Pink Nails 2023: Best 15 Fashionable Pink Nails Design 2023

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In the coming season, special attention should be paid to pink nails 2023. Pink nails 2023 are associated with tenderness and femininity.

The advantage of pink tones lies in the high compatibility with almost all existing colors and nail art techniques.

Depending on the saturation of the shade, pink nails 2023 can be sophisticated and light, calm and deep, defiant and bold.


In 2023, discover new facets of pink, look for interesting color combinations, apply creative designs.

What pink manicure to do in 2023?

Such stylish pink nails 2023 are in trend: pink French in different variations, pale and bright pink nails design 2023, a combination of pink and red, “wet” manicure, pink with sparkles, animalistic and floral prints.

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Pink manicure will decorate the nails of any length or shape. Just show a little imagination and not be afraid of experiments.

What techniques are best to complement one of the leading trends of the season, we will tell further.

Minimalism, geometry and composite techniques have already managed to win the hearts of many women who have chosen a pink nails 2023.

Some of the techniques most loved by fashionistas last season have not lost their positions in the new one.

They include foil, rubbing, pebbles (rhinestones) and sequins.

Additional decor elements, balanced added to a minimalist or geometric pink nails 2023, will decorate the nails and emphasize the exquisite taste of their owner.

Fashion Trends for Pink Nails 2023

The matte finish has replaced the usual glossy finish, as it can be used to emphasize additional elements.

French and half moon pink nails 2023 techniques have been supplemented with more complex elements. And it is better to refrain from classic variations until the next season.

The most popular combination was the color combination of white and pink tones. Patterns are given no less attention than decoration techniques.

Geometric style prevails in nail art – abstraction, lines, triangles, squares, circles, combinations of shapes.

You can balance geometric nail art with rhinestones and pebbles, evenly distributing the more “heavy” elements of the composition over all the nails.

Designers also pleased the owners of short and small nail plates. Even the smallest nails can be easily decorated with all of the above techniques without restrictions on length and shape.

There are also no restrictions on the shade of pink. From pale and almost nude to bright crimson, you can find the perfect shade for your pink nails 2023.

Pink Nails 2023 With Rubbing

Holographic glitter is firmly in vogue in 2023.

However, not only shoes, outerwear or accessories in this coloring will look luxurious and glamorous.

A pink manicure with a “petrol rainbow” rub will decorate your pink acrylic nails 2023, looking at ease, but at the same time, gently.

However, the rubbing technique does not end for pink manicure exclusively on the “petrol rainbow” variety.

Pearly shine occupies no less high positions in popularity. The pink base with pearl looks especially elegant and with hints of magic.

Gold and silver (“metallic”) varieties also look attractive on a pink base.

However, it should be taken into account that when using these powders, the pink color practically overlaps and gives only a slight tint.

Pink Nails 2023 With Rubbing

Combinations of rubbing with other techniques or classic manicure look mature and elegant, completely replacing shiny and pearlescent varnishes. The rub is applied very simply and quickly.

Spread the powder on the nail plate and lightly rub with your thumbs into the varnish base.

The more intense the rubbing, the more saturated with shine the manicure is.

The only significant drawback of rubbing is the lack of visual correction of the shape of the nail.

The technique does not lengthen (however, it does not shorten) the nails at all, does not expand or narrow them visually.

Therefore, it is recommended to combine the rub with other techniques, which include rhinestones, sequins and geometric nail art.

Pink Nails 2023 With Rubbing

Pink Nails 2023 with Rhinestones And Sequins

The classic combination of pink tones with multi-colored shiny rhinestones and sequins is back in fashion.

Composite pink nails 2023 will give you a festive mood for every day. The pink base is in harmony with any pebbles and rhinestones.

Geometric nail art will perfectly complement this duet.

Round, hexagonal, square and even triangular pebbles can be placed inside the geometric shapes drawn on a pink base, creating an incredible composition that attracts attention.

The matte base with rhinestones also looks luxurious.

Such a non-standard combination became popular only at the end of last season.

Sequins – small multi-colored shiny circles and other geometric foil shapes – can also transform your nails.

Sequins look best with a matte finish.

It removes excess shine and emphasizes every detail.

Designers recommend applying sequins not to the entire nail plate, but to some part of it.

For example, you can divide the nail into two halves with a horizontal or diagonal strip. The first will be solid, and the second will be decorated with small and cute colored circles.

Pink Nails 2023 with Rhinestones And Sequins

Pink Foil Manicure 2023

Foil on pink manicure? The answer is definitely yes!

Silver, gold and multi-colored foil will decorate your pink nails 2023 and become the basis for a stunning manicure.

The versatility of the pink color will allow you to choose the best foil tone for your taste preferences.

The pink base with “petrol rainbow” foil, which is dominated by raspberry and blue, looks gentle and magical.

The gold version looks elegant and expensive, perfectly combined with pink tones.

The silver variety is suitable for lovers of a restrained, cold nail design 2023.

Don’t forget to try a matte top coat, which cuts down on excess shine and accentuates the transition between base coat and foil.

Pink Foil Manicure 2023

Pink Matte Nails 2023

Matte “top” – it is also the finishing layer – determines how your manicure will turn out in the end.

Incorrectly chosen colors and details in combination with a matte finish will look cheap.

Matte looks best with foil, sequins, removing unwanted shine, emphasizing every detail and transition between colors.

The combination of a mat with nail art, which focuses attention on the picture, is not inferior in popularity .

You can change the usual idea of half moon and French manicure with a matte top.

This combination will look fresh, gentle and unusual.

To get a holistic pink nails design 2023, you can decorate matte pink nails 2023 with rhinestones.

The combination of glossy and matte bases looks fresh and alluring.

Pink Matte Nails 2023

White And Pink Gel Nails 2023

Classics never go out of style. And white and pink manicure is no exception.

There are many options for this color combination. The leading position is occupied by geometry and floral patterns.

You can emphasize neat nail art with a matte finish or additional rhinestones.

You can also get a “candy” manicure by adding sequins and expensive luxurious pebbles to this combination.

Designers do not set restrictions on the form, length and filling of the composition. A wide platform for experiments opens up.

White And Pink Gel Nails 2023

Pink Nails Design 2023: Patterns

Flowers, silhouettes of people and animals, geometric shapes – all these nail art techniques are chosen by fashionistas in the new season.

The main rule when choosing a pattern will be minimalism: the pattern should not contain many details. It is better to refrain from large, “heaped” compositions.

Opt for a combination technique.

For example, the pattern on two nails on each hand looks decent in combination with rhinestones and rubbing on other nails.

The overall design will be bright and unusual. But the composition will remain restrained and minimalistic even with a large number of elements.

Pink Nails Design 2023: Patterns

Pink Manicure for Short Nails 2023

Short nails, according to designers, are not a sentence. Therefore, you can safely postpone the extension procedure until the next season.

For short nails, all of the above techniques are suitable.

However, when choosing rhinestones and sequins, you should be careful – too large decorative elements will visually reduce your nail plate.

Take into account that nail art with lines and geometric shapes will make your nails look more graceful and long.

Do not be afraid to experiment and combine different techniques – and you will always be on top.


Pink French and Half Moon Manicure

Pink French and half moon manicure, along with pink and white, are considered classics.

Indeed, the natural combination of colors looks incredibly elegant.

However, in the new season, the emphasis is on non-standard French and half moon nail art techniques.

A change in shape from oval to square and geometric, a combination of lines and patterns, a combination with sequins and rhinestone techniques will transform your nails.

Owners of long nails are advised to choose French with an elongated white free edge. This way you will make your nails even longer.

With short nails, choose the half moon manicure technique. It thins and visually stretches the nail plates.

Pink French and Half Moon Manicure 2023

Light Pink Nails 2023

What is the soft pink manicure to do in 2023?

In the upcoming fashion season, give preference to such light pink nails 2023:

  • Monochromatic finish. A solid pink finish is always a good choice. Monochrome manicure in pink looks natural and stylish. Choose the perfect pink from a huge variety of shades with purple, red or beige undertones.
  • Matte finish combined with rhinestones on accent nails.
  • Hearts on a pink background. Lovely hearts are a romantic nail art that, according to Cosmopolitan, claims to be the main manicure novelty of the year. A stylish pattern in pastel pink tones is suitable for a romantic date or Valentine’s Day celebration.
  • Decorated pink finish. If you want to add gloss to a pale pink manicure, decorate it with original elements.

A manicure with a rub and large geometric rhinestones looks very unusual.

Light Pink Nails 2023

Trendy Combination of Pink and Red

Pink is a multifaceted color that goes well with many shades.

It harmoniously looks with natural, pastel and bright colors, with achromatic colors (black nails, gray, white).

In 2023, Glamour considers a bold and bright combination of rich red and delicate pastel pink to be relevant.

Here are some trendy pink and red manicure ideas:

  • Abstraction. Red stains or spots on a pink background.
  • The alternation of colors in manicure: one nail is pink, the second is red. You can alternate colors through 2 fingers.
  • Different hands. Trend manicure – pink gel nails 2023 on one hand, on the other – red.
  • Bright colors within one nail.

Trendy Combination of Pink and Red 2023

“Wet” Nails Design 2023

An unusual idea for a fashionable manicure in 2023 is a “wet” design.

This technique is used by Naomi Yasuda, Betina Goldstein and other well-known nail masters to create a trendy 3D volumetric manicure.

Why should you try a “wet” manicure in pink? Here are some reasons:

  • It is very simple to make such nail art: it is enough to apply glossy drops of transparent varnish on the color base.
  • Stylish and unusual look. Manicure with drops looks futuristic and creative.
  • Volumetric design in itself is an adornment of a delicate pink manicure.

Wet Nails Design 2023

Manicure with beautiful prints is at the top of the list of nail trends 2023.

Prints that imitate the color of one or another representative of the fauna are very popular.

Here are the latest prints to try in pink:

  • tiger stripes;
  • leopard spots;
  • cow print;
  • zebra color;
  • imitation of skin of snakes and reptiles.

Also in 2023, you should try floral prints – patterns of flowers, twigs, leaves on a pink background.

The pattern can be located on all or on 1-2 accent nails. Animal and floral prints look beautiful on the tips of the nail plates with spectacular French.

Nail Trends 2023: Flora And Fauna

Pink Glitter Nail Design 2023

If you cannot decide on a trendy color, heed the advice of Harper’s Bazaar magazine: choose the latest bubblegum pink (gum color), juicy fuchsia or nude shades of pink.

If you add spectacular sparkles to them, the manicure will shine and look festive and elegant.

What pink glitter manicure is relevant in 2023?

Stylish glitter pink manicure ideas:

  • Cover the entire surface of the nail with glitter, creating a monochrome composition.
  • Create an ombre effect with glitter. It’s easy to get a gradient: apply sparkles so that they scatter like stardust towards the hole or, conversely, towards the tips of the nails.
  • Highlight certain areas with sparkles – holes, lines of “smiles” or accent spots on the nails.

Pink Glitter Nail Design 2023

Bright Pink Nails 2023

What bright pink nails 2023 are in trend?

Here are the best ideas for using rich shades of pink in manicure:

Monochrome finish. Pay special attention to the deep shade of fuchsia, which represents energy and confidence. Cosmopolitan magazine included color in the trends of 2023.

Abstract patterns. Bright pink stripes, circles, waves will perfectly fit into a fashionable design.

Color blocking. The color block technique looks attractive on pink nails 2023 of any length and shape.
For the pattern, you can use similar shades or contrasting ones.

Bright Pink Nails 2023

Choose a design with 2-3 shades and paint blocks of color on your nails in the form of triangles, stripes, rectangles or bright spots.

You can use black color to highlight the borders of the blocks. Alicia Torello offers to combine pink and blue colors.

Pink manicure is a trend that has not lost its relevance for many seasons in a row.

Such a manicure is appropriate on weekdays and holidays, fits perfectly into any image and style, looks interesting on short and long nails.

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