Red Nails 2023: Best 21 Fashionable Red Nails Designs And Ideas For 2023

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Red nails 2023 has entered the fashion trends again. This is a classic that gets more and more popular every year.

In 2023, red manicure is in fashion, which means that it’s time to show yourself.

Gel polish of this color looks solid, expensive, sexy and very attractive.


Red manicure can be presented in various shades and techniques.

It is beautiful in a monochromatic red nails design 2023, and with the addition of decor it looks simply amazing. Polish can be of different textures: glitter, shiny, matte, hologram and chameleon.

Red gel polish captivates with its beauty at first sight. It comes to mind first when it comes to elegant nail design.

New red manicures are presented in 2023 in the most beautiful design options.

Red Nails 2023: Best Color Combinations

Among the current designs, red nails 2023 remain the most popular.

This bright shade symbolizes good luck and sexuality. Girls especially love it for its versatility – red goes well with almost any shade.


Tandem with black will create a bold and expressive design.

This combination looks especially cool on long red nails 2023. Bright, sexy, self-confident girls usually prefer this nail design option.

The ombre technique, French and abstract design are relevant here. This manicure is suitable for everyday wear, and for an office look.

Red Nails 2023: Best Color Combinations


The duet of red and white is softer and more delicate.

There are a lot of design options here.

The list of the most fashionable nail trends 2023 include animal print, minimalism and floral patterns, plain curls and spider web will look good. For a more festive design of red nails 2023, rhinestones and sparkles are suitable.

Red Nails 2023: Best Color Combinations


Red gel polish combined with silver is the best option for going to a party or a date.

This red nails design 2023 looks impressive and expressive. Nail masters recommend choosing this design for ladies with long or medium length nails.

Try applying stripes, diamonds, or zigzags to a red base with silver gel polish. Therefore, you get a custom design.

Red Nails 2023: Best Color Combinations


Gold is another great option to complement red nails 2023.

This red nails design 2023 looks aristocratic and expensive.

The top most popular nail designs include a red manicure with a golden hole. Try to move away from the usual design and make a hole in the form of a triangle.

Red Nails 2023: Best Color Combinations


Pink nails and red nails 2023 will be a great option for the spring-summer season.

But here, not all shades go well together, so girls often dilute this design with white or black polish.

If you like a delicate manicure, you should choose light shades of pink: apricot, pale purple or orchid.

For a bright design, fuchsia or neon pink are suitable.

Red Nails 2023: Best Color Combinations


The union with the blue color looks interesting.

Such a manicure is suitable for extraordinary and creative personalities.

Deep shades are ideal for creating a shocking look. While juicy and playful tones are worth choosing if you want a light and unobtrusive design.

A manicure with a marine theme or the American flag is particularly popular with girls.

Red Nails 2023: Best Color Combinations

Red Nails Ideas 2023 for Every Season

Fashion never stands still.

What was relevant yesterday may mean nothing today. In the world of nail art, new items appear every season.

Red nails 2023 will delight all fashionistas in the world with an interesting design.


In the spring, girls want something fresh, aesthetic and tender.

All sorts of floral motifs will be in fashion – plain twigs, stickers with flowers. Roses, peonies, poppies and tulips go well with red gel polish. They are best applied to one or two nails. Therefore, the manicure will look neat and restrained.

The red nails design 2023 with hearts is also on the list of spring trends.

It is usually chosen by gentle natures, it goes well with inscriptions like “love” or “happy”.

Another popular option is a red manicure with stickers of lips or face silhouettes.

Red Nails Ideas 2023 for Every Season


Summer is the time for bright and colorful designs.

Do not be afraid to experiment and turn the most extraordinary red nails ideas 2023 into reality. Thematic patterns are in fashion – try adding illustrations in the form of anchors, sea waves or palm trees.

“Fruit” design is also relevant:

  • pineapple;
  • cherry;
  • watermelon;
  • strawberry;
  • pomegranate.

Ladybugs and butterflies will look cute on red nails 2023.

Another cool option is cartoon characters. On the red background, you can most often meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The list of top designs includes the gradient technique – smooth transitions of shades make the manicure incredibly chic.

You can also try “different hands”: cover the nails on one hand with red polish, and on the other with some other color.

Red Nails Ideas 2023 for Every Season


In fall, you cannot do without patterns in the form of leaves, mushrooms, raindrops, umbrellas.

Illustrations of cute little animals are especially popular.

Girls most often choose foxes, raccoons and cats. The design with owls is also in demand.

For more serious women, a sweater manicure is suitable.

In this case, red is often combined with white – this design looks soft and gentle.

A monochromatic manicure is no less interesting.

To some, it may seem too boring and simple, but it is one of the most stylish red nails ideas 2023 for fall.

If you cover your nails with a matte top, you will get an elegant design.

Red Nails Ideas 2023 for Every Season


The most popular winter option is a tandem of red polish with silver.

This combination looks incredibly beautiful and creates a sense of celebration. Before the Christmas holidays, girls love to decorate their nails with rhinestones, sparkles, beads and sequins .

Please note: there should not be too many of them. A manicure with a lot of decor will look stupid and awkward.

Thematic winter patterns are also popular.

Patterns of Christmas decorations, snowflakes, deer and Santa Claus are in great demand.

Minimalists can opt for a polka dot or striped design. This is another fashionable winter trend of 2023.

Red Nails Ideas 2023 for Every Season

French Red Nails 2023

For lovers of the classics, red French nails 2023 are an ideal option. This type of nail design is in great demand because of its simplicity and at the same time spectacular look.

The “smile” of red color looks a little unusual, the image takes on a modern and fashionable look.

The classic style of nail design has many actual variations, among which a red French manicure looks especially stylish.

Today, you will not surprise anyone with a colored French, but the red design deserves special attention, because it looks feminine, delicate and not boring at all.

French Red Nails 2023

Negative Space Design 2023

This is a creative solution for lovers of stylish and unusual manicure.

The design is amazingly good for both short and long nail plates, it will never seem boring, banal and cheap. You can match it with any clothes, hair and make-up.

Negative Space Design 2023

Red Nails Design 2023: Broken Glass

A fashion trend that is becoming more and more popular.

Nail masters recommend choosing a transparent or multi-colored decorative tape to create a design.

Accent is better to do one nail. You can try to combine this design with a French manicure.

Such a tandem will look very unusual.

Red Nails Design 2023: Broken Glass

Red Nails Ideas 2023: Stamping

Stamping will help save time and effort for drawing patterns on red nails 2023.

Ready-made stencils are used here. So a few seconds are enough for the pattern to appear on the nail plate.

The choice of illustration depends only on your imagination and taste preferences.

To make spectacular red nails 2023 more delicate and sophisticated choose stamping nail design, which offers cute and unobtrusive drawings on the nails in an ethnic, geometric or floral style.

A stamping design can be done on a couple of nails, creating gentle notes in trendy red nails 2023.

Red Nails Ideas 2023: Stamping

Red Ombre Nails 2023

This is a bright and colorful solution.

Smooth transitions of shades and mixing of different colors help to create an incredible effect.

One of the most chic unions is red and black. Such a tandem looks charming and impressive. \

Also goes well with red:

  • strawberry;
  • burgundy;
  • orange;
  • blue;
  • brown.

Red Ombre Nails 2023

Foil Design 2023

A red manicure is beautiful without decor, but if you add foil, it will take on a magical look.

Foil can make any design festive, it looks bright and self-sufficient on nails of any shape. It can be arranged in a chaotic manner, or you can create some kind of pattern.

One type of foil is Yuki flakes. Today they are included in the new design of red nails 2023.

These are small shiny elements of different sizes and shapes. With them, your red nails 2023 will take on a more colorful look.

Red nails 2023 have a strong attractive energy.

Bold and bright beauties who want to be on top choose this color. It is difficult to pass by and not pay attention to the red nails 2023.

There are many options for decorating nails.

The 2023 novelties include the most impressive techniques and shades, so it will be quite difficult to decide on the design.

Foil Design 2023

Red Nails 2023 With Rhinestones

One of the most chic manicure ideas for the evening can be red in a rhinestone design.

A scattering of crystals on red almond nails with a velvet effect looks wonderful, Swarovski crystals in combination with broths, which can be laid out in the form of stripes, rhombuses, crowns and diadems.

Each design with red polish and rhinestones is incomparable.

Red Nails 2023 With Rhinestones

Short Red Nails 2023

Shortened nail plates, of course, cannot afford to give free rein to fantasy, but they will definitely succeed in standing out from the crowd and showing their grace.

The main rule is a perfectly even base, otherwise all efforts will be useless.

In order not to overload the manicure, we decorate the nails with single pebbles or a maximum of two or three copies on several fingers.

You can choose the option of accentuating only one nail. It can be a nice scattering of small stones or vertical lines and waves of beads or other patterns.

Passionate or restrained, bold or gentle, strict or romantic – you can talk about red nails 2023 endlessly. This is an undoubted classic of nail art, a real masterpiece worthy of attention and respect.

With such a manicure, you can handle any event, because red is the color of winners and fatal beauties!

Short Red Nails 2023

Red Nails 2023 With Silver Sequins

On short nails, which are so popular in 2023, glitter will also look organic and trendy.

For a chic nail look, decorate a couple of nails with some glittery nail art, which is a great choice for any occasion.

Red Nails 2023 With Silver Sequins

Red Nails 2023 With Inscriptions

Manicure design in the style of “lettering” or in simple words – nail design with inscriptions, words and letters, does not lose its relevance in the new season 2023.

The novelties of red manicure for short nails and not only look very stylish with all sorts of “texts” that can be supplemented with transfer foil as a substrate, geometric shapes and lines.

Red Nails 2023 With Inscriptions

Red with Floral Patterns 2023

More recently, abstract patterns and ornaments were at the peak of popularity, but the nail masters managed to come up with unusual solutions using floral patterns.

A red coating with floristry as a decoration will look romantic and attractive.

Flower design can be done in aqua gel, aero puffing, stamping, graphic and air techniques.

Red with Floral Patterns 2023

Red Nails 2023: Abstraction

Unusual and unique abstract style nail designs are becoming more and more popular in different manicure variations, including trendy red nail art.

Such a bold tandem of “abstraction” and a red tint on the nails is sure to attract attention and in any case will not go unnoticed.

Therefore, if you are a brave and self-confident girl, then trendy red nails 2023 with abstract patterns will be the perfect choice as a design for every day.

Red Nails 2023: Abstraction

Matte Red Nails 2023

Red color gives style and originality, especially in a matte solution.

You do not even need to decorate here – they look expressive.

Take note of this option if you have recently done a glossy manicure. In any case, matte is the perfect choice for a girl who spends time in the office, who prefers nail experiments.

Matte Red Nails 2023

Half-Moon Red Nails 2023

Another trend in 2023 is a red moon manicure.

In this case, the nail holes are not completely painted over or covered with gel polish in a contrasting color.

There are many design variations here: the lunula can be in the form of an oval, a triangle or a straight line. It all depends on your preferences.

Red nails 2023 in this design look not only bright, but also very modern.

The classic lunar design, as you know, is a design in which the lunula at the base of the nail remains transparent.

This idea looks a bit unusual, but very beautiful. Therefore, ladies are increasingly choosing this particular design position.

Small pebbles in this case can be placed along the line of demarcation of the two coatings.

An example looks no less chic when the lunula itself stands out on one of the nails with decor. This method allows you to simultaneously decorate a manicure and not overload the overall design.

By the way, you can also dream up a little with the shape of the holes.

Try, as an option, to perform an inverted or triangular variation. A few shimmering pebbles or beads and the masterpiece is ready.

Half-Moon Red Nails 2023

Animal Prints On Red Nails 2023

Passionate red and daring animal print, this is a cool combination not to be missed to try on your nails this season.

The trend will be “predatory” stripes and halves of nails, decorated with animal motifs, which are recommended to be applied on a large or one or two nails, combining them with a red monochrome coating on the remaining fingers.

Not only leopard print will be relevant, but also the “python” and “zebra” patterns.

Animal Prints On Red Nails 2023

Red Nails 2023 with Gold Plating

Girls who love everything shiny and bright will appreciate gold-plated nail art.

For a change, you can try not only gold, but also other colors. For example, bronze or silver.

However, gold plating is the winning option this year. If you want to make a festive manicure, then you need to look at the combination of red and gold.

Red Nails 2023 with Gold Plating

Dark Red Nails 2023: Burgundy

Burgundy color suits elegant and respectable women. Dark red nails 2023 go well with any look.

Nails can be left in monochrome, or you can add decor:

  • sequins;
  • patterns;
  • stripes;
  • stickers.

Dark Red Nails 2023: Burgundy

Cherry Red 2023

Cherry shade is a seductive epitome of a bold approach to red manicure.

It suits young girls. Translucent or shiny sequins will be a great addition, give a touch of freshness and brightness.

Cherry Red 2023

Red Nails Design 2023: Geometry

Nail trends 2023 include manicure with geometric patterns. This design always attracts attention. Various unusual figures on a red background look creative and mysterious.

Most popular options:

  • diamonds;
  • circles;
  • triangles;
  • zigzags;
  • squares.

Red Nails Design 2023: Geometry

Red gel polish in combination with patterns allows you to express any mood and realize the most daring ideas.

On the nails, you can apply any contrasting pattern with a brush or use special stickers.

A rather serious red design turns into a delightful manicure with a touch of charm.

Patterns can be applied both on one and on several nails. It can be any pattern, abstract drawing or illustration with flowers.


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