Nail designs 2018: tendencies and nail polish trends 2018

Well-groomed hands are essential attribute of style. In this article, you will find latest trends for nail designs 2018 and original nail polish trends 2018.

nail-designs-2018-nail-design-ideas-nail-polish-trends-2018-Nail designs 2018

Semicircular or almond-shaped nails are in trend now.

Moreover, too long nails go out of fashion, no matter, with pointed tips, in form of soft oval or square. Length should be short or medium.

Unnaturally long nails can look vulgar, especially if they are colored brightly. Nail designs 2018 proclaims triumph of naturalness and practicality.

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Gradient is relatively new variant of nail design ideas, which creates unusual visual impression. You can combine different intensity tones of same color or take combination of two completely different colors.

nail-designs-2018-nail-design-ideas-nail-polish-trends-2018-gradient-Nail designs 2018

If you like painting on nails, all sorts of floral ornaments and flower patterns will be the best , because nail designs 2018 is filled with romantic notes. For execution of such nail design ideas will suit sky-blue, deep blue, soft pink, mustard, emerald and other complex exquisite colors.

nail-designs-2018-nail-design-ideas-nail-polish-trends-2018-floral-Nail designs 2018

French is one of pretty nail designs because your hands always look well-groomed with it. However, even classic changes over time, and now designers present new nail design ideas of French with different nail polish trends 2018.

nail-designs-2018-nail-design-ideas-nail-polish-trends-2018-french-nail design ideas

Matte nail design doesn’t lose its relevance. It always looks fresh and unusual. However, in comparison with glossy texture, it can often look careless, especially if you choose pastel complex tones or combine matte texture with a lot of rhinestones, with painting or other pretty nail designs.

In the heat of summer neon nails will be more appropriate than ever. Lucky neon shades appeared in the 90’s, but today they are again unusually relevant. A warm season is an ideal period for experiments in appearance.

nail-designs-2018-nail-design-ideas-nail-polish-trends-2018-matte-nail design ideas

Prefer beige, peach, light brown or gently pink shades for nail polish trends 2018. Such colors will emphasize natural beauty of women’s hands. Transparent polish colors will also be particularly relevant.

nail-designs-2018-nail-design-ideas-nail-polish-trends-2018-peach-and-pink--nail design ideas

If you prefer brighter colors, you should pay attention to fashionable berry shades. Burgundy, crimson or wine red colors of nail polish trends 2018 will look great on short nails. With fashionable bright polish on short nails, you will look stylish, noticeable, but not too provocative.

nail-designs-2018-nail-design-ideas-nail-polish-trends-2018-crimson-and-wine-red-nail polish trends 2018

Choosing spring or summer nail polish from saturated tones is really difficult to refuse. In choosing bright colors, it’s worth considering that now metallic color is trendy. Golden, silver or bronze will look relevant.

nail-designs-2018-nail-design-ideas-nail-polish-trends-2018-metallic-nail polish trends 2018

Warm gray color will be in fashion 2018. Gray nail polish will look elegant and feminine, but at the same time emphasize free and independent image and give austerity to glamorous style. In spring and summer, the combination of gray with brighter colors will look great, this will allow you to revitalize your nail design without making it too provocative. Coral, cold shade of pink, mustard yellow and sky blue will look great with gray. Moreover, silver metallic looks great with gray color.

nail-designs-2018-nail-design-ideas-nail-polish-trends-2018-Nail designs 2018

And if you are not ready for radical changes and are accustomed to practicality, then optimism of mood and colorfulness can be tried to transform in supplements. Bright polish 2018 is a great way to diversify the habitual style and ability to match the latest trends.
Blue and turquoise colors, like yellow ones, will look great on your nails if you are going to a beach party.

nail-designs-2018-nail-design-ideas-nail-polish-trends-2018-gray-nail polish trends 2018

Pretty nail designs: nail designs 2018

If you decide to decorate your nails with decorative elements, then pay attention to the hot novelty of pretty nail designs- kamifubuki. Kamifubuki is special confetti for nail designs 2018, which came to us from the East, from Japan. They can be of different colors and diameters, kamifubuki allow creating amazing designs for nails. You can “scatter” kamifubuki on entire surface of nail or only in the separate area, lay out ornament, arrange them chaotically or orderly. Kamifubuki can be superimposed on each other or be at a distance, laid on colored or transparent base. There are many options, in any case, you will get an absolutely pretty nail designs.


Another great way to decorate nails is rhinestones. These transparent crystal droplets look particularly advantageous on a monochrome coating, especially matte. If you decide to select only accented fingers, then rhinestones can be used generously, laying out complex compositions or even covering nails completely. But if you want to decorate every finger, then it should be a few drops, which can be strengthened at the base or in the corner of nails.


Newspaper nail design is fresh and original. Newspaper nail design ideas, a photo of which is placed below, will not leave any girl indifferent. Of course, some options, for example, multi-layer drawings, require skill and great experience, but first, you can limit yourself to classic newspaper nail design ideas for beginners. At least occasionally it’s worth diluting the everyday neutrals with juicy colors. This helps to relieve tension and get a positive charge.


Not just beautiful, but also fashionable will look Caviar Polish in 2018. It invented in the UK but, despite its appetizing name, red caviar has nothing to do with it. What is so special about the Caviar polish, and how does it differ from the usual? The main difference is the three-dimensional volume type of designs for nails with the so-called 3D effect, which will certainly attract people with fascinating beauty. It isn’t practical, but, it looks great. It looks like very small beads, of a variety of colors and shades that can be mixed between themselves, and successfully combined with polishes of different tones.


Velvet design is good in monochrome designs for nails, where its unique structure is fully reflected. Velvet design is the choice of stylish and beautiful ladies. You can buy such a set in every specialized store and make velvet designs for nails at home. It should be understood that a flock can be characterized by different lengths of pile, which, in turn, creates different effect of velvet, deeper or muffled. The pile included in the kit can be made of different materials, such as viscose, cotton, wool. Also, as an alternative material, sometimes nail designers use sand, which also creates the effect of suede nail art.  As a result, nails will look with a visual relief and bumpy effect.


Luminous polish is the choice of young and bold girls who enjoy spending time in nightclubs. They aren’t afraid of increased attention from others and are able to smile with compliments in their address.

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