Pink nails 2018: stylish trends and tendencies for pink nail polish colors

Pink has so many “characters” from the “dusty rose” to the passionate fuchsia. There are really tender, “girlish”, and also passionate, crazy and bright pink nail polish colors. It’s often very difficult to determine which of the pink shades to take as the basis of your nails. Let’s find out trends of pink nails 2018.

pink nails 2018, stylish trends of pink nail art

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Pink nails 2018: trendy shades

First, you need to understand which pink nail polish colors you prefer, translucent, with “jelly” texture, or on the contrary, saturated, dense. Then think over what shade should be, light or darkened, saturated or restrained, muffled, catchy, spectacular or, conversely, soft. Among the most fashionable shades of pink nails 2018, which should be taken into account in this season, we can name the following.

pink nails 2018, stylish shades of pink nails 2018

Pay attention to pink nude. It’s an airy, “weightless” color with the appearance of creamy shade, which is added a little powder pink.

pink nails 2018, pink nude, pink marshmallow shades

Pink marshmallows trendy shade will definitely like lovers of sweets. It resembles a melting paste in the mouth and captivates with its tenderness.

pink nail polish colors, fashionable pink beige shade

Pink beige is a touchingly gentle tone that will suit both bright and strict, restrained everyday outfits.

Pink nail polish colors: fashionable hues

Fuchsia is one of trendy pink nail polish colors. It’s a juicy, saturated tone. This shade is no longer a fashionable trend, but it’s a classic, which increasingly depends on trends.

pink nail polish colors, fuchsia, berry pink shades

Pink with the addition of red is a “tasty” shade, like a ripe strawberry. Apply it on the nails in the fall, when around is gray and faded. It’ll immediately dispel the spleen. Pink nail polish colors help to look neat and well-groomed. You can try nail art using pink. Supplement it with metallic effect.  The silver, gold glitter and flickering particles in tone with a pinkish glint are well combined. You can “beat” the classic types of pink nail art with their help. Another way is to use the glitter on the nail hole. You can get stylish nails with this interesting detail. Also, masters often suggest combining the French and the moon nails, which can be done with the help of sparkles.

pink nail polish colors, french and moon nail designs

Pink nails 2018: modish ideas

And, of course, you should try such a trendy pink nail art design, like ombre with the use of sparkles.

pink nail art, pink ombre nails with sparkles

Make the sequins “scatter” like stardust, on the surface of the nails. It’s important to sprinkle them with a non-dried lacquer so that the glitter is firmly entrenched, and then apply a top coating-top. Excess glitter can be removed.

pink nail art, stylish pink nail art ideas

You can do the same with metallic polishes. They have a cold steel cast, because of which the coating becomes similar to matte. So use lacquer-metallic with a pink background or, for example, a moon nail design.

pink nail art, stylish ideas of pink nail designs

Also, metallic lacquers can be used to create patterns. The simplest thing is to put a thin polish brush over top of the pink polish to get neat lines. Use a special polish foil, the pieces of which is glued on a pink background in order to add shine and radiance to nails. They will give the nails an “aged” look and it will look really noble.

pink nails 2018, stylish pink nail foil


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