Top 15 Amazing Pedicure 2023 Trends and Ideas for You to Try

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Fashionable pedicure 2023 is an important component of the female image, although it does not catch the eye like a manicure.

Toes and the legs themselves should be neat, especially in the warm season, when we wear sandals and other open shoes.


If you don’t like color-coated pedicures, clear polish will make them look much healthier and neater.

In this article, we will tell you everything about the fashionable pedicure 2023, and also offer the best photos with its performance.

Modern Types of Pedicure 2023

To begin with, it is worth talking about what are the most popular types of pedicure 2023 and their benefits.

  • classic edged pedicure. It is a treatment of nails and feet after a steaming bath. The technician, using scissors, tweezers, nail files and other special tools, shapes the nails and removes the cuticle. Then, with the help of pumice, they polish the skin of the heels, removing rough skin.
  • European unedged pedicure. Not much different from the classic, the main difference is the use of not cutting tools, but special chemicals.

Please have a look also on:

  • hardware pedicure. Made without the use of water and cutting tools. The technician applies a special softener, and then, using a milling cutter with various nozzles, removes rough skin and processes the cuticle. It is considered the safest method, since there is almost no possibility of infection.
  • SPA-pedicure. Can be used as an addition to a classic or European pedicure. With its help, the feet become not only beautiful, but also healthy. For this procedure, modern cosmetics are used: masks, creams, scrubs and peels.
  • combined pedicure. It is a combination of hardware and classic pedicure. First, the feet are soaked in water and the cuticle is cut with scissors, and then the foot is processed using a grinder.

Trendy Pedicure Colors 2023

When choosing the color of a pedicure 2023, first of all, you need to consider the time of year.

For summer and spring, you can use bright and rich pedicure 2023 colors: orange, yellow, green, blue, mint, turquoise, pink, etc.

Trendy Pedicure Colors 2023

For the cold season, blue, gold, wine, burgundy, purple and others are more relevant. Red, black and pastel shades are classics, so no matter what the weather is outside, nails 2023 of these colors take the lead.

Solid Color Pedicure 2023

Pedicure trends 2023 include solid color coating.

This is the simplest and easiest option for decorating nails. In this case, it is not necessary that each finger be of the same color, you can use several shades. No more than five are better.

Solid Color Pedicure 2023

French Pedicure 2023

French never leaves the lists of nail trends 2023. It looks attractive in any setting. Feminine design can be created with a delicate color palette and neat decor.

Nail technicians recommend choosing a microfrench. In this case, the “smile” is drawn with a thin line. This is an option that is suitable for any occasion. It is beautiful even without additional decor.

A lilac French will look gentle. Here you will add a floral print or a thin twig on one finger. A cute option is a soft blue color combined with sparkles and a couple of rhinestones.

Gold and silver will look expensive. You can add foil here and make the “smile” line unusual (triangular or wavy). Elegant pedicure can be created using red polish. This color is a favorite among women. It always looks sexy and trendy.

French is great not only for the hands, but also for the legs. You should not do it on short cut nails, but do not overdo it with the length. 1-2 mm free tip will be enough.

Pedicure trends 2023 offer us to move away from the classic white color in favor of colored or shiny polishes. In this case, the shape of a smile line can be any: round, square, triangular, curved, etc.

The combination of French with a half-moon pedicure is also popular. French pedicure 2023 looks very gentle and elegant. This option is the most versatile, as it fits any clothes and shoes.

French Pedicure 2023

Pedicure with Gel Polish 2023

In the summer, your pedicure simply has to be perfect, as your toes will almost always be in full view. It is best to do a pedicure in the salon, while covering your nails not with ordinary, but with gel polish.

Such a pedicure will not only last in perfect condition for 3-4 weeks, but will also have a perfect surface and highlights.

Don’t be afraid to use bright or even neon pedicure 2023 colors. Glitter and shimmer polishes will also be relevant. For summer, such a nail coating technique as a gradient or ombre is popular.

It is created in several ways: using a brush or a special tool – an airbrush. Ombre is a smooth transition from one color to another. It can be both vertical and horizontal.

Pedicure with Gel Polish 2023

Trendy Pedicure Design 2023

As for fashionable prints for pedicure 2023, their choice is limited only by the flight of your imagination. It is worth noting that mostly the patterns are depicted only on the thumbs. Geometric patterns remain in trend: stripes, polka dots, abstract shapes.

Marine themes are also popular: shells, fish, anchors, palm trees, etc.

Of course, butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, hearts, bows and feathers remain relevant. Animal patterns also do not lose their relevance.

Trendy Pedicure Design 2023

Metal Pedicure

Metal pedicure is also popular. It is either a coating with a special polish, which gives the effect of a metal surface or the use of foil. Such nails will look expensive and luxurious.

Lovers of bright and shiny decorative elements use rhinestones, beads, pearls, metal decor to create a fashionable pedicure 2023.

Metal Pedicure 2023

Manicure and Pedicure in the Same Style

Every fashionable girl carefully monitors her appearance. Particular attention is paid to nails. In 2023, manicure and pedicure in the same style are relevant. This pedicure design 2023 gives the image of charm, femininity, and also emphasizes a sense of taste and style.

Manicure and pedicure in the same style has become in great demand in recent years. It looks fresh and harmonious.

But for some girls, this design seems limited. Therefore, it is very important to follow the latest innovations and correctly approach the choice of nail design 2023.

French remains a classic. It looks perfect on both hands and feet. Colorful French is considered fashionable today.

The smile line will actually be painted with polish in yellow, green, blue, orange or purple. In addition, each nail can be polished in a different shade.

Gentle half-moon manicure and pedicure looks no less impressive. This design is suitable for those who are tired of French.

It will be interesting to complement it with rhinestones, sparkles or foil.

Red nail polish looks sexy and hot. All of its shades impress with their aesthetics. This pedicure design 2023 is usually combined with rhinestones or patterns. It is suitable for stylish ladies who want to draw attention to their person.

If you like experiments, then you should pay attention to unusual patterns. It can be simple patterns, inscriptions, polka dots, waves, cartoon characters or stars. Hearts, silhouettes of faces and butterflies are also relevant.

In addition to patterns, glitter, pebbles or gold foil can be applied to the nails. So you can create a festive manicure and pedicure in the same style. Decor elements can be placed both on one nail and on several. In the case of a pedicure 2023, it is recommended to apply decoration only on the toe.

Manicure and Pedicure in the Same Style 2023

Pedicure Colours 2023: Gentle Nude

Nude shades are always relevant. The popularity of such design is easily explained.

  • it goes with any clothes, shoes and hairstyle.
  • looks elegant and gentle.
  • goes well with any decor.


Beige polish will look elegant and delicate. It goes well with abstraction and geometry. A pink pedicure looks very feminine. A touch of freshness in the pedicure design 2023 brings blue and lime color.

Also, nail technicians advise to pay attention to pastel colors, milky and light yellow.

Keep in mind that one important rule must be observed here: the shade of the polish should not merge with the color of the skin. If you have light skin, then you should choose darker shades, and if dark, then light pedicure 2023 colors.

pedicure trends 2023

Rubbed Pedicure

Manicure and pedicure cannot do without rubbing. It is one of the trendiest designs in spring and summer season. Rubbing creates a mirror effect on the nails. This is achieved using a special powder.

Lovers of spectacular design can safely choose a metal rub. It looks bright and always attracts the eyes of passers-by.

For those who love multi-colored colorful overflows, a chameleon rub is suitable. Here the color will change depending on the lighting. The brighter it is, the cooler the manicure and pedicure looks.

A delicate design can be created using a pearl rub. It gives the image a touch of charm and aesthetics. It looks incredibly airy and magical. Another cool option is a holographic rubbing. This design is the hardest to implement. But the end result will not leave any lady without positive emotions.

How about an unusual design? Try using Yuki flakes. Outwardly, they resemble snowflakes.

This is an incredible design option for pedicure 2023. Another option that should not be forgotten is the “liquid diamond”. The powder in this case can be both very small and large sizes. Its particles shimmer very beautifully, thanks to which it turns out to make a charming design.

Rubbed Pedicure 2023

Bright Nail Design 2023

Bright pedicure looks very impressive. You can choose any combination of colors and embellishments. Most often, bright colors are chosen in the summer season. But at other times of the year, such a design of nails will look no less cool.

Try choosing a blue or red nail polish and apply white dots on top. This is a universal design that girls of all ages choose from year to year.

Rainbow stripes on a nude background will make your pedicure fun. With such a design, you will charge those around you with positive.

Trend – pedicure with eye patterns. This design is considered modern and youthful. Your Instagram photos will not be left without comments. The color block design will look fashionable. This is a cool way to highlight your nails with a combination of contrasting shades.

The new trends include a “space” design. The tandem of black and purple polishes is relevant here. Glitter is applied on top to give a greater effect. Also patterns in the shape of the moon, month, stars. Images of constellations and planets will look unusual.

Bright nail art cannot exist without animal prints. Most often, women of fashion choose imitation of the skin of a tiger, turtle, crocodile or zebra.

But why not do something unusual? Give preference to the Dalmatian nail design. For a bold effect, cover your nails with neon pink polish, paint white stripes and add black dots on top of them. This will create a bomb effect.

Bright Nail Design 2023

Pedicure Ideas 2023: Ombre on the Nails

Smooth transitions from one shade to another are crazy with their beauty. This design emphasizes the sense of style and refined taste of the girl. Pedicure with this design cannot be ignored.

Today, many fashionistas are moving away from the vertical transition and are increasingly choosing the horizontal option. It began to add various decorations – rubbing, rhinestones, glitter. All this is done as transitions. The design is complex, but the result will be chic.

Brave ladies can combine several techniques. It looks like a tandem with a half-moon design, French and marble. Bloggers and models love to choose this design of nails.

The color palette here is multifaceted. You can combine both gentle tones and bright ones. Stylists advise choosing the following options:

  • white and pink;
  • yellow and blue;
  • green and orange;
  • red and black;
  • purple, orange and fuchsia.Pedicure Ideas 2023: Ombre on the Nails

Pedicure Ideas 2023 with Flowers

Flower nail designs are nothing new, but this nail art looks newfangled and stylish. This is an option for spring or summer. It will complement your image and help lift your spirits.

Daisies will look bright on a yellow or orange background. This design will give an elegant look to your hands and emphasize the aesthetics of your feet. For more effect, you can add a little glitter.

Floral patterns in white on a pink background will look soft and gentle. Nails can be covered with a matte top coat to give them a more elegant look.

A touch of charm to pedicure can be added with purple flowers. It can be violets or lavender sprigs. A multi-colored floral design will look. Sunflowers will draw attention. This is a fun option that is suitable for everyday decoration of marigolds.

Pedicure Ideas 2023 with Flowers

Pedicure 2023 Colors: Monochrome

Monochrome design is also called monochromatic. Girls love it for versatility. With such a pedicure, you can safely go to work, a disco or an evening walk.

An option for pedicure 2023 will be pastel colors. Choose milky, apricot or beige. If you like rich shades, then you should give preference to cherry, plum, dark green and brown.

Those who love deep pedicure colours 2023 should pay attention to charcoal, pewter, azure and sapphire. Bright girls will love yellow, orange or red pedicure.

Pedicure 2023 Colors: Monochrome

Minimal Geometry and Abstraction

This is a strict but surprisingly beautiful design. Here, patterns in the form of stripes, zigzags, dots and geometric figures are relevant. Pedicure 2023 with this design is always appropriate and relevant.

Design can be both expressive and restrained.


Patterns will look neutral in combination with calm pedicure colours 2023. Choose white, coffee, gray or beige polish. Fans of creative illustrations should give preference to neon colors. They will look interesting in tandem with black and white polish.

A beautiful combination – abstract patterns and floral motifs. The design can be supplemented with elements of foil. Geometry and abstraction look no less impressive in tandem with the ombre and French technique.

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