Nail designs 2019: Best tips to get dazzling and eye-catching nail design

Nowdays Nail Design is unseparable part of woman’s daily life. Every woman wishes to have neatly and beautifully designed nails. Nails somehow endow woman self-confidence. It’s mainstream fashion to have unique nail design. So, let’s discover best Nail Designs 2019.

Nail Designs 2019: Nail design with ornaments: Nude Colors

Nail Design History: Flesh back

Do you know anything about Nail Art? How did it originate?

Few people may know the aswer of this question. Generally, Nail Design is considered to be branch of art. It gained popularity in 21st century. It became widespread due to acrylic nail design and technique of artificial nails. These techniques enabled every woman to have neat and well-groomed nails. In ancient times, people used to cover their nails to denote their social status. For this they used insects’ blood. Therefore, people used mainly red nail color.

Nail Designs 2019: Nail design in dark colors and glitters

They say, that Cleopatra was fond of dark red nail color. In spite of these facts, the precise origin of nail care and design is unknown. In ancient manuscripts you will find out notes that tell even women of lower class applied nail colors, basicly green and black. Even soldiers of Babylon before going to war took care of their nails. In ancient Egypt black was noblemen’s color and green was color of ordinary people.

Do you know that first nail polish was introduced in China about 3000 B.C ? It was made of besswax, gelatin and arabic gum. It took several hours to dry.

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In 600 B.C. Chinese Royal families used golden and silver nail polishes that was available only for them. Later long nails became popular and royal family members didn’t do hard works to prevent their nails from breaking and cracking.

Nail Designs 2019

Today’s Nail Fashion offers various options to get splendid nail design. There are nail designs that never leave fashion industry. One of them is French Nail Design. Nowdays it has many interpretations. Nail artists use not only white as basic color, but other bright colors as well. One of the innovations of Nail Desigs 2019 will be French Nail Art with dark colors and golden stripes.

Nail Designs 2019: French style with bright colors

Lunar Nail Design 2019 is also type of Nail Design, which is reversed version of so much popular French Nails. So, you may use your unlimited imagination to generate brand new and advanced nail designs that will catch evreybody’s attention.

Ombre Nail Design 2019 will also be one of dominant trends of 2019. It includes smooth transition of color: from dark colors to light ones and visa versa. You may aslo mix ombre and french nail art, by creating French Nails with the help of Ombre technique. So, the advantage of ombre nails is that you may choose several colors that will perfectly fit with your casual looks. So, you don’t have to change your nail colors twice a week. Moreover, if you want your nail design to stay longer, just apply shellac technique that has become popular recently. Shellac enables your nail design to stay for about 2-3 weeks. It is applied generally by nail masters who use special tools and techniques for this procedure.

Nail Design Secrets

If you are fond of minimalistic nails, then you may apply just one basic color. Use minimalistic ornaments as well. They will give your nails elegant and modern look. Metallic nails will also serve as predilection for those women who want to highlight their style and look stylish and modish.

Nail Designs 2019: Gentle nail design: tulips

To get evening and more stylish look, you may use ornaments and rhinestones, as well. Nail design with ornaments will be basic trend of Nail Designs 2019. Tiny mandalas on your nails will attract attention. To do this by yourself, you should be very gifted and talented. As it’s very difficult to draw in too small sizes. For this type of nail design use special paintbrushes and acrylic nail colors.

Nail Designs 2019: Nail Design with ornaments

Nail Designs 2019 differs from culture to culture. Generally, nail art is cosidered to be symbol of femininity. So, if you are too interested in Nail Design, you may find out that Japanese Nail Art is very popular. It always comes up with unique and extra-ordinary Nail Design solutions. Japanese Nail Design looks elegant for every occasion. Japanese nail masters mainly use pastel and nude nail colors.

Nail Designs 2019: Nail design with ornaments and drawings

Nail Shapes 2019

What refers to nail shapes, in 2019 nails in short and medium-length will be in fashion. They have several advantages. First, they are more comfortable than long nails. If you are fond of minimalistic design, then be sure that they will look more elegant and stylish on short nails. Some Nail Design effects look more classy especially on short nails, such as French Nail Art. Perfect length will be 2-3 mm. So, it is more preferable natural nails than artificial ones. Square, square-oval, almond nails will be trendy nail shapes of 2019.

Nail Designs 2019: Flowers on nails: Acrylic nail design

Nail Colors 2019

What refers to nail colors, mainly nude colors will be stylish. So, according to Pantone Institute these colors will be dominant Nail Colors of 2019:

  • Light pink,
  • Grey,
  • Turmeric,
  • Pink peacock,
  • Pepper stem,
  • Lemon verbena,
  • Princess blue,
  • Toffee,
  • Mango Mojito,
  • Pressed Rose,
  • Terrarium Moss,
  • Living Coral,
  • Fiesta,
  • Jester Red,
  • Soybean,
  • Eclipse,
  • Sweet Corn,
  • Brown Granite and so on.


Nail Designs 2019: Nail design in different colors: geometrical objects

So, trendy Nail Color Palette of 2019 endows you to try various colors, find the one that will excellently match with your outfit colors.

Nail Techniques and Innovations

Basicly nail art specialists use several techniques to get splendid and unique nail design. So, they include nail gel, nail polish and acrylics. What refers to Nail Design, you may apply several techniques, such as

  • glitters,
  • rhinestones,
  • beads,
  • aluminium foil,
  • miniature bow-ties,
  • accessories.

Nail Designs 2019: Unique nails art

As for Nail Design Innovations, the list of new, somehow odd nail styles continues to grow day by day. Hence, nail masters try to create dazzling nail designs by using their limitless imagination and fantasy.

Nail Designs 2019: Nail Design with cute drawings

For instance, few years ago cracking nail polishes became widespread. So, Nail Designs 2019 innovations will probably include

  • thermochromic polish,
  • velvet nail polish,
  • matte nail effect,
  • holographic effect,
  • Inverse French (Half-Moon),
  • textures.

Even more holographic and thermochromic nail effects will be on pedestal of Nail Designs 2019. In case of thermochromic nail design, nail color changes based on hot or cold temperature. As for holographic nails, nail color gets rainbow effect under light.

So, as you have already noticed, there are various options for spledid and unique nail designs. Just try to find yours!

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