitter nails

Dotted nails: Latest easy nail art ideas 2019

As polka dot outfits rock this season, dotted nail art is going to be in fashion as well. Consequently, it will be hard to predict how long it will be in fashion. As you can see, it is one of the most common ways of getting a voguish nail art. To do this, you need a nail brush to make dots and colorful nail polishes.

Nail art ideas 2019: Nail design with gold nail polish: Dotted nails

Colorful nail design 2019

It doesn’t matter whether it is spring or winter, bright colors will also be modish. Moreover, you may mix several colors with special effects to get a catchy and an attractive nail look. These kind of nail designa usually look splendid with colorful dresses.

Nail art ideas 2019: Colorful nail design

So, choose colors that fit with your outfit: blouse, skirt or shoes. Use some accessories that will match with your nail style and be sure you will impress with your look.

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