Nail polish colors 2018: trendy nail paint colors

How to decorate your nails this year? Fashion nail polish colors 2018 dictate their rules and please unusual ideas. Especially trendy nail polish is bright red manicure on nails, this option is now at the peak of popularity. Let’s talk about what nail paint colors are the most vivid, why white, yellow and red colors are leaders of season. Bright manicure embodies fashion trends this year, design with matte finish, red color and ombre are in trend in this year.

nail-polish-colors-2018-trendy-nail-polish-nail-paint-colors-Nail polish colors 2018

nail-polish-colors-2018-trendy-nail-polish-nail-paint-colors-Nail polish colors 2018

Nail polish colors 2018: Red and White Manicure

Red manicure leads in this year, its fashion trends you can see in photos above. All shades of red became popular, from bright scarlet to dark red, close to burgundy. You can make classic monophonic coating or French. For the more courageous women, there are lots of decorations, ideas for painting, and rubbing. Not so long ago, new products appeared on market, which is slowly but surely gaining popularity.

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Rubbing is very actual in this year, which creates mirror effect on nails. There are fashionable nail polish colors 2018 for rubbing, such as chameleons, gold, silver, “Northern Lights”, “May Beetle” styles. Among novelties of this year is used white manicure. Classics are always in fashion, so white marigolds can be seen in many girls’ nails. Excellent looks white manicure with small rhinestones or French.

nail-polish-colors-2018-trendy-nail-polish-nail-paint-colors-red-Nail polish colors 2018

nail-polish-colors-2018-trendy-nail-polish-nail-paint-colors-black-Nail polish colors 2018


Trendy nail polish: Nail colors for spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons

Brilliant trowels are called trendy nail polish for this year. Yellow color in autumn is at the peak of popularity. But if bright, neon, light nail paint colors are fashionable in summer, now dark, “dusty” tones are relevant. Actual colors for autumn are red, brown, nude shades, dark purple, burgundy, gray. The most popular nail paint colors for summer are white, pink, milky, blue, green, neon, fuchsia, blue. Autumn shades are red, purple, burgundy, brown, as well as all nuanced shades. In winter it’s especially popular dark blue, dark red, and also white. All vivid shades, especially those characteristics of early spring plants and flowers, are relevant.

nail-polish-colors-2018-trendy-nail-polish-nail-paint-colors-green- trendy nail polish

nail-polish-colors-2018-trendy-nail-polish-nail-paint-colors-milky-trendy nail polish

nail-polish-colors-trendy-nail-polish-nail-paint-colors-neon-trendy nail polish

nail-polish-colors-trendy-nail-polish-nail-paint-colors-grey-and-brown-trendy nail polish-nail paint colors

nail-polish-colors-2018-trendy-nail-polish-nail-paint-colors-yellow-nail paint colors

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