New nail trends 2019: Best design ideas for latest nail art trends 2019

Being a follower of new nail trends 2019 and not knowing which latest nail art trends 2019 to choose is very normal. There are thousands of them. We searched the best new nail trends 2019. So let’s discover together.

New nail trends 2019: Nail design with dark and nude shades

Ombre nail design is one of the well-known nail styles that comes up with the suggestion of using several color hues. It offers smooth transitions of color tinges. To get this unique effect, fist of all apply a  base color then add colors with a special sponge to get a final result.

Ombre nails look amazing on both almond and square-shaped nails. You can apply the ombre effect not only from the base to tip, but also from the pinky to the thumb. This is one of the innovations of new nail trends 2019.

New nail trends 2019: Ombre nail style

This nail design is highly requested in all nail salons. Moreover, it pleases everyone: women are fond of weird and odd nail designs and those who prefer minimalist nail style.

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Base color hues of ombre include cashmere red and black, baby pink with a transition to white.

By the way, new nail trends 2019 offer the baby pink nail color hue as the base color of french nail style.

It really provides a classy and a minimalistic look. Even brides are fond of this type of french nail design.

New nail trends 2019: Baby pink nail design: French nail design

Baby pink hue serves as the natural nail color base and gives a natural nail color look.

Futuristic and unusual nail styles still go on to attack the nail fashion industry. Nail masters always represent unique and odd nail style solutions. One of them is glass nail design.

New nail trends 2019: Glass nail design: Blue nail design with butterfly

This effect is really amazing and it is the ultimate nail design trend. Moreover, it provides a 3D effect to your nails. This innovation is this popular due to Korean nail masters.

New nail trends 2019: Glass nail design

For glass nail effect, get special glass nail stickers and any nail polish in a solid shade, nail polish for th top coat and tweezers.

Step 1: Apply the base coat and let it dry.

Step 2: Take tweezers and cut glass stickers very carefully and place each shard whereever you want. The design of the glass nails is up to you. You may get a diamond effect as well by using white and blue glass stickers.

Step 3. After placing stickers, apply two or three layers of top coat and let it dry.

Hint! make sure the top coat covers all the edges of glass stickers. This is specially done in order to not feel the raised edges or prevent them from peeling.

Gold nail design is another one from the newest nail trends 2019. This color shade is really popular. Apply it as part of the nail design ornament or cover your nails with a gold nail polish as a base coat. They give a more classy and an elegant look.

New nail trends 2019: Gold nail design

There are colors that never leave the fashion industry. Black is one of them. Black nails is another trend of 2019. There are limitless latest nail art trends 2019 with black nail color. So, if you want to have both a casual and an elegant nail style, then choose black nail color.

New nail trends 2019: Black nail design

You wish to have a simple but a unique nail design with several colors?

New nail trends 2019: Nail design with several colors

Then holographic nail design is for you. Due to this effect your nail color will have several hues under the sunlight. To get these latest nail art trends 2019, you should follow several steps.

New nail trends 2019: Holographic nails

Step 1. Apply a gel nail polish

Step 2. Apply a gel topcoat

Step 3. Add holographic powder with a special nail brush and let your nails dry.

New nail trends 2019: Holographic nail design

So, these are the basic new nail trends 2019. Follow us and we will let you know on the latest trends of nail fashion.

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