Pedicure 2019: Tools and tecniques to get stylish pedicure design 2019

Specially for you we have found out pedicure designs that will be popular next year. So, let’s  discover pedicure 2019 new, trendy ideas. Every woman wants to look perfect and fascinating. A beautiful dress, casual makeup and nail design form the first impression of a woman. In this case, if she is wearing high heel sandals, the presence of pedicure is very important.

Pedicure 2019: Toenail design with lines and ornaments

The history of pedicure

People were familiar with the art of pedicure thousands of years ago. For more than 4000 years now in Babylonia, noblemen used the technique of pedicure. Later, in 3000 BC in China the nail colors were introduced, which indicated one’s social status. According to some manuscripts, nails were covered generally with red and black colors.

Pedicure 2019: Toenail care

Even Egyptians paid special attention to toenail art. Pharaohs used to cover their nails with some colors. It was also an indicator of the social status. They mainly used the red color. Cleopatra was fond of the deep red color, whereas Nefertiti liked the ruby shade. It is said that in Rome Military commanders colored their toenails before going to battle.

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Pedicure 2019: Toenail Design wih flowers

Pedicure became widespread from the 2000’s. The process of pedicure takes from 45 minutes up to 1 hour.

There are different tools and techniques that are specially used for pedicure, such as toenail clippers, toe spacers, pumice stone, paper towels. For this process, special creams are used: cuticle creams, oils, cuticle removers, etc.

Pedicure 2019: Toenail care: Spa procedures

There are different types of pedicure, which include stone, athletic, paraffin, shanghai, chocolate pedicure. Each has its typical process, tools and techniques.

Trendy pedicure ideas 2019: Pedicure 2019

For those who want to look splendid and have an impressive nail design, pedicure  2019 trends offer unique ideas that will somehow highlight your own taste.

Pedicure 2019: Toenail design with rhinestones

Generally nail care is very vital, as it’s the first indicator of neatness. So fist you should take care of your nails, using special gels. Secondly, choose a toenail shape that will be perfectly suitable for any shoe. Thirdly, choose pedicure colours 2019 and a pedicure design 2019 that will match with your outfit.

Pedicure 2019: Toenail Design with rhinestones and ornaments

In case you aren’t keen on changing your nail color too often, then use a color that will match with your dresses and will give a casual look. Moreover, try the shellac technique that will help you wear that particular nail color for about 2 weeks.

For casual looks, choose neutral, mono-color pedicure design 2019. You may also choose ornaments that will give a perfect look to your nails.

Pedicure 2019: Toenail Design with 3D effect and different colors

Bright colors of deep red, green, yellow, pink and blue are specially designed for summer and spring looks. So, for winter and autumn try to choose pastel colors, that will match your everyday looks.

Pedicure 2019: Toenail design with rhinestones and glitters

In case you are fond of classic designs, then French and lunar nail designs will be the best options.

Pedicure 2019: French Toenil style

Want to get more luxurious toenail designs? Then use rhinestones, ornaments and draw pictures. However, keep in mind that you should have a special talent for doing pedicure design 2019. As the toe space is very small and you should be either a miniature artist, or a very talented person to draw pictures on your toenails.

Pedicure 2019: Toenail design with rhinestones and soft colors

Metallic and marble pedicure ideas 2019 will also be very popular. So, you have various ways of getting trendy and splendid pedicure 2019 colors.

Therefore, pedicure 2019 colors offer new ideas. Just try and find out the perfectly suitable pedicure 2019 ideas.

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