Nail colors 2018: trends and tendencies nail polish colors 2018

It may seem that it’s already impossible to invent something new in nail art. But, despite the huge number of stages passed, every season of nail art doesn’t get tired of surprising us. Nail colors 2018 stores a lot of interesting ideas for women. We will get acquainted with them in order to be absolute trendsetters.

nail-colors-2018-nail-polish-colors-2018-nail-color-trends-Nail colors 2018

Nail colors 2018: natural and bright colors

In general, preference will be given to matte coatings, metallized polish will also be popular, but traditional gloss and mother-of-pearl will significantly cede their positions, although they will be used as additional accents for nail colors 2018.

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One of nail color trends is coating that imitates stone, for example, marble or turquoise. These nail polish colors 2018 promise to become quite popular.

nail-colors-2018-nail-polish-colors-2018-nail-color-trends-stone-Nail colors 2018

nail-colors-2018-nail-polish-colors-2018-nail-color-trends-turquoise-Nail colors 2018

nail-colors-2018-nail-polish-colors-2018-nail-color-trends-marble-Nail colors 2018

In nail color trends delicate pastel, in particular, coffee and pink polishes, will be in demand all year round. In any situation, yellow and sand will be appropriate. Trendy will look pale blue and turquoise.

nail-colors-2018-nail-polish-colors-2018-nail-color-trends-coffee-nail color trends

For those who prefer more vivid nail polish, they should pay attention to wine and berry options, such as raspberries, ripe cherries, bordeaux, marsala.

nail-colors-2018-nail-polish-colors-2018-nail-color-trends-wine-nail color trends

Nail polish colors 2018: fashionable colors

Particular attention should be paid to metal coatings that mimic color and texture of steel, silver, lead, gold. Experiments with blue, black, gray, green, purple aren’t forbidden, both in monochrome and in multi color. Red polish never disappears from fashionable list. In a word, palette of nail polish colors 2018 is wide enough to choose something to your taste.

nail-colors-2018-nail-polish-colors-2018-nail-color-trends-silver-and-gold-nail polish colors 2018

Nail color trends of 2018 should be sustained in natural colors. It can be plum, burgundy, crimson, cherry. Other trendy colors are blue, green, bright blue, reminding color of summer sky, yellow, fuchsia, orange.

nail-colors-2018-nail-polish-colors-2018-nail-color-trends-orange-and-green--nail polish colors 2018

nail-colors-2018-nail-polish-colors-2018-nail-color-trends-crimson-and-berry--nail polish colors 2018

All shades of ginger, from carrot to ruby are also in fashion. They will be good in both monochrome and in combination with black or gold.

nail-colors-2018-nail-polish-colors-2018-nail-color-trends-ruby-nail polish colors 2018

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