Nail colors 2017: trends for nail polish colors

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Selection of color and texture for manicure is one of key issues of image. We don’t change varnish every day, so your collection should consist of universal colors that will be combined with most things of wardrobe. In today’s article, we’ll look at what nail colors 2017 is offered to us by stylists, and we’ll try to compile such selection for ourselves.

nail-color-2017-nail-polish-colors-2017-nail-color-trends-nail colors 2017

nail-color-2017-nail-polish-colors-2017-nail-color-trends-nail colors 2017

Nail colors 2017: Ideal red, Neutral base, and Dark Scale

Let’s start, of course, with red. This color has got strong rating place in nail polish colors 2017. Red refers to classic colors of manicure. Such nail design will be quite easy to fit into any image. To find your ideal shade of red, take closer look at color scheme of your wardrobe. You need varnish that will harmonize with most clothes in terms of brightness, saturation, color depth. No need to choose red manicure red clothes or limit yourself to traditional black and white scale in clothes.

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Just make sure that colors are from same palette. If you wear mostly bright, juicy shades, then scarlet will suit you. But lovers of deep colors, emerald, chestnut, cobalt, will appreciate saturated color of dried blood. Fans of noble basic shades can find for themselves classic royal red.

nail-color-2017-nail-polish-colors-2017-nail-color-trends-red-Nail colors 2017: Ideal red, Neutral base, and Dark Scale

nail-color-2017-nail-polish-colors-2017-nail-color-trends-red-Nail colors 2017: Ideal red, Neutral base, and Dark Scale

Nail polish colors 2017

Another nail colors 2017 for your home cosmetic bag should be couple of neutral shades of lacquer, which fit literally under everything, as they aren’t conspicuous. It can be various shades of beige, sandy, gray-brown or muted pink. You can choose one shade as close to color of your skin as possible and as alternative to buying slightly more catchy varnish that will fit perfectly into base of your wardrobe. Try to find tone that will most accurately repeat color of your favorite things.

nail-color-2017-nail-polish-colors-2017-nail-color-trends-neutral-colors-Nail colors 2017: Ideal red, Neutral base, and Dark Scale

Different shades of blue are main nail color trends of 2017, so it’ll be fairly easy for you to find varnish in one of these shades. This choice of color solution for manicure itself looks extremely unusual so that you should accurately attract attention and receive a lot of compliments.


For a more restrained manicure, different shades of pink and purple, including lilac, are suitable. These tones look on nails quite traditionally. This manicure will be combined with classic black and white scale, shades of gray, beige, blue, brown.

nail-color-2017-nail-polish-colors-2017-nail-color-trends-pink-and-lilac-Nail colors 2017: Ideal red, Neutral base, and Dark Scale

Maximum brightness and Metallic shine

For those periods when your wardrobe becomes somewhat brighter, we recommend selecting a pair of brightest varnishes. It can be color of fuchsia, shade of young foliage,  tone of summer sun. Now, this device is at peak of popularity for nail polish colors 2017! Colors can be even acidic, but we recommend still consider brightness of your things, so that manicure can resonate with some elements in clothing and accessories.

nail-color-2017-nail-polish-colors-2017-nail-color-trends-bright-colors-nail colors 2017- nail color trends

Metallic shine is one of main fashion nail colors 2017. And nail color trends of manicure, of course, didn’t stay aloof. Be sure to replenish your collection with at least one metallic shade. Gold, silver, platinum, steel, copper, bronze. Choose according to your taste! Combine two or three metallic shades with each other. The main thing is to follow similarity of texture of these varnishes so that visual perception of manicure does not “crumble”.


nail-color-2017-nail-polish-colors-2017-nail-color-trends-metallic-shine-nail colors 2017- nail color trends

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