New nail colors 2018: tips and stylish shades of nails 2018

In each new season, fashion nail designers offer new trends. This season pleases the fair sex with new trends. Here are the new nail colors 2018 trends.

new nail colors 2018,stylish trends and tendencies

New nail colors 2018: stunning shades

Natural remains in fashion. It is primarily warm pastel colors: pink, caramel, beige, peach. Such colors are amazingly suitable for different images and will give the girl a refined elegance.

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new nail colors 2018, pink nails, peach nails

The gothic style is suitable young ladies with a dramatic image. These are black, eggplant, maroon, green or plum tones. Stylists suggest adding a design with gold or silver to give nails special charm. Gothic style is in new nail colors 2018 fashion.

new nail colors 2018, stylish gothic nails

Solid color with sparkles is in trend. If you want a bit of chic and shine it’s worth trying to make fashionable nails with false rhinestones or sparkling foil. You can easily cut out any figures and lacquer the most modest hue of nail polish.

new nail colors 2018, nails with sparkles

The white shade is in the trend: starting with pearl and finishing matte. This style will make the girl refined and airy. You can also experiment with the overflow of white tones and creamy texture of nail polish.

new nail colors 2018, fashionable white nails

New nail colors 2018: fashion colors

Classic red will always be in demand by strong women, bright and self-confident. This only applies to a bright red hue. Nevertheless, other variations of scarlet tone also in the trend.

new nail colors 2018, red nails, dark blue nails

A deep dark blue hue is in new nail colors 2018 trend. This color reminds us of space or a fairy-tale winter and is amazingly suitable for cold weather. If you play with the nails’ shape and length, this hue will be appropriate not only at leisure but also in the office.

new nail colors 2018, stylish beige nails

Beige is in fashion. Creamy, warm and opaque color will look charming on the nails of the oval shape. This color is suitable for all shades of the skin, must be saturated, warm and completely opaque.

New nail colors 2018: other shades

Gray coal is in new nail colors 2018 fashion. It’s an absolute favorite on fashion shows this winter. It’s suitable for a variety of clothes. It looks great on oval short or medium nails.

new nail colors 2018, gray nails, silver metallic nails

Silver metallic is also trendy. It’s a fashion trend of this season, looks great on short nails. Pleases lovers of low-key gloss metalized shade.

new nail colors 2018, aquamarine nails

Aquamarine will be stylish in the warm season. The purest shade of the mix of blue sky and green grass reminds us of summer. It looks good both on short natural and long square nails.


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