Shellac Nails 2019: Several nail design and trendy ideas for your nails

Many women desire to have long-lasting nail designs that will stay on for weeks. So Shellac Nails 2019 come to help. Shellac Nails 2019 offers you a variety of ways to have trendy nails. First let’s find out some things about shellac nails’ history: how it became so popular and what were the motives of this kind of nail art revolution.

Shellac Nails Revolution: Shellac nails ideas 2019

A good nail polish is very important for the style. Sometimes it reflects the inner world or simply the taste and the preferences. Everyone wants to have long-lasting nail designs as it’s very difficult to change colors when you are too busy or very tired after a long and tiresome working day.

There are cases, when housework spoils the nails, cracks and splits, despite the protective coating of the polish. So modern manufacturers came up with the idea of shellac nails.

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Shellac manicure 2019 helps you have long-lasting nail designs. During this procedure, you apply a color coating that not only lasts for weeks, but also strengthens your nails. Besides, you may use shellac nails 2019 colours for every nail art design.

Shellac manicure 2019: History

The inventors of Shellac manicure were American scientists. In 2010 the innovation of shellac nails entered the international market and nail design industry. It has been in demand ever since. Every woman wants to have long-lasting nail designs.

Shellac nails 2019 look more saturated than any other gel polishes. Shellac nails 20199 colours palette includes all colors, which means that you can choose any of them. It is generally considered to be a salon procedure, but you may do it at home.

For this, you should know the procedure of getting shellac nails 2019, how to do it in the right way, have special nail tools and a special lamp.

The procedure of shellac undergoes several stages. You should be aware of them.

  • Nail Preparation (includes modeling of the nail shape)
  • Grinding
  • Disinfection
  • Applying gel in one layer, by using special techniques
  • Fixation of the layer with a special lamp
  • Final cover
  • Humidification

The duration of this process is 25 seconds for each nail.

As you see the procedure of getting shellac nail 2019 is a bit complicated. So if you are not sure that you can do it, then it’s better to rely on a nail-master. With the help of a nail-master you will have long-lasting nail designs. Shellac nails 2019 allow your nail color to stay on for about three weeks.

Different nail styles becomes popular year by year. Trendy options of shellac nails 2019 are offered to you on a palette of nude colors that will fit for all seasons and nearly all types of nails. The simplest way of applying shellac nails ideas 2019 will be mono-tone shellac.

For those who prefer shellac nails 2019 colours with glisters and nail stones, these options of shellac will be the best choice.

So, we can say that those who desire to have long-lasting nail art, shellac is the most effective way. This is a good alternative for women who are short of time and can’t visit a nail-master every week.

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