Shellac nails 2018: stylish trends and tendencies of shellac nail designs

Shellac is one of those materials that gained high popularity. In addition, this material helps to come up with a wide variety of nail designs. It’ll last not five to six days on the nails, but to a month. What shellac nail designs are trendy in 2018, what will be the most popular? You can see how to easily produce them individually. Let’s find out fashion trends of shellac nails 2018.

shellac nails 2018, fashion trends of shellac nail art

The trend of the shellac nails 2018 is naturalness. The nails length should be short or medium. The nails shape is oval or semicircular. Natural colors are in trend, such as beige, creamy-pink, transparent-milky. Marsala color is relevant not only in nail design, but also in clothing, footwear, and accessories. Shellac is the ideal solution since it has the durability of the gel.

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shellac nails 2018, marsala and creamy pink shades

French holds the first position in the top of the shellac nails 2018. The whole part of the nail has a natural color, the end of the nail is painted with a thin stripe of white acrylic. This design is suitable for anyone. Designers offer women new items of a French with a strip of a different color, such as pink, blue, that is, according to makeup, the color of clothes or accessories.

shellac nails 2018, fashionable french shellac nails

Shellac nail art: stylish ideas

Aquarium design presented in the new vision of shellac nail art which creates the impression of a fresh idea. The essence of technology is that the drawing is done with acrylic powder on the nail during the build-up. Then a layer of acrylic coating is applied to the pattern. The picture is under the cover of acrylic, as in the aquarium, it doesn’t get damaged.

shellac nail art, acquarium nail design

Monotone coating remains in the shellac nail art trend, only a set of fashionable colors changes. So, choose deep juicy tones, such as burgundy, plum, coffee, raspberry, etc. The coating texture can be any, whether it’s matte or glossy. Moreover, it’s safe to combine them with each other to achieve interesting effects.

shellac nail art, coffee and raspberry fashionable shellac nails

Shellac nail designs: stylish colors and ideas

About feng shui, for sure, everyone has heard and had a developed idea about it. Feng Shui nails are the allocation of a special way of nails, depending on the meaning embedded in the color or finger. The choice of which finger is accentuated and what color is affected is done by the year of your birth. Its last figure determines your element, starting from which you should give preference to one or another tone. They symbolize happiness, prosperity, and peace. Feng Shui shellac nail designs are trendy in 2018.

shellac nail art, trendy feng shui shellac nails

The most actual will be the classic colors, to which the experts refer soft pastel colors, as well as natural shades, such as gently pink, soft beige or brownish creme brulee. Lavender, rose, mint, a little-whitened shades of green and blue will be in fashion.

shellac nail designs, trendy lavender and green shellac nails

Fashionable shellac nails 2018, perhaps, the most progressive and safe technique, allowing to give hands a perfect look. The coating doesn’t lose its gloss and shine for weeks. Pastel whitened shades of citrus, or bright, fashionable red tone are in fashion. Choose not contrasting, but subtle color combinations.

shellac nail designs, citrus and red shellac nails 2018

shellac nail designs, trendy shellac pastel nails

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