Popular nails 2018: fashion of trending nail designs and colors

According to the forecasts of 2018 naturalness will remain in fashion. You can choose any one-color shade, from light beige to cream. Unlike last season, when various glitters, rhinestones, multicolored, complex and bizarre patterns on nails were relevant, this year such trending nail designs have slightly receded into the background. Lovers of shine stylists recommend giving preference to small glitter and rich textured coatings, reminiscent of precious metals. Let’s find out what popular nails 2018 trends to expect.

popular nails 2018, trending designs and colors 2018

Standard matte remains a trend, but the main hit of the year will be a polish with the effect of rough glass. The effect is achieved firstly by color, and by a more coarse kind of matte coating.

popular nails 2018, trendy matte nail designs 2018

To get “glass” nails in all their glory, use a polish of nuanced shades: beige-coffee, sand, cream, pink-beige. When choosing a trend coating, be prepared for the fact that bright matte nails are very dirty and they must be constantly wiped with alcohol or acetone solution.

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popular nails 2018, metallic nails 2018

To achieve incredible “metallic” nails, it’s best to use a special foil. In the fashion shades of precious metals are gold and silver. It’s one of the popular nails 2018 trends. Particularly beautiful on the nails is the tone of white gold, a soft gold with the addition of a gray tone, and pink gold, light golden with a pink tone. Lacquer with a metallic effect is perfectly combined with ordinary glossy polishes of similar shades.

popular nails 2018, metallic glossy nails 2018

You can combine glossy nails with “metallic”, or connect two types of lacquer directly on one nail. To create interesting combinations, choose the geometric design of the nails.

In 2018, choose polishes of berry shades, bright lilac and “cosmic” colors, such as violet, blue, saturated blue. They are in trending nail colors list. The polishes with the metallic are good in both matte and glossy versions, as well as with a different number of shining particles.

trending nail colors, blue and violet colors

Crazy overflows and color transitions are an ideal option for summer polish, although this trend will remain popular all year round.  In the fashion will be predominantly dark colors: chameleons in green and green-gold; blue-violet, and also changing their color from ink-blue to dark-turquoise. A combination of purple and green looks nice.

trending nail colors, nail designs with thermo polishes

A coating with an effective color transition is in fashion. In the case of thermo polishes, the color changes in a range of similar shades, or with the effect of an ombre. It depends on the transition from body temperature and the environment: the thermal polish reacts to heat.

trending nail colors, trendy mirror nails 2018

In fashion will be a unique coating with a juicy mirror shine. Depending on the shade, the polish will give either a mirror shine or the effect of wet nails. Wonderfully “water” polish looks in light shades: white, light pink and blue.


Design options can be very diverse, from simple monochrome coverage to the complex decor. Use the trending nail designs, in particular, French, a moon nail art, as well as more recent ideas such as broken glass, negative space, lacquer-chameleon, drawings made with the help of special stickers-sliders, and other novelties.

trending nail colors, trendy french nails, color block nails

Not everyone knows that one of the popular nails 2018 symbols is a diamond, but it will be traced quite clearly: the decor of nails with rhinestones and sequins will be as relevant as ever.

trending nail designs, designs with diamonds, stone nail design

In general, preference will be given to matte coatings, metalized polishes will also be on the list of the most popular, but the traditional gloss and mother-of-pearl will significantly yield their positions, although they will be used as additional accents. One of the trending nail designs is a coating that imitates a stone, for example, marble or turquoise. This design promises to become quite popular.

One of the popular nails 2018 trends will be kamifubuki. Coming to us from faraway Japan, this design is very effective and simple at the same time. Use confetti of several colors simultaneously, and of different sizes. Lunar and French are as always a topical classic. There are things that always look stylish and relevant, regardless of time.

trending nail designs, stylish kamifubuki

Flower motifs never lose relevance. Decorate the marigolds on the accented fingers with exquisite orchids, lilies, flowering cherry twigs and your hands will attract the admiring glances of everyone around them.

trending nail designs, nails with flower and animal motifs

Animals motifs are one of the most favorite among girls and older ladies, regardless of age and occupation. You can resort to two options. The first is animalistic prints in the technique of stamping, imitating the coloring of animal skins or skin of reptiles: snake and crocodile skin, leopard or giraffe spots, tiger or zebra stripes, this “predatory” design always looks interesting and moderately aggressive.

In addition, manufacturers offer a range of polishes with a specular highlight and a chameleon effect. Trending nail colors, such as coffee and pink polishes will be in demand all year round. In any situation, yellow and sand will be appropriate. Pale blue and turquoise will be a perfect solution.

trending nail designs, yellow nails 2018, chameleon nails 2018

Soft pastel colors are options that easily fit into any image and style. Milky, peach, light pink and ivory-colors look particularly well on natural-shaped nails, so these two trends are worth trying on together.

popular nails 2018, dark plum color nails, red color

Juicy colors haven’t gone anywhere from the fashionable Olympus. In the fashion will be matte, velvety and glossy coatings in tones of dark plum, eggplant tint, Burgundy, as well as chocolate and amber color. Not only natural pastel colors are in fashion, but juicy and bright nails are in trend.

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