Nail polish 2019: New dazzling and classy palette of nail colors for 2019

Nail polish, which is also known as nail varnish, is a lacquer that is used to create nail designs with different colors and shapes. Nail polish 2019 comes up with unique and amazing nail ideas that will satisfy your taste. Let’s discover what’s new is coming.

Nail Polish 2019: Nude Nail Polish Colors

Nail Polish 2019: Nail polish types

Some decades ago, basic ingredients of nail polish were Carmine, lavander and bergamot oils and oxide tin. In China, around 600 BC nail polish was made of beeswax, gelatin, vegetable dyes, egg whites and arabic gum. Nowadays there are different types of nail polishes, such as base coat nail polish, top coat, matte, shellac and gel.

Nail Polish 2019: Turquoise Nail Polsih Color

What refers to base coat, it is a milky-colored nail polish that is used for specific purposes. It has several advantages. First of all, it strengthens your nails. Secondly nail polish stays longer than without base coat. There are base coats that are called «peel off base coats». These kinds of nail polishes enable you to peel off nail polish without using a special remover.

Top coat for your nails

Top coat is colored nail polish, which is used after applying nail polish. It helps to prevent your nails from scratching and peeling. There are many top coats with a sticker «quick-drying» or «dries in 60 seconds». So, top coats help the underlying nail color to dry quickly. What refers to gel, it is made of a methacrylate polymer. Gel nail polishes doesn’t dry in traditional way as other nail polishes. In case of gels, you should dry them with a special ultraviolet lamp.

By the way, it is not easy to remove gel. You can remove gel after soaking your nails in nail lacquer from 8 up to 15 minutes.

Shellac nail polish which has become very popular recently, is along-lasting nail polish that can go on from 2 up to 4 weeks.

Nail Polish 2019: Red Nail Polish

Matte nail polishes are specially designed for those who don’t prefer shiny nails. It can also be found in top coats. Nail artists use matte nail polishes for nail art applications. As nail designs look more beautiful, if you mix shiny and matte nail polishes.

Nail Polish 2019: Dark puple Nail color shade

O.P.I Nail polish trendy looks

One of the best nail polishes is O.P.I., which is American nail polish Incorporation. Nail polish 2019 offers new, sparkling O.P.I. for those who desire to have shiny, bright-colored nails.  It offers glitters as well. The popular glitters of 2019 include

  • Butterfly me to the Moon
  • You Little Shade Shiffer
  • Ecstatic Prismatic
  • This changes everything
  • Metamorphically Speaking
  • Can’t be Camouflaged!

Moreover, O.P.I has launched its new, magical shades of the four Realms that include 12 limited edition colors and three glitter shades, inspired by Disney’s new movie called «The Nutcracker and the Four Realms».

Nail Polish 2019: O.P.I. Nail Polishes

So, Fall-Winter shades include the following color shades:

  • Dancing keeps me on my toes
  • Dreams need Clara-fication
  • March in Uniform
  • Dazzling DewDrop
  • Envy the Adventure
  • Tinker, Thinker, Winker?
  • Gold key to the Kingdom

O.P.I. also represents infinite shine option which has 3 step long-lasting system that assists nail colors to stay longer. The collection includes generally dark color shades, hues of pink and red, some glitters, such as Ginger’s Revenge, Candies Kingdom, Berry Fairy Fun, Toying with Trouble, etc.

Nail Polish 2019: Blue and grey Nail Polish colors

It’s vivid that nail polish 2019 provides women amazing and fashionable palette of nail colors that will give you exclusive and stylish look.

Fall-Winter 2018-19 nail polish palette includes the following shades:

  • Sameon Sand
  • Coconut Olive O.P.I.
  • Taupe-less Beach
  • Humid-Tea
  • Sunrise to Sunset
  • That’s Hula-rious!
  • Polly want a lacquer?
  • I can never Hut up
  • Tiramisu for two
  • Indifinitely Baby
  • Getting Nadi on my honeymoon
  • Sweet Heart

These are Nail Polish 2019 shades of O.P.I nail polish company. And these color shades you may find in their vacation nail shop.

Nail polish 2019: How to fix cracked nails

Have you got nail problems? Do they Crack easily? Never mind!

O.P.I. presents nail polishes specially designed for nail care. It is well-known fact that tea bags are the first and common aid for split nails. So, let’s see what you should do in this case, just step by step.

First of all, remove Nail Polish with O.P.I. nail lacquer remover. Then apply tea bag, by trimming it to the size of small patch and let tit leave on one side. Secondly, apply O.P.I. Chip Skip on entire nail. Then apply small dot of nail glue and let it dry for few minutes. So, you will say «Good-bye» to cracked nails.

Remember that O.P.I. nail clinic with its polishes are always ready to fix your nails.

Nail polish 2019: Essie nail shades

Whereas Essie which is also well-known American nail company, offers contrasting shades. Such as light mauve purple nail polish, «Going steady» shade that represents milky nail polish with iridescent shimmer.

Nail Polish 2019: Nude Nail Polish Colors

«All Daisy Long» shade will be the basic trend of Winter 2019. It’s a flowery white Nail Polish with crisp jade green and pink iridescence.

Retro shades for new season

Essie represents retro collection nail polishes with bright hues that will indicate your taste and even mood.

Nail Polish 2019: Nail Design with Ornaments

Retro hues include the following shades:

  • Foing steady
  • Out of jukebox
  • Babies in the Booth
  • Pin me Pink
  • Cherry on top
  • Drive in and Dine

There are nail polishes with special effect, starting from luxurious glitters to pearl shimmers.

Nail Polish 2019: Nail Design with rhinestones

The famous shades include

  • Pure pearlfection
  • Set in stones
  • A cut above
  • Summit of style

Fashion bloggers state that grey will be the most popular and voguish Nail Polish 2019. This color with its distinctive and various hues will give your nails elegant and stylish look. The prediction that this color will be on pedestal of nail design color, comes from New York Fashion Week. During this Fashion Show, models appeared on runway with smokey grey-lavander nail polish color shade.

Nail Polish 2019: Nail Design with grey

What refers to nail polish 2019 Spring Collection, then mainly bright and nude pastel colors will be in fashion. Consequently, every woman with different tastes and predilections can find color shades and hues that are more preferable for them. To sum up, we can say for sure that mainly soft and nude colors will be dominant in winter, whereas spring-summer 2019 will differ with its shiny and dazzling color hues and tinges.

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