Pink nails 2019: Stunning and fashionable pink nails design 2019 ideas

Pink nails 2019 will offer new, fashionable ideas for you. Each year is a new start of fashion trends. The difficulty is that it’s too hard to find styles that have never been in fashion. So fashion industry always finds solution: renews styles that once have been trendy and presents them in a modern way.

Every year dictates its colors. Next year pink and its shades promise to attract fashion-lovers. Let’s see what will suit your nails best.

Pink Nails 2019: Light pink nail design

Pink nails 2019: trendy light pink nails 2019

Generally the color pink is associated with girls. It is a symbol of gentleness and tenderness. So if you want to get an everyday look for your nails, you may choose light, gentle shades of pink. You may also use this color to create an exquisite and an original look.

Pink Nails 2019: Nail design with rhinestones and ornaments

First you should find the appropriate shade for your nails and then choose a nail design that will suit your outfit and complete your look.

Pink Nails 2019: Pink Nail design on long nails

Techniques for the perfect pink nails design 2019

Pink nails 2019 trends suggest using gentle and light shades of pink with white a gel-polish. It will suit the business style and for those who aren’t keen on changing their nail color too often. For this, you can use the technique of shellac, which will make sure you keep your nails design up to 2 weeks.

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Pink Nails 2019: Pink nail design on long nails with rhinestones

In case you are fond of dark shades, then use dark bright pink nails 2019 shades.

Dark shades of pink will come for help. In case you want to mix several colors with pink then pink nails 2019 trends offer mixtures with yellow, blue, grey, black and white colors. With a mixture of bright colors, you can get summer looks for your nails.

pink Nails 2019: Pink shades on short nails

In case of lighter shades, like grey and white , you may get an autumn nail design. Lighter shades can also be used for summer if you want to look fresh. You may use different techniques of nail design, such as French, lunar French, ombre, gradient, metallic effects  to get an original nail style.

Pink Nails 2019: Nail design on short nails: light pink

The mixture of pink and white colors in case of lunar French will be a perfect match and will look gentle on your nails.

Pink Nails 2019: Pink nail design with glisters

To get a more luxurious effect, use glisters, draw ornaments and pictures. Choose pictures or ornaments that you are fond of and won’t get tired of them easily.

Pink Nails 2019: Pink nail design on short nails : dark shade of pink

Pink Nails 2019: Description of pink nails design 2019

You may also get pink nails 2019 with flower prints. They will give a beautiful look to your nails. Light pink nails 2019 will suit short nails perfectly. Generally pink looks quite different on short and long nails. In case of short nails every shade of pink looks more natural and gentle.

Pink Nails 2019: Pink nail design with effects

In case of long nails , they look more gorgeous and sometimes dark bright pink nails 2019 with glisters and rhinestones may look vulgar. So if you want to get an everyday and at the same time a gentle look, consider the length and style of your nails.

Pink Nails 2019: Pink nail design on short nails : gentle pink color

Summing up, we can say that you need to be sure that pink nails 2019 trends will help you to find out the best options for your nail style that will help you stay in fashion.

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