Nail Color Trends 2023: Top 30 Amazing Nail Colors 2023 To Try

What nail color trends 2023 to choose to be the most fashionable? Let’s find out in our article.

Discover the most important 2023 nail trends and choose your favorite one.


In 2023, choosing the right color for a stylish manicure will be very difficult, because the masters offer to use a wide palette of original shades.

Both the design, made in calm and concise colors, and the bright nail art, made with rich or dark polishes, will remain among nail color trends 2023.

Let’s figure out what nail colors 2023 to choose to create a trendy manicure.

Nail color trends 2023 are worthy of your attention.

With the help of these shades, you can create an image for any event.

The colors go great with various accessories as they are considered versatile.

The Pantone Color Institute has named these shades the Colors of the Year for 2023.

Nail Color Trends 2023: Purple and Lilac

With their help, you can create not only a gentle and romantic everyday design but also a very catchy and chic evening manicure.

These nail colours 2023 look harmonious with other gel polishes (green, yellow, white, pink, black, blue).

Purple manicure is relevant for autumn or winter. However, in 2023 it will be possible to do it in summer and autumn.

Breathe freshness into your nail design by ditching boring and gray ideas.

However, summer 2023 nail colors are not limited to purple.

Lilac and its tones will come into fashion. With their help, you can create a delicate nail design, bringing to life interesting ideas.

Not sure what shades will be among nail color trends 2023?

Remember that burgundy and red tones are considered timeless classics.

Amazing decor and excellent design – this is what will win the hearts of the people around you. You can choose from different shades of primary colors to highlight absolutely any look.

All shades of red will be in the trend – from bright scarlet to maroon.

This beautiful color looks great on both short and long nails.

Experiment with style, because you deserve the highest praise.

2023 Nail Trends: Red and Burgundy

Pink manicure 2023 is something that no fashionista can pass by.

And this is not surprising, because pink nail art looks very gentle and romantic on the hands. This tone is perfect for women of completely different ages.

The design of the nails, decorated in similar colors, looks elegant and feminine.

You can choose a rich or delicate shade of pink, focusing on your taste.

2023 Nail Color Trends: All Shades of Pink

The bright opi colors 2023 will become a feature of the warm season.

Pay attention to lime tones. They will allow you to create a manicure in a suitable style, as well as distinguish you from the gray mass.

You can do a French or moon manicure, opt for an ombre, decorate your nails with rhinestones, and so on.

You should also pay attention to juicy and cheerful patterns that instantly cheer you up.

New Nail Trends 2023: Lime

Shades Of Blue

Blue is by far the trendiest color in 2023.

All its shades will be in fashion – delicate blue and dark blue, but most of all – rich, classic blue.

This is a very versatile color that will suit any season.

Even the simplest manicure will look great on both long and short nails.

The blue tone is in harmony with other shades and is also great for creating original patterns and drawings.

The evening nail art in blue, made with the help of brilliant décor, is very spectacular.


Nail Colors 2023: Caramel

Caramel is a shade that will replace dark brown from the 2023 nail color trends.

It is very versatile and has a deep warm undertone.

This color will look great on gradient nails, where each nail has its shade of the same color.

It is enough to have two shades – darker, caramel brown, and white, from which dozens of shades can be created.

Nail Colors 2023: Caramel

Glitter will be trendy in 2023.

Not only glitter, metallic finishes and long-forgotten pearls are returning to nail color trends 2023.

All kinds of glitter will also be extremely fashionable, especially with large particles.

Also look out for holographic sequins or those that are shaped like sparkly stars or hearts.

Shiny Nail Color Trends 2023

White Nails 2023

One of the most popular nail colors 2023 will be pure classic white.

This manicure looks beautiful on both long and short nails. It is suitable for any occasion and highlights the tan.

White Nails 2023

In manicure 2023, sweet candy and very rich pink will be the biggest hit.

This is a very pleasant color that attracts attention and will emphasize any image.

For lovers of a more delicate and sophisticated manicure, it is better to choose a powdery matte pink. This is a very elegant shade that is suitable for both going out and every day.

Hot Manicure Trends 2023: Sweet Sugar Pink

Translucent Nude Colors 2023

Even if the bright colors on the nails are impressive, sometimes you want the manicure to be more natural.

Of course, the classic shades of nude, champagne or pink will not disappear from the nail color trends 2023.

However, it is worth giving preference to slightly transparent polishes, which will give the nail plate a little color and an attractive shine.

Translucent Nude Colors 2023

French Nails 2023

French manicure is an absolute classic, it is always elegant and absolutely neat.

In 2023, colorful versions will reign, and in all possible versions.

It will be especially fashionable to choose a color for each finger.

You can, for example, use pastel rainbow colors for spring or neon shades for summer.

French Nails 2023

Winter Nail Colors 2023: Green

In 2023, green nail art will still be in trend.

This noble shade is best suited for creating an autumn or winter manicure.

It is equally loved by both young schoolgirls and ladies of advanced age.

To make the design look even more interesting, nail art masters suggest using glitter and rhinestones.

Winter Nail Colors 2023: Green

Summer 2023 Nail Colors: Yellow or Orange

In spring and summer, these trendy nail colors 2023 will be simply indispensable.

Bright and cheerful shades are great for any design.

A classic French or moon manicure in yellow and orange tones turns out to be a beautiful, gradient manicure, as well as nail art with floral and geometric patterns, will not go unnoticed.

Summer 2023 Nail Colors: Yellow or Orange

According to nail color trends 2023, this discreet shade will become the main favorite of the season.

Olive gel polish will perfectly complement any fashionable outfit.

This color is perfect for every day and for a special occasion.

A manicure made with matte gel polishes of this shade looks beautiful on the hands.

Olive Nail Color Trends 2023

White Or Black

In 2023, nail art masters offer many interesting manicure options made in these classic colors.

Fashionistas are invited to make a design in white or black, or mixed.

The result is equally spectacular and beautiful.

White nails are very refined and delicate, perfect for the image of the bride.

On the other hand, it is difficult to maintain such nails in perfect condition. On the white polish, you can see any dirt, or dust that has appeared on your hands throughout the day.

However, if you wash your hands regularly, white nails will be in good condition.

On the other hand, black is a very good base color.

Nails decorated with interesting patterns that look perfect on a black background will be fashionable this season.

Many experts believe that black color will always be fashionable on nails.


Nude Colours 2023

Such a fashionable nail design will appeal to women who prefer concise nail art.

A manicure in pastel shades will harmoniously fit into a casual, business and festive look.

This is an ideal choice for fashionistas who are forced to adhere to a strict dress code in clothes.

In 2023, ladies should take a closer look at “knitted”, gradient and French nail art in nude tones.

Nude Colours 2023

Nail Colours 2023: Peach

This elegant and delicate color is a good choice for every day. Because it goes well with any style of clothing.

A more saturated shade will also be in fashion.

A manicure made with a bright peach gel polish is well suited for a summer vacation, relaxing in a club, or a youth party.

Nail Colours 2023: Peach

Colorful Nails 2023

A fashionable hit in 2023 will be a manicure made in the same color scheme, but in different shades.

But fashionistas who love to look unusual and bright will like nail art, in which each nail is painted in a new color.

The leaders of the season are such combinations: gray and dark turquoise, brown and beige, orange and black, dark gray, white and silver, coral, terracotta and cappuccino.

Colorful Nails 2023

Cat Eye

A real fashion trend for long nails in 2023 will be cat-eye nail art.

According to nail masters, this design will look most advantageous in black, brown, purple, silver, blue, green and burgundy colors.

Such a manicure is fashionable this season, as well as in the past.

The effect is achieved through the use of a special hybrid polish.

The particles contained in it can be moved with a magnet in any way, creating unique patterns.

An equally popular solution would be to use one of the available effects on a hybrid polish.

With the help of spraying or foil applied on the nail plate, you can, for example, achieve the effect of frost, mirror or holography.

It depends only on your imagination how each nail will look like.


Rubbed Nails 2023

Stylish nail art with rubbing is loved by many fashionistas.

What color the brilliant pigment will be chosen depends on how original and spectacular the manicure will turn out.

Among the fashionable shades of 2023 are burgundy, pearl, turquoise, and purple.

Rubbed Nails 2023

Return Of the Style of The Seventies

If you are looking for a bright summer nail design, then a multi-colored short manicure in the style of the 70s will definitely win the heart of every fashionista.

Here we start to see browns, oranges and yellows.

This season, colors will also be used in the style of the 70s: choose bright and bold or more muted tones – such as nude, brown, mustard yellow, pink, orange and white.

Vibrant pinks and oranges in Indian style have also been seen on the nails of models at the Fendi, Christian Cowan and Tom Ford fashion shows of the fashion season.

These vibrant colors pair with everything from airy textures to contrasting bold patterns.

A free edge-oriented nail design will also be popular as it will hide each nail and its growth which is not corrected very often.


Pastel orange is one of the most gorgeous nail color trends 2023.

The shade is light and beautiful and easier to wear than the brighter and bolder tones of orange.

Orange nail polish is associated with warmth, joy and determination, and is a beautiful shade to wear on its own or paired with trendy nail designs.

Pastel Orange Nail Color Trends 2023

Raspberry Shade 2023

Raspberry sorbet is a luscious bright pink for 2023.

It will match no less vibrant colors, such as trendy yellow, green and of course the perfect combination of pink and gray.

So, you can safely combine the pink color of the polish with other shades and create a stunning nail design.

Raspberry Shade 2023

Brown Nail Colors 2023

Warm brown shades will be relevant in 2023.

Brown nail polish is versatile and subtle, and just about every shade is eye-catching and perfect for fall nail design aesthetics.

Brown nail polish is always luxurious and never boring!

Brown Nail Colors 2023

Mint green will be the main color in manicure for the summer season 2023.

The refreshing shade looks great in a solid color, but it is also chic in a design with different textures.

Trending Nail Colors 2023: Mint Green

The gray color palette in 2023 brings elegance and femininity to nail design.

You can make a gradient from the lightest nail colors 2023 to the darkest grays.

Nail Color Trends 2023: Grey-Blue

Pink In Combination with Peach

Nail color trends 2023 will also include suggestions for lovers of rich shades.

In the near future, rich pink will show off on the nails in combination with peach or golden.

Such a manicure could be seen, including at the shows of Fendi and Tom Ford.

Pink nails should be very rich in color and slightly matte. This is a great choice for summer trips and parties.


The baby boomer manicure seems to be the most common lately.

This nail art technique is very time-consuming for the stylist. But the effect in the end exceeds expectations.

To create it, as in the case of French manicure, white, pink or beige colors are used.

Baby Boomer Nail Color Trends 2023

Combined Manicure 2023

If the soul of a fashionista yearns for a new nail trends 2023, fashionable spring or summer nail design, it is best to use a combined coating that is perfect for this period of the year.

The trend allows each nail to be painted with strokes, geometric shapes, designs with flowers, inscriptions and a combination of several shades.

You can also cover your nails with different textures from a matte and glossy top.

Combined Manicure 2023

Shining Rubs

Due to the variety, the rubbing for coating helps to realize interesting and stylish ideas in manicure, suitable not only for holidays, but also for everyday use.


Recent months have brought a trend of gentle rub-in shades that add a subtle sheen to the nails.

Such a beautiful design on a short nail goes well with pearls and stones and looks bright.

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