Nail designs 2017: fashion trends and colors

Nail Designs

To save resources and always look perfect will help novelties of nail designs 2017. With help of various techniques and accessories, it’s easy to create unique drawing that will become highlight of image. Some prefer classics and simplicity, while others prefer exclusivity. Shape of nails plays significant role in manicure.

Naturalness is felt in all aspects, including nail art ideas. Soft lines and natural nail colors 2017 are welcome. Plates are oval and almond shaped. The free edge, according to stylists, varies within 5 mm.

nail-designs-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-colors-2017-nail art ideas


nail-designs-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-colors-2017-nail art ideas

In coating of nail designs 2017 are three variants: monochrome, bichrome, assorted. Catchy looks like an asymmetrical assortment. Masters love novelties and simultaneously mix drawings, colors, decorative elements.

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An interesting choice for manicure will serve as gel-lacquer “Cat’s Eye”. Its bright and iridescent structure resembles feathers. It’s enough to cover nails with orange, emerald green, lemon, blue, orange or coral varnish to embody nail art ideas of the season.

nail-designs-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-colors-2017-cats-eye-nail art ideas


From novelties for similar effect in manicure is color foil. It’s sold in gold and silver. Original figures and stripes are often practiced in nail art ideas and look fantastic. The effect of Broken Glassnails is very shocking. Pieces resemble a broken stained-glass window, immured in gel-lacquer. Among the fashion trends will be dairy, holographic, steel and pastel fragments.

Cosmetic Powder perfectly copes with the sparkling task. They are emphasized by the color and amount of loose material. Decorative elements will easily add playfulness, festivity, charm to boring images. The shimmer is suitable for any concept.

nail-designs-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-colors-2017-color-foil-nail art ideas

In palette of novelties, leading nail colors 2017 are delicate peach, creamy, pink, mint, heavenly and sandy shades. In this style, it’s customary to use monophonic coating.

nail-designs-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-colors-2017-colors-nail colors 2017


nail-designs-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-colors-2017-pastel-colors-nail colors 2017


Dark and berry tones look spectacular and expensive. To add color is able polychrome technology with white or matte gel-varnish. This will give contrast, create exquisite combinations.

nail-designs-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-colors-2017-dark-colors-nail colors 2017


nail-designs-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-colors-2017-dark-colors-Nail designs 2017


Interest in “metallized” coatings is growing significantly. They are recommended to combine with dead matt shades, in summer and spring dilute with pastel colors. Metallic luster visually lengthens and narrows nail plate.

nail-designs-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-colors-2017-foil-Nail designs 2017


nail-designs-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-colors-2017-metallized-Nail designs 2017


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