New nail art 2018: fashionable novelties and ideas of nail art 2018

Every season brings new ideas to the nail design, which are quickly embodied in the fashion girls’ nails. The main trend, dominating in the nail art is the maximum naturalness. Let’s find out new nail art 2018 trends.

new nail art 2018, fashion novelties and ideas

Oil-manicure is a fresh novelty in the design of new nail art 2018. Use a special gel-polish, foil or colored stencils, as well as rubbing technique.

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new nail art 2018, oil manicure

The crumpled design looks very original and stylish. It can be performed with gel-polish, but this manicure looks more spectacular in aquarium performance.

new nail art 2018, crumpled manicure

Marble manicure is a very elegant manicure that conquers the hearts of girls who like bold experiments. Nails with a marble effect can also be done in two ways: with water technology or by painting nails with a brush liner on a wet layer of the top.

new nail art 2018, marble manicure

New nail art 2018: new ideas

Manicure with the effect of broken glass is also in new nail art 2018 fashion. This design technique is easy to master. The manicure is carried out as usual, except that pieces of foil are chaotically pasted onto the nails before applying the finish. This technique is best suited for geometric patterns.

new nail art 2018, broken glass tenchique

Design «Liquid stones» can be called a festive. But it always looks very luxurious and rich. The pebbles, as a rule, are framed with rhinestones, often used a similar design gold foil or gold acrylic paint.

new nail art 2018, liquid stones nail design

Polishes with interesting effects are in trend. First of all, these are polishes with unusual effects: a mirror, a cat’s eye, sugar or cracking (craquelure). There are also “cosmic”, magnetic lacquers and even glowing in the dark. They are designed for the nails design, which can be performed independently without having special skills.

new nail art 2018, mirror nails, cosmic nails

Microbeads and rhinestones are also in new nail art 2018 fashion. Variants of the decor of nails by microbeads can be very different, the flight of fantasy is not limited. Beads cover all the nails, one nail or lay out the pattern.

new nail art 2018, nails with microbeads

Transparent glitter nails are in trend.

Glitter itself is used in nail design, but the latest trend of the fashion has become unusual mixes of various nail techniques. Of the latest novelties in nail design: a combination of gradient and transparent glitter, or nail coating with a large glitter in the form of a mosaic.

new nail art 2018, transparent glitter nails


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