Nail colour trends 2018: stylish shades and fashion trends of nail colors

It is necessary to learn and use knowledge about what novelties are offered to us by image-makers and designers, in particular, nail colors of 2018. For a long time the coincidence of the shade of “belt-shoes-bag”, as well as “makeup-nails-dress” has gone out of fashion. Let’s learn about nail colour trends 2018.

nail colour trends 2018, stylish shades of 2018

Turquoise is the intermediate color between green and blue. It’s an extremely beautiful shade of nail colour trends 2018. Very similar to mint color, but if the mint is more from green, then turquoise is bluer.

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You can even say light blue. Therefore, it is quite often confused with turquoise and mint. This color takes its name from the mineral of turquoise, which was known and popular as an ornament in ancient times. Nail designs with this color of the polish are ideal for the summer season.

nail colour trends 2018, turquoise nails

The peach color is designed for painting nails in summer and spring. With this shade, your nails will be more gentle, and the skin of your hands will touch quite well-groomed and velvety. Such nail color can be used to go on a romantic date, a country walk or to complement the office style. The marigolds should shine. It is also desirable to correctly combine the shade of polish with the outfit and the image of the girl.

nail colour trends 2018, peach nail color

Pink nails have become a real decoration, the choice of this color shades must be approached thoughtfully. You can use one or several color-matching or contrasting polishes. Standard pink color can also be an excellent base for nail art. For this purpose, it is better to use “complex” tones, such as smoky-lilac, caramel, gray-pink, tender peach or salmon. This shade is also in nail colour trends 2018.

nail colour trends 2018, lavender nails, caramel nails

nail colour trends 2018, pink nail color

In recent years, the popularity of fuchsia has been steadily increasing. It is used in clothing, accessories, an interior of apartments and, of course, in the beauty industry. Its name is due to the same flower fuchsia. Nails in the color of fuchsia are very versatile. Depending on the shade, the style in which the design is executed, the elements of decor, intensity, it can be gentle, romantic, extravagant, provocative or refined.

nail colour trends 2018, fuchsia nail color

The summer season requires special bright colors and transformations. Neon clothes, shoes, and accessories can make any image “hot”, but if you add the appropriate nail design to all of the above, then you can assume that your style is perfect. Neon colors will introduce a note of novelty even on the most boring day.

nail colour trends 2018, neon nail colors

Autumn is not a reason to cover your nails in a gloomy color. Of course, pastel shades are best left until the next season, and now will be more relevant: all the dark shades of blue, graphite, bottle green, sea-green, marsala, mustard and of course majestic red.

nail colour trends 2018,red nails, blue nails

Shades of crimson, green, lilac, blue and rich cherry are in nail colour trends 2018. In a word, everything that can attract attention has become popular and fashionable. And in order to create a neon splendor on the nails, stock up with different polishes, and your nails just will not go unnoticed.

nail colour trends 2018, crimson nails, green nails

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