New nail designs 2018: styles and techniques of nail designs 2018

The beauty industry has moved even further. Now there is a boom of the home manicure with the help of light and more natural gel-polishes. Let’s find out new nail designs 2018 trends.

new nail designs 2018, trends, styles and techniques

3D nail modeling or aquarium design is a reasonably complex nail design technology that requires long and meticulous work. The coating composed of several layers of transparent gel.

At each stage of coating, painting or accessories is used. The 3D effect is created due to this multi-layering. On rare occasions, flowers and ornaments, fashioned from acrylic, are additionally used in the aquarium design of nails. This style is in new nail designs 2018 fashion.

new nail designs 2018, 3d nail design

Art painting is popular technology for applying decorative coatings. Nail masters use quick-drying gel polishes for the design of nails. Use special strips on an adhesive basis or an adhesive tape to create geometric patterns.

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A special type of artistic manicure is water design, You should apply the pattern to the water surface, and after that, transfer it to the nails. Sometimes nail designers consider water nail art as a separate kind of nail design.

new nail designs 2018, art painting style

New nail designs 2018: fashionable styles

Stamping is also in new nail designs 2018. You can use special plates for applying the drawing on the nails. Stamping design is quite ordinary, the variety of plates allows you to design your nails in an ingenious way, and you can save a lot of time. Stamping design is fashionable for wedding nails, as well as for French nails.

new nail designs 2018, stamping nail design

Photo Design (manicure with stickers) is another kind of express nail design. Special stickers decorate one or all of the nails. In substance, two types of stickers are in use: conventional on glue and water, which must be wetted before application. Photo design is very handy for home use.

new nail designs 2018, manicure with stickers

new nail designs 2018, nails with photo design

New nail designs 2018: other styles

Nail design with accessories is in new nail designs 2018 trend. Various accessories for decorating nails are available. You can glue all sorts of bows, butterflies, flowers, rhinestones, and patches, thus making the usual design of nails more imposing.

new nail designs 2018, nails with rhinestones

new nail designs 2018, nails with flower design

Combined technique is also trendy. Skillful masters of nail art doing a manicure masterly combine several nail design types with gel-lacquer. As a rule, they obtain very sapid variants and ideas of a manicure.

new nail designs 2018, combined nail technique

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