Nail models 2018: trendy shapes and tendencies of nails 2018

Many girls are fond of nail art, but often their knowledge ends in lacquers, pastes, and labels. Very few people know what a huge role plays nails’ shape. We have prepared nail models 2018 trends for you.

nail models 2018, trendy shapes of nails 2018

Besides the decorative polishes and stencils, a huge role plays the nails themselves. Let’s find out nail models 2018 trends.

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nail models 2018, square shape nail model

The square shape is ideal for owners of long thin fingers with beautiful phalanxes and knuckles and not suitable for girls with short or massive fingers and too wide or short nails. Nails can easily be filed up to this form at home, but it interferes with everyday life. The square can be as sharp, outlined, or soft. This form of nails looks equally good both without polish and with it. Separately allocate the technique of French nails, as it is created precisely for square tips.

nail models 2018, rounded shape nails 2018

The rounded shape is the transition between square and oval with tips cut off under a circle. Also a universal option, and, unlike the square, looks good on short nails and fingers and is a fairly natural option.

Nail models 2018: other stylish shapes

Round is equally common for large fingers, a nail bed, and palms in general, as well as with thin wrists and neat, thin fingers. It is actually not a flattened circle. The best solution for the length of this form is short neat nails, covered with a clear polish or with neat nails. This is the perfect idea for nail models 2018.

nail models 2018, stylish round shaped nails 2018

Oval form is natural for many girls, and many choose it. The thing is that the oval is quite versatile (it will suit both the narrow nail, and the wide and long fingers, and short, thin and full).

nail models 2018, fashionable oval nails 2018

The free edge is smooth, does not break, which makes it ideal for washing dishes or playing sports. As for the length, the oval forms look best on short and medium nails, long ones, perhaps, will not fit. With them, you can consider any version of nail design, including all the same notorious “French”.

nail models 2018, stylish oval shape nails 2018

Nail models 2018: fashionable shapes

A sharp form, triangles or stilettos are in nail models 2018 trends. The most aggressive and extravagant option, but it is often chosen as a daily option.

nail models 2018, stiletto nail shape 2018

As well as square nails, this form is suitable for owners of thin and long fingers, neat nail bed, and nails at least medium length. The sharp nails’ tip is prominent, which makes it not the most comfortable to wear.

nail models 2018, stylish sharp shape nails 2018

Almond form, peak, or pointed oval is in fashion. It is a transitional link between the oval and represents a less vivid version. The nail’s base should be narrow, and the tip should be even more, but not sharpened, like the stiletto.

nail models 2018, stylish almond shape nails 2018

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