Nail color trends 2018; trendy shades for nail art

Regardless of plans for day, your hands should be well-groomed and neat. Stylists confirm this with arrival of every new period of year. This year stylists propose to give preference to popular nail colors 2018, which has pushed classics. However, black and white nail paint shades on beige or colorless basis are fashionable universal design. Professionals offer nail art on Feng Shui without decor and patterns in pastel color. The most fashionable nail color trends 2018 are matte coating in color of mint and lavender.

But don’t forget about rich shades.

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nail-color-trends-2018-nail-paint-shades-popular-nail-colors-lavender-and-mint-Nail color trends 2018

nail-color-trends-2018-nail-paint-shades-popular-nail-colors-lavender-and-mint-Nail color trends 2018

In nail color trends 2018 are all shades of red, light coral, dark deep marsala, bloody, scarlet and cherry. Bright manicure even in monophonic performance will demonstrate your determination, self-confidence, conformity with fashion trends. Contrast lacquer can act both as base and as finish. Very beautiful looks design without glossy shine, delicate black and white abstractions on red background, floral, rich ideas on colorless basis.

Not losing its glory classic, constantly struggles between light and dark colors. This year, won gloomy and luxurious black color. In popular nail colors 2018 is monophonic design with obligatory use of decor. Powder looks very beautiful on dark glossy background. Fashion ideas with black determine fashionable evening manicure.

nail-color-trends-2018-nail-paint-shades-popular-nail-colors-black-and-red-Nail color trends 2018

nail-color-trends-2018-nail-paint-shades-popular-nail-colors-black-and-white-Nail color trends 2018

For exquisite design, dark abstractions and open work patterns on fresh or colorless background are relevant.

nail-color-trends-nail-paint-shades-popular-nail-colors-red-shades-Nail color trends 2018

Very relevant nail paint shades are sky color palette. Most stylists use saturated bright shades. Popular nail colors 2018 of cold tones are presented not only in fashion of winter season but also for summer period. Show hit is colorful metal design. Mirrored nail art of blue color assumes one-tonne version without overhead products and drawings. The most fashionable is nude manicure. Also, both saturated colors and deep dark palettes are acceptable. Glossy pattern on one finger will add originality to stylish idea.

nail-color-trends-2018-nail-paint-shades-popular-nail-colors-saturated-Popular nail colors 2018

nail-color-trends-nail-paint-shades-popular-nail-colors-nude-shades-Popular nail colors 2018

nail-color-trends-nail-paint-shades-popular-nail-colors-nude-shades-Popular nail colors 2018

nail-color-trends-nail-paint-shades-popular-nail-colors-blue-shades-Popular nail colors 2018-nail paint shades

nail-color-trends-nail-paint-shades-popular-nail-colors-blue-shades-nail paint shades

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