Nail trends 2019: Impressive and unique nail design ideas for your nails

Changes in fashion industry occur very often. So, those women who are fashion-followers and react fashion changes very quickly, so they want to be aware of latest fashion updates, starting from clothes ending with makeup and nail design. Here we prepared for you best nail trends 2019 that will provide amazing and splendid look of your nails.

Nail trends 2019: Nail design with glitters

Nail trends 2019: Fashionable nail design ideas

Fashionable ladies always follow latest updates of nail trends that mainly dictate fashion shows, journals and even movie stars. So, we rounded up splendid and attractive nail design ideas for you. Swipe through photos below to see what nail designs are going to rock runways of spring-summer fashion weeks.

Nail trends 2019: Runway fashion

Many fashion designers give great importance not only outfit but also details, including nails. Rodarte is one of them, who pays attention to every single detail of models. Todashi Shoji’s models flaunted with royal blue nail color with glitzy tips. So, we can predict that silver nails with multi-colored stones will be one of trending looks of upcoming year. Therefore, you can use glitters in order to create both casual and evening looks for your nails.

Nail trends 2019: White nail design

Choice of color depends on your preferences. You can choose nail polish color that will match with your outfit colors. Design of your nails depends, for example, how long you want to wear that particular nail design, whether you want something casual or luxurious.

 Jelly nails

One of basic and leading trends of 2019 is going to be jelly nails. this nail design allows you to get bright-colored nail design. You can apply this nail design by adding funky jewelry. This will provide odd and extra-ordinary look of your nails. It is obvious that this is not practical nail design that you may wear every day. So, this nail design is for those ladies who are fond of unusual and out-of-standard looks.

Nail trends 2019: Jelly nails

 Neon nail colors as nail trends 2019

Neon nail polishes quickly move forwards in fashion industry. They are considered to be inseparable part of fashion nail design. So, this may be one of leading nail trends 2019. As neon colors catch all fashion industry, including outfit, makeup and even hair.

Nail trends 2019: Nail design with neon colors

What refers to nail polishes, they give simple and luxurious look your nails. Bright-colored neon nails will suit with neon outfit that has become very popular recently. Even evening dresses in neon colors look very attractive and modish. In case of neon nail designs, you don’t have to apply any additional effect or glue rhinestones or beads, as bright-colored neon nail polish have already provided impressive look of your nails.

Outlined nail design

Outlined nails is another option of French or Lunar nail design. If in case of French we outline upper part, in case of lunar lower part of nail, then outlined nail design offers you to highlight the whole nail with same color. In this way, we can use not only white, but also other colors as well.

Nail trends 2019: Outlined nail design

According to Jeremy Scott, this nail design will be one of trending variants of nail design ideas of spring 2019. One of advantages of this nail design is that it will look amazing in any color. But what refers to nail shape, then it will look best in case of ballerina-shaped nails.

Scribble printed nails

Recently Moschino’s ,odels appeared on runways with scribble painted nails which quickly gained popularity among fashion-lovers. It is one of easiest nail trends 2019 that you don’t have to rush to nail master to get it. It is one of “do-it-yourself” nail design ideas that we offer you. If you don’t want to draw those irregular lines, then you can use special stickers specially designed for nail art.

Nail trends 2019: Scribble printed nails

Classic black nail design

It’s well-known fact for everyone that black is always in fashion. And it is impossible to imagine list of any kind of color trends of year without this particular color. Black provides classical and fabulous look of your nails. Even fashion designers prefer black as basic color of nail design. For instance, black nail polish made triumphant return at Sonia Rykiel fashion show.

Nail trends 2019: Classic black nail design

Glossy and stylish black nails got upgrade with one metallic nail design at Antonio Marras’s fashion show. So, if you choose black as your basic color, then be sure that your nails will have very impressive look.

Gold nail design

Gold is one of colors in palette of trendy shades of 2019. It is fashionable color not only in outfit, but also nail design. Those, who aren’t fond of this color, may apply it only on one nails, thus highlighting total look of nails.

Nail trends 2019: Gold nail design

This color looks luxurious if it is accompanied with black. It will provide your nails’ classy look. Moreover, you can apply gold color with any milky shade on even baby pink color shade. At first sight, you may have feeling that these colors have nothing in common, but only at first sight.

Gold nail design rock runways of fashion shows, as well. Nail artists created backstage golden half-moon negative space nail design. You can try even French nail design, but instead of applying traditional white nail polish color, use gold nail design.

So, be sure that gold nail color will provide rich and perfect design of your nails. You can match it with any occasion, any look. That’s why it is considered to be one of practical colors.

Nail trends 2019: Gold and black nail design

Modern art as nail design

Modern art inspires everyone. Even those, who aren’t followers of modern art, love modern art paintings that serve as design ideas for nails.

Nail trends 2019: Modern art nail design

You may draw minimalist drawings of famous artists. Applying these kind of nail trends 2019, you get several advantages. First of all, you don’t need to have special drawing talents to get this effect. Secondly, this type of nail art suits with any look.

To sum up, we can say for sure that nail trends 2019 give you really vast options to choose not only among different colors and their tinges, but also gives opportunity to choose nail design that will suit with your look and please you.

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