New nail trends: new nail designs for fashionistas

On question of what kind of new nail designs are now in fashion, you can’t give answer. Novelties are many and all of them are beautiful. New nail trends, such as open work or lace coating is trend of year. Especially relevant is romantic and light design. White threads give new nail art graceful snowflake. Main thing is not to depart from canon of design, thin lines, clarity of pattern, light colors (white, silver, blue).

new-nail-trends-new-nail-designs-new-nail-art-New nail trends

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new-nail-trends-new-nail-designs-new-nail-art-New nail trends

New nail trends: Molding, Effect of Suede, Geometry and Knitted

To make snowy mood, you can take as basis clear varnish with the finest glitters. This will make coating look like frosty crust in sun. In winter, don’t forget about edges. You can add oriental motifs to design. First of all, it’s embodied with help of semi precious stones. These new nail trends will add heat even on coldest day, and bright colors will give good mood. Suitable gold, blue, mother of pearl, emerald colors. Molding technique allows simulating gold or silver cut.

new-nail-trends-new-nail-designs-new-nail-art-mold-snowflake-new nail trends

new-nail-trends-new-nail-designs-new-nail-art-mold-manicure-new nail trends

Fluffy or powdery design makes marigold plush. Since fashion asks us to be natural, this winter is popular flock-powder for nude shades. You can also use colored sand or varnish with its effect. All this will help to create effect of suede, which will warm in winter evening.

new-nail-trends-new-nail-designs-new-nail-art-suede-new nail trends

Geometry has also become a hit this year. Popular new nail art is small cage. Points and lines were used in shows of famous designers. Geometric patterns make look original and dynamic. Clear lines emphasize determination of woman. Such drawings have become universal solution for any event.

new-nail-trends-new-nail-designs-new-nail-art-geometric-new nail art

One of fashion trend is knitted. This voluminous nail art is most often done on short nails. Knitted pattern is best created with gel varnish. To make it expressive, you can decorate several fingers or use different colors. The combination of matte and glossy coating looks good. Also, texture of sweater can be made using stickers. To outline drawings, you can take as basis velvet technique.

new-nail-trends-new-nail-designs-new-nail-art-velvet-new nail art

New nail designs: French, Moon Manicure and Metallic

Great popularity still enjoys French and moon manicure. These new nail designs have received so many incarnations and varieties that it’s difficult to calculate. It’s customary to add sequins to such manicure.

Double French became a hit, use of two bands of different colors. Lunar design is now done with help of various shapes. Metallic coating from foil looks stylish.

Technique was invented not so long ago, but has already spread all over the world. This new nail art returned popularity to silver, although gold metallic is also used.

new-nail-trends-new-nail-designs-new-nail-art-metallic-new nail art

new-nail-trends-new-nail-designs-new-nail-art-lunar-new nail designs

new-nail-trends-new-nail-designs-new-nail-art-french-new nail designs

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