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Many female representatives prefer neutral nail polish colors that blend harmoniously with base wardrobe, as not everyone has opportunity to change varnish frequently. So it was a few seasons ago, color of nail polish 2017 can be absolutely anything because now there are no strict rules for combining manicure with dress.

When choosing a varnish for nails this year, stylists recommend choosing absolutely any color option,  main thing is that nails look neat and attractive. What nail varnish colors is now in vogue: here is nail polish trends 2017!

nail-polish-2017-nail-polish-trends-2017-nail-polish-colors-nail-varnish-colors-Nail polish trends 2017

If girl doesn’t know what are nail polish trends 2017, she can choose any one-color shade, from light beige to cream, and stay in  trend of season. Unlike last season, when various glitters, rhinestones, multicolored, complex and bizarre patterns on nails were relevant, this year such trends slightly receded into background, giving way to monochrome colors.

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Lovers of shine in manicure stylists recommend giving preference to small glitter and rich textured coatings, reminiscent of precious metals.

nail-polish-2017-nail-polish-trends-2017-nail-polish-colors-nail-varnish-colors-neutral-colors-nail polish colors

Nail polish 2017: Actual colors

Fashionable nail polish 2017 are berry; wine; marsala; dark orange; olive; taupe; chocolate; eggplant. All these colors are associated with fallen autumnal foliage and are great for creating female image in autumn.

nail-polish-2017-nail-polish-trends-2017-nail-polish-colors-nail-varnish-colors-dark-orange-and chocolate-nail polish colors

In  winter, specialists in the nail industry recommend using deep, rich colors, which are associated even with Gothic. These are nail polish colors  in 2017, blueberry; blue; green brown; gray; burgundy. Soft and cozy winter clothes will help to soften such rich colors.

nail-polish-2017-nail-polish-trends-2017-nail-polish-colors-nail-varnish-colors-dark-blue-and-green-brown-nail polish colors

Novelty of autumn-winter season is white color of nail polish, which some fashion meters recommend to use also in summer and spring. What nail varnish colors are fashionable in spring and summer of 2017?

Nail polish colors 2017

First place among fashionable nail polish colors in spring and summer of 2017 is sunny yellow or primrose yellow. This tone perfectly fits black, white and bright outfits of sunny shade. In addition, saturated yellow can be used in nail design alone or in combination with other bright color options, as crimson, black, orange, brown. trends of fashion can manage.

Nail polish 2017: trends for nail polish

Milky pink shade, it’s a good option for delicate nail design. This is ideal choice for girls who prefer restrained and laconic design of manicure, refusing fancy patterns and bright colors.


Those girls who love gentle shades, but are already tired of  monotonous milky pink tones, experts recommend performing manicure with Island Paradise varnish – Paradise Island.

nail-polish-2017-nail-polish-trends-2017-nail-polish-colors-nail-varnish-colors-paradise-island-nail varnish colors

One of the most fashionable nail varnish colors in 2017 was also named luscious Greenery. Many fashionistas refuse such manicure, because at first glance it may seem too bright and even provocative, but don’t give up this color option for nail cover.

Experts in the world of nail art recommend playing rich Greenery, using sequins, powder or choosing matte coatings of this juicy green hue.

nail-polish-2017-nail-polish-trends-2017-nail-polish-colors-nail-varnish-colors-luscious-greenery-nail varnish colors

Pink Yarrow rich pink shade, which is color variation of fuchsia, will be the best choice for summer season.

nail-polish-2017-nail-polish-trends-2017-nail-polish-colors-nail-varnish-colors-pink-yarrow-fuchsia-Nail polish 2017

Denim shade, represented by shade like Niagara, also claims title of fashionable varnish color in autumn-winter of 2017-2018. It looks as profitable in form of matte finish.

Some masters of nail design use blue tint of Niagara when creating  French, applying white strips on it. Swamp shades in winter manicure are excellent option for those who don’t dare to bold experiments with bright colors. Actual in autumn-winter season is shade of fresh curly cabbage.

This mixture of dark green, brown and gray shades is perfect for both every day and evening manicure. Stylists recommend using bright decorative elements in form of sparkles, mother-of-pearl, and rhinestones to give design of festivity.

nail-polish-2017-nail-polish-trends-2017-nail-polish-colors-nail-varnish-colors-curly-cabbage-and-denim-Nail polish 2017


Blue lapis lazuli is incredibly luxurious, noble and elegant color, which stylists call one of the most fashionable colors of nail polish in spring of 2017. It’s better to use it with glossy coating or using a shimmer.

nail-polish-2017-nail-polish-trends-2017-nail-polish-colors-nail-varnish-colors-blue-lapis-lazuli-Nail polish 2017

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