Popular nails 2019: Best Nail Design trends and tendencies for women

Every year dictates its fashion tendencies. And those who want to be stylish, simply should follow fashion industry. Nail Design differs from year to year. Every year different style of nail design becomes trendy. Popular Nails 2019 presents various means of getting new, voguish and modern nail styles, that will please even the most capricious woman.

Popular Nails 2019: Dark grey Nail Color with glisters

Both short and long nail style will be in fashion. So, while choosing appropriate nail design, first think if it will look nice on short or long nails. As, in some cases,  there are special nail styles or even nail colors hat look more extravagant on short nails.

Nail Design: Popular Nails 2019

What refers to nail design, French Nail Style, Gradial and Lunar Fench wiil be in fashion. You may mix different colors, not only using white as basic color, but also pastel colors.

Popular Nails 2019: French and Lunar French

Popular Nails 2019: color effects

Matte Nail polish also will give perfect look to your nails. Matte nails look perfct both short and long nails. You may use ornaments as well.

Popular Nails 2019: Matte pink Nail design with drawing and ornaments

Pastel colors promise to give your nails soft and soothing look. So Popular Nails 2019 with pastel colors will be in fashion, too.

Popular Nails 2019: Soft Nil Design: Milky colors

Popular Nails 2019 with glisters and rhinestones will be in fashion. You may use technique of nail design, coloring your nails with different colors. This technique will help you not to change your nail color too often.

Popular Nails 2019: Nail design with glitters

So, you may choose colors, that will match with daily looks and enable to wear different clothes.You may  also use beads to create 3D nail design.In this case, cover only one nail, mainly ring finge nail.

Popular Nails 2019: Nail Design with glotters

Broken mirror effect of nail style will also be popular. It will give crystal look. You may choose this effect, creating nail style for autumn/ witner looks as well. For this, choose pastel colors, particualary shades of grey, milky white, beige and bright blue.

You want to have beautifully decorated nails? Never mind! Choose drawings, ornaments that will cover your nails. If you easily get tired, then it will be better to choose ornaments.

Popular Nails 2019: Nail design with drawings and ornaments

Soft and Natural Design of your nails will help to keep everyday look. What refers to colors, Popular nails 2019 offers that soft colors will be in fashion: extra white, endless sea, celestial, dark night, nugget, liliac grey, shades of dark green.

Popuar Nail Colors

You want to get brightly colored nails? So, use the most fashionable color that never leaves fashion pedestal. Red is the best solution fo any event, starting from everyday business look, ending with evening occasions.

Popular Nails 2019: Nail Design with soft colors

Hence, those who are fond of minimalism, will be pleased. Nails in Minimalistic style will highlight tenderness, elegance and softness of your nails. Minimalistic nail design will perfectly suit both on short and long nails.

Popular Nails 2019: Matte pirple and pink nail design

Nail Design with colors mentioned above will look perfectly especially in spring, if you add some floral effects on your nails.

Popular Nails 2019: Soft nail design with glisters

What type of innovaion follow each other, there are some trend s that never get old. Same refers to nail style techniques, such as ombre, french, gradiant, etc. There are techniques that always will have their followers. Therefore, be sure that you will find yur nail style that will perfectly outline you style and uniqueness.

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