Red Nails 2019: Top 4 trendy ways for getting red nails design 2019

There are some colors that are always in fashion. One of them is red. This is the kind of color that is easily mixed with others. For instance, a black dress with a white string of pearls and red nails. Let’s check out the red nails 2019 styles and varieties.

Red Nails 2019: Nail art tendencies

After all, the main thing here is not so much the design, but the color. We should mention that the palette of red color is so diverse that we can create unique red nails 2019 design for every week.

Red nails 2019: Simple and modern nail art

History of red nails: Red nail art

Red nails 2019 are not a new discovery. There are some legends that have passed throughout the centuries.

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Red Nails 2019

The use of red manicure encompasses secrets of luxurious styles. Red-painted nails could be afforded only by young women from the upper class. In ancient Egypt red color was a symbol of an inseparable connection with God. In ancient Russia it was the symbol of willingness of a girl to marry. Anyway, red nails haven’t lost their former popularity.

Red nails 2019 isn’t meant to introduce new and non-standard solutions to the traditional red color for nails. Besides, red color is one of the three colors together with black and white that make you look classy and fabulous.

Red Nail Art: Exquisite Nail Art

The trend of red nails 2019 may be used  for any event, especially if you dilute it with a special nail decoration. Red nails design 2019 will look good for business style, just indispensable for evening fashion, ideal for romantic dates and for creating a womanish passionate look. Since, the fashion industry dictates its rules, let’s see what nail trends red color is combined with the best.

The palette of red nails 2019

Red manicure is classy. The same rule applies to lipstick. Red suits girls of any style, face color. The main thing is to choose the right shade. Scarlet or ruby tone suit absolutely with any style of clothing. It is necessary to treat them before the manicure buff and cover the plate with a colorless base. Red has several semi-tones:

  • classical,
  • red-crimson,
  • coral,
  • ruby.Red Nails 2019: Red Nail design with ornaments

The best colors for shade will be the following colors:

  • black,
  • gray,
  • yellow,
  • gold,
  • orange,
  • blue,
  • turquoise,
  • lilac.

Red Nails 2019: Design

According to “Bazaar” fashionable magazine,  auburn red will be in red nail ideas 2019 trends. So, it is supposed that red nails 2019 tendencies will include also this shade of red.

Red nails design 2019 and Silver Sliders

Red and silver will help you create a magnificent manicure for all occasions. It will look especially stylish with a combination of matte varnish and shiny manicure. In addition, the red-and-silver design can be supplemented with rhinestones.

In red nails design 2019 there is the combination of the techniques of french nails and an ombre, where a varnish with a silvery glitter is used for the transition of color.

Red Nails 2019: Fashionable nail Design

Red nail ideas 2019: Matte polish

Red color, covered with a matte manicure, will give a gentle and soft tone to your nails. Classic cold red, rich scarlet, blood red, dark burgundy and berry shades will look the best in matte.

Red nail Art

Strict minimalism for red nails design 2019

Minimalism style red nail ideas 2019 are very popular. They are unusual, and do not bother at all, even if you wear the cover for a long time – as is the case with gel-varnish. Red color, inscribed in a modern minimalist design, looks more elegant than with a full-color use. The scarlet shade will not look vulgar, if it is supplemented by several elements. A special charm will be given by stripes, rhinestones, geometrical lines, etc.

Red Nails 2019: Minimalistic nail art

Cherry-berry dark red nails 2019

Recently skirts, blouses and dresses with cherries and berries have become very popular. So, the tendencies that cherry-berry nail art will be in fashion is already vivid.

Cherry-Berry Nail Art 2019

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