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For nail trends 2017 brightness, amusement, cute and futurism is set of ideas for quoting. You can inherit objects and environmental phenomena, such as drawings in form of plants, fruits, berries, and animals. You can focus on, only on color match, which is natural, is less complicated way to acquire fashionable manicure.

nail-trends-2017-nail-design-ideas-latest-nail-trends-Nail trends 2017


Nail design ideas 2017: Sea surf, Plants, and Hearts

Choose manicure with varnish of marine shades of ultramarine, turquoise, azure, sky and smoky blue, and life-giving power of water will arrive with you until long-awaited departure.

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You can imitate waves of sea, wind, shine of surface of water and a light haze during sunset, which flows along shore. If you want an image in more shocking way, take manicure with large decorations of different shapes and create your own unique pattern. With such nail design ideas, you can feel like sea princess or mermaid.

nail-trends-2017-nail-design-ideas-latest-nail-trends-sea-surf-Nail trends 2017

If you like floristic images, drawings in form of palm trees, leaves and flowers, they are still in latest nail trends for 2017. You can make drawing natural, or naively-comic, depending on mood, paint is better to choose in moderation bright, pastel, natural.

nail-trends-2017-nail-design-ideas-latest-nail-trends-floristic-nail design ideas

Many designers this year use hearts. It looks intriguing and beautiful, so why not use this trend for nails? You can draw one heart on one of fingers, or cover all nails with them.

nail-trends-2017-nail-design-ideas-latest-nail-trends-hearts-nail design ideas

All shades of sun and sand will harmoniously blend in with environment and be known as the most natural beauty on beach. You can choose unusual apricot color of varnish to make fashionable exotic manicure. Or use color of bright coral to add raisins, its color palette. Sun sparkling on your nails will look charming.

Golden glitter is ideal for nail trends 2017. Sun colors should be combined with intricate and lovely patterns. For example, with yellow, black and white lacquers, with golden and blue beads.

nail-trends-2017-nail-design-ideas-latest-nail-trends-golden-sand-nail design ideas


Latest nail trends of 2017 have increased with colorful and cute trend called Ice cream. You can, for example, go back to childhood, for a short while.

Muted bright colors of rainbow, matte and delicate, look very stylish on nails, gloss will not be appropriate, since such manicure looks flamboyant.

If you use varnishes of candy flowers for manicure, you will get the most fashionable nail design ideas for 2017.



You can choose your favorite berry, or fruit and perpetuate them on your nails. Especially as fashion allows for latest nail trends!

nail-trends-2017-nail-design-ideas-latest-nail-trends-fruits-and-berries-Latest nail trends

nail-trends-2017-nail-design-ideas-latest-nail-trends-fruits-and-berries-Latest nail trends

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