Purple Nails 2023: Top 28 Trends With Purple Nail Polish

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Let’s look at all the most stylish purple nails 2023 options that will be relevant in the coming years.

The great advantage of purple is that its shades are suitable for any texture, and also look great on nails of any length.


For both long and short nails, you can pick up the desired purple nail polish: from pastel to dark, almost black.

Any decor elements look amazing in purple, and the manicure itself can be made both festive and everyday, depending on your desire.

In this article, we will tell you all about purple nails 2023, as well as show its most fashionable options so that you can choose the one for yourself.

Purple Nails 2023: Galaxy

Galaxy is the most suitable theme for purple nails 2023. Such a manicure is not only very creative, but also extraordinary.

You can try this style if you are a lover of general attention and admiration. Because such nails will not leave beauty lovers indifferent.

Purple Nails Design 2023

Purple nails 2023 will be more spectacular with different floral and geometric prints. You can not only draw such patterns, but also use universal nail stickers.

Lilac polish, black stripes, lace patterns are the ingredients for a completely provocative purple nails design 2023. The pillbox shelf also goes well with magenta.

Purple Nails Design 2023

Trendy Shades 2023

Purple nails 2023 are interesting and original due to the different shades of purple. Well-known brands of nail polish offer women a wide variety of shade solutions.

The first option is a shade of violet, which is quite a rich shade and can come in handy for parties.

By mixing a little white with magenta, you can get a pale purple hue, which has become quite popular in recent seasons.

If you are tired of red or scarlet nails, then the more wine-colored shade offered by O.P.I. can be an ideal substitute.

Rounding out our list is a royal purple nail polish by Marc Jacobs.

This shade will become an indispensable weapon for fatal beauties and will help create perfect purple nails 2023.

Bright and restrained, gentle and moderately extravagant, strict and carefree – all these concepts fully characterize the trendy purple nails 2023.

Due to the absence of rigid frames, the work of fantasy and the creative combination of well-known design techniques and decor, women receive a nail design 2023 that is ideal for their mood, lifestyle, habits.

The following shades are popular this season:

  • cold grapes;
  • dark and light plum;
  • soft and rich lavender.

The trend is smooth color overflows using the ombre technique, as well as a gradient with clear boundaries, located horizontally, in the form of triangles, stripes or arcs, or vertically, in stripes.

All types of shiny elements are suitable for decoration – foil, flakes, powdered or glitter sequins.

Trendy Shades 2023

Purple Summer Nails 2023: Light Shades

Despite some coldness, pale purple polishes look airy and gentle.

They create a light touch of romance, serenity; make the hands aristocratic and graceful.

For purple summer nails 2023, tones with a reddish-pink tint are suitable. And for office dress codes and official meetings, it is better to choose grayish and purple-smoky colors.

Purple Summer Nails 2023

Bright Shades 2023

Invigorating, extravagant bright purple tones are widely used in the spring-summer period and for the holidays.

The light-bright gamma is self-sufficient. It is so magnificent and amazing that it does not need abundant decor.

If you want to bring an interesting highlight to the image, then use inlays on a neutral or main background, all gloss options and original patterns.

You cannot mix such colors with other bright colors. It is better to use soft pastels and neutrals.

Bright Shades 2023

Purple Nail Ideas 2023: Combination With Black

The tandem of black and purple colors is also very interesting. It will be especially in place for the fall season.

You can either create different patterns and images, or apply a separate color to each nail.

Black color gives the main polish a mysterious depth and expressiveness.

However, it should be used carefully: it is worth overdoing it with the ratio of colors, and an interesting manicure turns into a gloomy-heavy one.

This year, the following decisions are relevant:

  • ombre with transitions along the plates;
  • bright foil, flakes or sequins on a dark basis;
  • black painting or creative French.

Purple Nail Ideas 2023: Combination With Black

Gray Purple Palette

One of the most beloved, successful combinations to date.

Neutral gray tones soften and ennoble the main gel polish, make the manicure more restrained and respectable.

Light, pearl gray, ash and graphite shades are in fashion, which harmoniously combine with cold light and bright purple.


Luxurious Red-Purple Ideas 2023

The fiery red palette is temperamental. It is always in the spotlight, and reflects independent, leadership character traits, the desire to be always ahead and self-confidence.

The scarlet-lilac version, complemented by shiny decorations, is an excellent solution for a masquerade ball, a festive evening.

In addition, noble wine, pomegranate tones are appropriate at social events, official events. This purple nails design 2023 is also suitable for a free working look.

Red-Purple Ideas 2023

Combination with Yellow

Elegant, sunny nails invariably cheer up, allow you to look at life with optimism.

This is a great purple nails design 2023 option for carefree summer days, vacation trips.

Bright colors emphasize the youth and cheerfulness of young beauties. While more restrained, pastel colors are suitable for mature ladies.


Soft Purple-Beige Options 2023

Design for every day:

  • for an office or work in any institution where they pay attention to a presentable appearance;
  • for studying at school or institute;
  • for business trips;
  • and just a lyrical mood.

Muted nude and pastel colors are appropriate in any situation.

In addition, the combination of neutral beige with rich plum emphasizes all the richness and depth of the main polish, reveals new facets of color.

Soft Purple-Beige Options 2023

Purple Nail Design 2023: Foil Decoration

The following shades of foil are in the greatest demand:

  • gold, silver;
  • pinkish and white gold;
  • iridescent purple or lilac.

The foil elements under the coating “matte” or “cat eye” look spectacular.

Purple Nail Design 2023: Foil Decoration

Cat Eye Design 2023

The trend is new magnetic gel polishes that change shades depending on the angle of incidence of light rays.

The noble violet color shimmers with blue, malachite or lilac sparks.

Cat Eye Design 2023

French is the undisputed leader of the season.

In the spotlight:

  • unusual geometric solutions;
  • combinations with holes and negative space, accent fingers and coating textures.

Nail Trends 2023: French

Mesmerizing Gradient 2023

This season, the trend is charming gradient overflows of shades of the same color, located longitudinally or diagonally across the nail plate.

Also, the option with gradient stripes on a transparent surface is in demand.

Bright, saturated colors can be softened by adding subtle, light shades of the same tone, or by leaving a natural, negative space.

On the other hand, enhance the impression with large rhinestones, bright, figurative pictures, creating an amazing, festive, solemn or carefree image.

Gradient 2023

Stamping On Purple Nails 2023

This season, original accent patterns for 1-2 fingers or weightless lace, silver or white ligature applied to all plates are in fashion.

Women choose plots at their discretion: from romantic floristry to humorous themes.

Stamping On Purple Nails 2023

Purple Nail Designs 2023: Matte Finish

We bring to your attention a more relaxed option, such as matte purple nails 2023.

They will make your look bright, but in moderation, and will suit everyday looks.

So, deep rich purple colors become more expressive with a matte top.

The velvety texture softens the bright shine, gives the lady an aristocratic look.

Purple Nail Designs 2023: Matte Finish

Delicate Cobweb on Purple Nails 2023

Weightless thin lines, applied with a thick cobweb gel, look elegant and stylish.

They are in perfect harmony with foil, small crystals and pearls, glitter.

Cobweb on Purple Nails 2023

Various Sequins on Purple Nails 2023

For rich colors choose bright, colored sequins.

Light pastels are in harmony with mother-of-pearl and transparent-rainbow sequins.

The size of the plates should also be taken into account: for small nails, it is better to choose smaller elements or use single decorations.

Sequins on Purple Nails 2023

Crystals and Stones

Rhinestones and pearls are back in fashion.

You can spread patterns, geometric shapes with them. With their help, single accents are placed for minimalist purple nail designs 2023.


Shiny Flake Purple Nails Design 2023

Yuki flakes are usually made in lilac-purple, reddish or pinkish tones, which go great with this type of manicure.

Shiny Flake Purple Nails Design 2023

Purple Manicure for Long Nails 2023

It is convenient to experiment on a large area of the nail plates, using a variety of techniques, combinations, using catchy and large decorations.

Gradient overflows and glitter stretches look especially advantageous.

Purple Manicure for Long Nails 2023

Purple Color of Short Nails in Manicure 2023

A bright purple palette is an excellent occasion to make cardinal changes to the familiar look, to emphasize the new image with a stylish highlight.

Noble tones go well with French, textured coatings and negative space, any type of decor.

Purple Color of Short Nails in Manicure 2023

Delicate Purple Nails 2023

What could be better than beautiful pastel purple shades?

Stylish pale purple nail ideas 2023 can be chosen for any nails: both long and very short.

But the most interesting thing is still considered to be coloring the nails in different pastel shades of purple, creating an interesting gradient from almost white to deep inky purple.

Shiny elements on one of the nails will help add brightness and “festivity”: rubbing, rhinestones, sparkles or shimmer.

And you can also make a thin and neat pattern on one of the nails.

Delicate Purple Nails 2023

Purple Glitter Nails 2023

Shiny and sparkling nails will give you a glossy and irresistible look. Glitter can fill both the whole and only part of the nail.

It’s cloudy outside, but you want a holiday?

Then choose a brilliant manicure, and feel free to add sparkles: large shiny elements or subtle shimmer – it doesn’t matter. The main thing is to shine brighter.

The most effective elements:

  • lilac and ash pink;
  • golden and silver.

The brilliant decor is successfully combined with French and half-moon design, artistic patterns, marble and abstractions.

Purple Glitter Nails 2023

Dark Purple Nails 2023

Purple color looks amazing, both on short nails and on very long ones.

You can make a manicure in a simple dark purple color, or you can choose a polish with thin shiny elements that will create the effect of a night sky on your nails.

Monochrome dark purple nails 2023 are always chic. It looks respectable, gives the image nobility.

For greater expressiveness, nail technicians use mirror rubs and glitter stretches, non-standard combinations of coatings – “cat eye”, matte, glossy, sandy.

You can decorate this design with a composition of crystals or a careless vignette pattern.

Dark Purple Nails 2023

Purple And White Nails 2023

The white palette softens bright and dark shades, harmoniously complements pastels.

This purple nails design 2023 looks stylish, refreshing. It is relevant for both weekdays and holidays.

White color in manicure always plays a special role: it can be used as a background for a picture, simple geometric elements can be made in white.

But the most stylish is, of course, the white-purple gradient. Try to make such a simple, but at the same time stylish manicure.

By the way, a gradient manicure is a fairly versatile thing that is suitable for both festive occasions and every day.

You can go beyond white and dark purple if you don’t like it: you can try a gentle combination of lavender or lilac with white and get a pastel gradient that will create a romantic look.

Purple And White Nails 2023

Purple Nails 2023 with Rubbing

Rubbed manicure is still considered the most stylish and interesting, and for good reason: such a manicure is suitable for long nails and for short ones, even for nails of any shape.

With the help of a special rubbing powder, you can create both the effect of metallic nails and a trendy holographic effect.

The most beautiful manicure with which you will definitely surprise everyone around. By the way, this is an ideal option for those who love glitter, but do not like sequined rhinestones.

Purple Nails 2023 with Rubbing

Purple Nails 2023 with Rhinestones

Getting ready for the holiday and want to diversify the look with purple nails 2023?

In this case, purple nails 2023 with rhinestones will suit you.

Purple Nails 2023 with Rhinestones

Nail trends 2023 dictate the look of such a manicure, so select only one nail with a rhinestone. You can add a little shimmer to the manicure, this will also look appropriate.

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