Ombre nails 2019: How to get stunning ombre nails: Ombre technique

Neat and well-groomed nails always attrack the attention. Nowdays there are many options to get special nail effects. One of them is already very popular nail style, which is known as ombre. Every year is a new start of fashion tendencies that quickly follow each other. Ombre Nails 2019 promises to come up with extra-ordinary and ideas.

Ombre Nails 2019: Ombre technique: Light colors: Glitters

Ombre Nails History: Ombre Nails 2019

Nail technique called «ombre»  is well-known among women. Ombre style is so widespread, that ombre shoes, dresses, bags and even ombre hair are popular. So let’s discover how this style originated and became notable and leadin nail styles of 21st century.

Ombre Nails 2019: Stylish technique : Matte ombre effect

What refers to the word «ombre», it derives from French word «ombrer» which means “to shade». And nail style technique also offers shading and succession of similar colors. Italian equivalent of this word «ombrare» also has the same meaning, as the French one. This techniques was known even in time od Monet and Proust.

Ombre Nails 2019: Ombre: Gradiant ombre with mix colors

Ombre was used in decorative art to dye fabric using gradation of color. The roots of this style dates back to 1800. It was Europeans who first used this technique and later it became widespread. So, generally this technique or style is described by succession of colors: from light to dark or from dark to light.

We can’t say that there are right or wrong ways of ombre, as the final result is shading of this or that particular color. Therefore, we can assume that one of the features of ombre is transition of colors: from one color to its shades.

Ombre Nails 2019: Gentle Pink Ombre

You can find ombre style even in Victorian era, pre-Civil war and disco generation dresses.

Ombre is sometimes called «dip dye» But there is some distinctive features between them. In cae of ombre, color is changed into its lighter shades. What refers to «dip dye» , color changes into brighter one.

Ombre Nails 2019: Ombre technique: Ombre with glisters

One of the advantages of ombre is that it will siut with your outfit, as there are many (maximum  up to 5 ) shades of the same color.

Ombre Nails: Various effects to do ombre nails

So, as we mentioned there are different types of ombre effects. One of them is color change from lighter to darker. Reverse version of ombre is called gradiant: color changes from darker to lighter. It wil be the most demanded effects of Ombre Nails 2019.

As metallic nail design will be in fashion, metallic ombre will be impressive and non-standard nail design solution.

Ombre Nails 2019: Mettalic Ombre: Black and white metallic ombre effect

French Nails

As French Nail Style never leaves fashion industry, French ombre niails will also be in fashion.

Ombre Nails 2019: French Ombre Effect

In the recent years, neon color are widespread. So be sure, that neon ombre nails will be the best solution for summer.

Ombre Nails 2019: Neon Ombre Nails : Summer Ombre

Ombre Nails 2019: colors

Everybody knows that there are some colors that are always trendy: black, white and red. The combination of these colors also will look graceful and elegant. They will give your nails not only everyday, but also evening look.

Ombre Nails 2019: Black and Red Ombre effect


Glitter gradiant nails will also outline your unique style and will give luxorious look to your nails.

Ombre Nails 2019: Ombre effect with glisters: Gradiant effect

Therefore, be sure that ombre nails will look perfect for any occasion. The choice of colors depend on your preferences. You may mix colors, not even choosing their shades. But be sure that everyone will notice extra-ordinary style of your nails.

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