Nail Design 2023: Top 12 Striking Nail Design Ideas To Try In 2023

Nail Designs

New nail design 2023 trends will pleasantly surprise modern fashionistas.

Well-groomed hands and nail design are important details of the female image. For a beautiful manicure in 2023, designers have prepared many new products and top techniques.


Nail masters improve their skills and offer new nail design ideas 2023. Every girl can find something suitable for herself.

Manicure 2023 is very concise.

Designers recommend using decor in minimal quantities, and using techniques and effects neatly and tastefully.

At the same time, next year there will be many new products and fresh nail design trends 2023.

Masters will intertwine different nail styles 2023, try new approaches in the design of nails.

It will be fashionable to combine several effects at once in one design. For example, you can complement matte finish with geometry on one nail and an origami pattern on the other.

Fashion Trends In Nail Design 2023

A new trend will be the combination of gloss with a matte effect. Such a laconic manicure looks stylish and expressive. You can supplement it with decorative elements.

A combination of matte and gloss within one nail is also welcome. For example, for an unusual French, you can supplement a matte black finish with a glossy “smile” line.

For fashionable nail design 2023, designers suggested using and combining the following techniques:

  • Rhinestones and stones. You should use this element of decor with caution. They can complement the patterns, laconic coating of nails. Masters advise not to lay out large patterns with rhinestones.
  • Negative space. This style of nail art design 2023 will be one of the most fashionable. You can combine it with color block, abstraction, patterns.
  • Patterns and prints. All kinds of patterns and images will do. In the top there are patterns made with thin lines.
  • Abstract prints. In 2023, one of the main trends will be abstraction on the nails. Masters recommend combining two or three shades on the nail for this style. All kinds of strokes, drops, splashes, unusual shapes and stripes are relevant.
  • French manicure. Designers presented French nails 2023 in different variations. You can supplement it with patterns, stamping, modeling.

Nail Design 2023: Matte

This is a concise and elegant option for girls of any age.

Both schoolgirls and adult status women choose it today. With a matte top, any elements of decor and technology are perfect. In a monochromatic version, it looks no less attractive.

Matte nails 2023 with geometry will look especially cool.

Cover your nails 2023 with pink polish and apply diamonds or squares on top. They can be added to one nail, or can be placed on all at once. Stripes or small dots will also look interesting.

You can even create some interesting pattern like polka dots.

Another beautiful gentle combination is a matte beige top and rhinestones.

You can approach the design of nails from a creative side and decorate the hole area with small stones, thereby combining several designs in one manicure. It will look not only beautiful, but also unusual.

Nail Design 2023: Matte

This nail design 2023 remains a timeless favorite with girls.

It is beautiful and versatile. French wins the hearts of fashionistas every year.

To some, it may seem boring and simple. But this is not so, because such a manicure can be diluted with decor or patterns.

French nails 2023 made with acrylic powder will look very gentle and charming. With it, you can apply lace patterns on your nails, which will give your nails a touch of charm.

It is not necessary to use only white – light shades of yellow, blue and purple are relevant. You can also add floral motifs or abstraction here, but not rhinestones – they will make your manicure bulky.

A good idea would be to move away from the classics and make a “smile” line of an unusual shape.

Twist French will be relevant. To create a delicate nail design 2023, you can try a combination of lilac and pink on the “smile” line.

An oblique French will look unusual, especially if you lay out an angular line with decor.

A more festive nail design 2023 can be created with millennium glitter. This French will look very cool at any event.

An ombre French will be very popular. You can choose different colors, but the combination of classic tones remains the most stylish: a delicate peach shade that smoothly flows into white at the tips of the nails.

You can use glitter to decorate the free edge. Such nail design 2023 is suitable for a festive look, for example, for Christmas or New Year.

A hit of popularity will be a combination of a moon manicure with French.

For the original French manicure, you can decorate the free edge with a print. You can make small flowers, polka dots or abstraction to highlight the “smile” line.

Nail Design Trends 2023: French

Half-Moon Nail Design 2023

Those who are tired of the classic French often choose it.

Half-moon nail design 2023 looks good on short nails. With a little imagination, you can create not only a delicate, but also a spectacular design. There are many variations for nail design 2023 here.

A manicure looks very fresh and stylish when the hole is covered with a colorless polish.

This creates the effect of incompleteness, riddles. The base of the nail can be painted in pastel colors, and you can add a pattern. A gentle version is a purple-pink base and a transparent hole.

Tandem with ombre technique will look new and youthful.

Try accentuating your middle and ring fingers. For smooth transitions, use pink, apricot, lavender, salmon and sand colors.

Such nail design 2023 is suitable for going on a date, and for every day.

Half-Moon Nail Design 2023

Nail Art Design 2023: Lace

A sophisticated lace nail design 2023 can be created in a variety of styles.

It looks great on nails 2023 of any length.

Lace motifs are always relevant, they look very elegant and add some sophistication to the overall image.

Such a move will be a great addition to evening dresses, blouses and even a wedding dress.

A pink base with black patterns will look gentle. This unique combination will give your hands elegance.

Such a manicure looks not only feminine, but also a little bold. Black lace also goes well with white, beige, purple, blue.

The easiest way to apply lace is to use the stamping technique.

With the help of stencils, the pattern will appear on your nails in seconds. This will help create a charming nail art design 2023 and save time.

Nail Art Design 2023: Lace

One of the latest fashion trends is geometry nail design 2023.

Lines and stripes, squares and triangles, rectangles, rhombuses or even a combination of several patterns – all this is at your disposal.

The simplest options are zigzags, squares and stripes.

When choosing, pay attention to the length of the nails. Such patterns are best applied to nails of medium length. Any shape can be chosen.

Beautiful geometric shapes have a special aesthetic.

They give the girls’ hands an original and concise look. The novelties in this design are getting cooler and more modern.

This style looks both complex and simple, and is increasingly found in the photo of Hollywood stars.

Nail Design Trends 2023: Geometry

Nail Design Ideas 2023: Floral Patterns

This nail design 2023 is relevant in the warm season.

The spring-summer period cannot exist without such nail design 2023. It embodies aesthetics, tenderness and femininity.

Flowers on the nails always look attractive and are able to cheer up their owner. This design is unbeatable!

The top best nail design ideas 2023 include a gentle manicure with wildflowers.

The pastel palette is in demand here. Try to cover all nails with hyacinth color, and make the ring one white and apply cornflower on it.

Everyone’s favorite roses are also in the trend.

These colors always look regal and chic. A cute design can be created using daisies. Mystery girls or creative people choose them.

Nail Design Ideas 2023: Floral Patterns

Nail Styles 2023: Marble

Marble manicure does not go out of fashion.

It is based on unusual prints that imitate the surface of natural stones.

This is a mysterious and slightly strange design that gives any look a touch of mystery. This is the best option for women who like simple and strict nail art. For its implementation, pale pink, black, beige, white and gray polish is usually used.

You can emphasize a marble manicure with glitter or thin strips of foil.

The patterns of natural stones on the nails can be supplemented with other effects. This technique harmoniously looks next to matte nails, moon manicure, French.

One of the most fashionable nail art design 2023 options will be a laconic monochrome, complemented by a marble effect.

A beautiful manicure is obtained by combining a white coating with a marble design on accent nails. You can choose other colors of gel polish, for example, gray or red.

Nail Styles 2023: Marble

Glitter Design 2023

Glitter nail art is relevant in any season.

It is made in the fall-winter months, especially during the New Year holidays, in spring, when it is necessary to emphasize delicate shades and graceful patterns, and in summer, to decorate bright colors and bold ideas.

Brilliant nail art is done using glitter powder, Yuki flakes, foil, glitter polish. The design looks incredibly stylish with a rub – mirror, pearl or with other effects.

Transparent rhinestones will no longer be so popular. In a brilliant manicure, they will be replaced by foil and rubbing.

Pebbles can only be used in small quantities to accentuate patterns and effects.

One of the nail design trends 2023 of the next season will be a combination of shiny areas with a negative space.

This nail design 2023 creates an impression of lightness and grace, so you can use several types of decor and bright colors at once.

A restrained delicate palette of shades combined with sparkles and rhinestones allows you to create an incredible manicure.

Apricot gel polish with rhinestones looks very interesting. A tandem with a pink top will look elegant and feminine. A manicure in iris color will seem cute.

The union of gray polish with small stones or sparkles will be very gentle.

Many girls avoid this color because it seems gloomy to them. However, nail artists say that this shade will be at the peak of popularity in 2023. It will look especially cool in combination with blue.

Glitter in this decor will create the effect of “Wow!”. No fashionista will be left without attention.

Glitter nails always attract the special interest of others.

Charming radiance instantly catches the eye. They are able to turn a nondescript simple design into splendor.

They can be applied immediately to all nails, the manicure will not spoil it, it will only become softer and more beautiful.

Glitter Design 2023

Nails 2023: Prints

As in clothes, the following trendy prints are welcome in 2023 manicure:

  • animalistic;
  • floristic;
  • check;
  • strip;
  • polka dots.

Prints allow the use of several bright colors at once.

Among the latest innovations, an unusual trend is presented – patterns in the style of impressionism.

This nail design 2023 provides an opportunity to emphasize your individuality and make the look more spectacular.

The patterns are done with graceful smooth lines and look good in tandem with a matte finish on adjacent nails.

Nails 2023: Prints

Nail design 2023 with patterns is a great way to stand out from other fashionistas.

Designers suggest next year not to be afraid to experiment and choose patterns of a variety of nail styles 2023.

The main thing when choosing patterns is to remember that minimalism is in trend. Patterns should not be smeared on the nail and pretentious.

Trendy patterns are:

  • miniature flowers and twigs;
  • birds (owls, flamingos, parrots, as well as cartoon birds);
  • berries and fruits in a minimalistic design;
  • exotic fruits and plants;
  • abstract patterns.

A beautiful manicure for the summer will turn out if a bright coating on a short length is supplemented with accent nails, which will depict the characters of animated films, fairy tales or computer games.

This trend will be especially relevant next year. The masters also offer to draw characters from comics or favorite films.

Bright colors and bold combinations are allowed. Monochromatic silhouettes on a nude finish are also in fashion.

The popularity of inscriptions conquers new horizons. Next year they are offered to be performed on different accent fingers. It will be fashionable to place paired inscriptions on the thumbs.

A stylish manicure with inscriptions is obtained both on a rounded square of short nails and on long almond-shaped nails.

The most fashionable nail design options in 2023 will be performed in a minimalist style.

In the photo of the works shown by famous designers and fashion bloggers , you can see restrained shades, a small amount of decor and an emphasis on the style of execution and technique.

Nail Trends 2023: Patterns and Signs

Nail Paint Design 2023: Colors

Beautiful, delicate nail design 2023 is one of the favorite trends of many ladies.

With light textures and color combinations, it helps to emphasize a luxurious look. The color of the manicure should match your image and be in harmony with it.


Like a clear summer sky or clear water.

Ideal for creating a delicate half-moon or French manicure. This shade will appeal to simple girls who do not like bright designs.

It looks very elegant in combination with twigs and flowers.

Nail Paint Design 2023: Colors


This color will give your hands a fresh and sweet touch.

It seems attractive and alluring. You can combine pink nails 2023 with cute dresses, business suits and even sportswear.

It will make any image of a girl beautiful and noticeable.

The color of the lotus, pink nectar, lilac, anemone is in trend. At the same time, such a manicure can be supplemented with decorative elements.

Nail Paint Design 2023: Colors


On the nails, it always looks very feminine and concise.

Ideal for everyday life, as it does not attract much attention to itself. But at the same time, such a gel polish makes women’s hands very beautiful and well-groomed.

For a brighter and more festive look, you can dilute the nail design 2023 with glitter.

Nail Paint Design 2023: Colors


This shade seems very thin and imperceptible, but at the same time it looks quite interesting and bewitching on the nails.

Lavender attracts the attention of romantic natures. This cool tone is ideal for cold gray winters. By itself, it is self-sufficient, but it looks cute and original.

Nail Paint Design 2023: Colors

Pastel Nail Art 2023

Light, soft shades are incredibly trendy in 2023.

They will be used both on short nails and on stylish long nails.

Delicate pastel colors are attractive because they can easily fit into different looks – everyday, romantic, evening and even festive.

They are easily complemented by different effects and look great in combination with decor.

For a fashionable nail paint design 2023, pastel coating will be complemented by the following effects:

  • glitter;
  • patterns;
  • contrasting shades;
  • rhinestones.

Pastel colors work well with short soft square nails.

Nail Paint Design 2023: Colors


Nude colors are one of the trends for next year.

Shades of nude go well with almond shaped nails. They will also be relevant in tandem with short square nails.

The most popular shades of gel polishes are:

  • beige;
  • pale pink;
  • light coffee;
  • creamy;
  • light grey.

Nude finish looks great in a matte finish.

Nail Paint Design 2023: Colors

On soft nude shades it will be fashionable to apply patterns. Masters offer not to be limited to stamping, but to draw all sorts of patterns with a thin brush.

The trend is abstraction, floristry. It remains the top trend to apply inscriptions on nails. Both individual letters on nails and whole phrases are in fashion.

If you need a universal manicure that will be in harmony with images of different styles, it is enough to cover your nails with a light shade and apply origami patterns on one or two nails.

Nude tones are suitable for any shape of nails: square, coffin, almond.

These natural shades are versatile and practical. They are in harmony with any feminine, casual and festive look. Natural colors on the nails are suitable for any field of activity, even one where the dress code in clothing, makeup and general appearance is strictly observed.

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