Nail colors 2019: Several tips and tendencies for being trendy in 2019

What will be the best, trendy nail colors 2019? The answer of this question know not only the representatives of fashion industry, but also those who follow the fashion tendencies. Those who often attend fashion shows or read fashion magazines.

Nil colors 2019: glitters

Stylists and designers are always careful when choosing nail color for model’s image. They should chiise something that will be somehow new, interesting. At the same time they should use techniques that have never been used yet. Nail colors 2019 will offer you courageous options and unusual decisions for nail art. So, follow our tips and advice that will help you to stay in fashion.

Nail Colors 2019: Beige

Trending nail colors 2019

Choosing manicure color for your own image, you should remember that nail colors 2019 suggest you simplicity and naturalness. Remember that the palette of color is also of paramount importance for creating a unique nail art.

Nail Colors 2019: Powder Blue

Fashion indsutry hints that not only pastel and nude colors, but also bright and saturated colors. Manicure on short nails will continue to be in fashion in 2019. What refer to trendy color palette of nail colors, it is dictated by the seasons of the year. So the actuality of this or that color dependes on season.

Nail Colors 2019: Egyptian Blue

Spring-Summer nail art

Spring-summer nail art always differs with its bright colors. Yellow, blue, green, rose combined with nude or pastel colors, floral or fruit prints always make your nail bright and beautiful.

nail Colors 2019: Deep Olive Green

Autumn-Winter nail art

Autumn-winter nail colors 2019 will include cold and matte colors. Brown, blue, dark green, wine colors would be too actual during autumn-winter. Red, black and white nails will be trendy, too. The same refers to gold and silver colors.

Don’t be afraid  to make an expeiment with colors.

Trendy nails in Ney York style will let you do monotone manicure in different colors and highlight one nail with quite a different tone.

Nail Colors 2019: Buttermilk Yellow

So, the so called “gloomy” or “moody” tones will stay in fashion. As naturally with the arrival of the colder months, colors of outfit and manicure get darker and gloomier. Nail colors 2019 offer a myriad of darker nail polish colors. Dark olive will be one of the nail colors you could wear with any type of outfit.

Nail Colors 2019: Sage Green

Brown, especially chocolate colored nails will be very popular among girls.

Futuristic Metalic nail colors 2019

Metalics are usually considered to be the shades of gold, copper and chrome. Nails with these colors can be used for evening occasions, parties, generally on special events. But we can make them look casual, by coloring other nails with the same color only two shades lighter. It will give your nails an everyday look.

Nail Colors 2019: Mettalic Nails

Glitter nails

Nail Colors 2019 will include glittering, sprinkling nails. They look very elegant and shining. By using nude colors, your nails will get an everyday look, if you want to have glitter nails for some period of time. Ombre style of glitter nails will be something unique and extra-ordinary, when colors are chenged nail by nail.

Nail Colors 2019: Glitter Nails

Nail colors 2019: Shades of red

Fans of red color know that their favourite color is never out of fashion. So they can proudly use it in 2019, too. Red has many tones and shades, but nail colors 2019 include auborn red. By the way, this tone of red is closer to orange color.

Nail Colors 2019: Auborn Red: Red

Therefore, to stay in fashion you should follow fashion tendencies of nail colors 2019, which will provide you a variety of shades of the same color. This means that people with different tastes will find the best color that will fit their nails.

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