Nails 2018: styles and designs for nails

Nails 2018 are represented by variety of techniques. Some of nail styles 2018 became real breakthrough and gained popularity. So, in our article, we will discuss relevant nail design ideas and nail patterns for 2018.

nails-2018-nail-styles-2018-nail-patterns-Nails 2018

nails-2018-nail-styles-2018-nail-pattern-Nails 2018

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nails-2018-nail-styles-2018-nail-patterns-Nails 2018

Nails 2018: nail design ideas

Velvet nails are one of nails 2018 trends. It needs to be done with acrylic powder. Drawings should be suede, voluminous and very interesting. It’s better to do them on color basis. Another trend of nail patterns is bubbles. You can draw wings yourself, and use stickers, their huge variety is presented in any store. It’s worth choosing such tone patterns, which are combined with your clothes.


Nail patterns 2018

Water droplets are marble stretching technique, which is performed using decorative tools. On your hands will play glare of rainbow, which looks appropriate even with strict dress code. Chanel nail patterns have returned to fashion from famous brand, where it’s customary to combine black and white tone, creating ornate patterns.


Nail styles 2018: drawings and patterns

Point technique is one of the most fashionable nail styles 2018. Points of different color are applied on monophonic coating. Gel-lacquer is for practical girls. Many ladies apply top coat with gel-varnish and make drawing with ordinary nail polish. If you use wash without acetone, top layer will be removed without damaging base, and you can make different patterns.

nails-2018-nail-styles-2018-nail-patterns-acrylic-nail styles 2018

In fashion are simple drawings, geometric patterns, and even monotonous coating.

nails-2018-nail-styles-2018-nail-patterns-drawings-nail styles 2018

Sliders also used in nail design. These stickers embody natural motifs, laces, butterflies and even cartoon characters. The latter option is suitable only for young ladies, women should give preference to more elegant and stylish designs. Besides one-color variations, experts recommend applying fashionable patterns and drawings. Restrained ornaments are popular when only one nail is painted. In fashion is variety of lines, such as vertical, horizontal, diagonal, emphasizing smile or free edge.

nails-2018-nail-styles-2018-nail-patterns-funny-nail styles 2018

nails-2018-nail-styles-2018-nail-patterns-butterfly-design-nail styles 2018

nails-2018-nail-styles-2018-nail-patterns-stickers-nail styles 2018

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